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Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – BFF, Part 2

BY Arabelle

Published 1 year ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – BFF, Part 2

The last episode of season one started with Nanno introducing herself to everyone. It was a flashback of what happened in episode twelve. Everyone looks at Thap when Nanno calls him Tan. They look confused on why Nanno called him his boyfriend’s name. Thap kept quiet and just stared at Nanno. Nanno asked him why he was quiet and started to tell their stories.

It went back to when Nanno talked to Tan on her phone and she went to the bathroom. She purposely left her phone. Fong went to Nanno’s contacts and called Tan in her contact. The phone was ringing when Tan answered its phone, and they heard Thap’s voice on the other side of the phone. Bell asked Fong if that was Thap’s voice. Fong becomes mad because of that. Proud and Bell told Fong to slap Nanno.

Fong thinks of a plan to make Nanno suffer. Nanno returned to where they were and invited them to eat some ice cream, but Fong looked at her. Everyone refused Nanno’s invitation. Nanno continues her story and tells everyone that after that day, Fong spread a rumor about her to other people that Nanno is talking to someone invisible and doesn’t exist. Thap told Nanno that what happened was already long ago and what she still wants with them. Nanno acted like she was still in love with Thap and smiled at him. She continues the story and tells them that as soon as the rumor about her talking to no one spread, Tan disappeared from her and never talked to her again.

Everyone passing by Nanno is looking at her weirdly and laughing at her. She still tried to call Thap, but he is not answering her call anymore until one day, she received a message from Thap saying they would meet on the same spot and Thap changed his mind Nanno went to the same place where she and Thap always see each other, but she saw no one. Until someone covered her whole face with a garbage bag, everyone started hitting her with different things they were holding. Thap saw his phone on his table and the text message someone had sent. Thap went to their usual spot and saw someone lying on the floor unconscious. He tried to remove the cover, but Nanno held his hand and asked for help.

Fong comes out of nowhere and looks at Thap sadly. Thap asked Fong why did she need to do that? He breaks up with Fong, but she looks at Thap. Thap is ready to leave the place when Fong calls him and when he turns around, he sees Fong holding a cutter box, and she is slitting her wrist. Thap stops her from doing that. Fong falls to the floor and tells Thap not to leave her. Thap carried her to the infirmary, and they left Nanno in the area. Nanno moves, and she laughs creepily.

Back to the present, Nanno told Fong that may be the first cut she used to tie Thap with her. She sarcastically asked Fong who was more psychotic among them. She told Fong that she might think she won, but that is how it was supposed to be. She told everyone that Thap is still with Fong not because he wants to but because he doesn’t want to feel guilty, so he cannot leave Fong just like he told Proud. Everyone changes their eyes from Thap to Proud because of what Nanno said.

Proud told Fong not to believe what Nanno said. But Nanno played a video of Thap picking up Proud from her house. Proud told Fong again that it was nothing and to don’t believe in Nanno. Still, Nanno showed another video of Thap and Proud inside the car, and they kissed. Fong cried and cursed Thap. Fong slaps and pulls Proud’s hair. Nanno adds fuel to the fire by asking them if they want to see the video of Thap and Proud together. Fong keeps on hitting Proud until Thap stops her. She made her sit on a chair. Thap went to Proud to check if she was okay.

Fong gets a drink on the table, and she drinks it all. She looks at Thap after she drinks the alcohol. She found a cutter box on the table and started to attack Thap and Proud. Thap stops her until Thap gets cut. He pushed Fong to the ground. Nanno told Thap not to be that harsh on Fong. Fong felt something on her stomach, and they all found blood on her thigh. Fong is three months pregnant, but she didn’t tell Thap about her pregnancy. Thap immediately rushed to Fong because of that. He apologized to Fong because of what he did. Fong shoos him away. Kai went to Fong to check on her.

Nanno told everyone that their friendship is beautiful and they love each other just like back then. A flashback replayed again. Nanno is eating alone while everyone is all eating together. Everyone must enjoy what they did to Nanno back then. They are all laughing at her. When there is someone you hate, their bond becomes stronger. Nanno asked them how long they could love each other.

They asked Nanno what she was talking about because it confused them until she showed them an antidote and told everyone that the drinks she served a moment ago were all poisoned. She said to them that they would all die soon. Everyone started to feel the effect of the poison. She told them she only had one poison and threw it into the ground.

Everyone is trying to get the antidote, even if they are willing to hurt their friends. Nanno just watched them, satisfied. Thap told them to get it together and to think about their situation, but no one listened to them as their only focus was the antidote that could help them live. They are hitting and attacking each other. It continued for quite some time until Chai got a hand on the antidote and injected it into himself. Nanno claps her hand and congratulates Chai.

Nanno told him that the antidote was now in Chai’s blood. Kai stabs Chai and tells everyone that the antidote is in Chai’s blood. They tried to drink his blood. They all attack Chai and kill him. Everyone drinks Chai’s blood. Nanno just watched them and laughed loudly. Everyone looks at her. She told them she was laughing because she didn’t poison anyone at the party.

Nanno told them that it was just a joke. Wit went to Nanno and got her, and she sat Nanno on the big vault. Nanno asked them what are they going to do with her. Nanno told them they quickly forgot about her, so she did something that everyone could not forget. Wit punched Nanno and asked Nanno why is she messing with them. Nanno told them it was not her, but they hurt and killed each other, and she hadn’t done anything. She started to laugh again, and Wit covered her face with a plastic cover.

Nanno told him that he finally revealed himself, and Wit also covered her face with a garbage bag back then. Nanno smiled while Wit was covering her face, trying to kill her. Everyone around Nanno started to collapse. She told them that she didn’t poison anyone but the poison in the syringe that Chai injected into himself. They all drank Chai’s blood, and that’s why they all died. Nanno looks at the class picture in front of her.

A flashback on Nanno thanked Fong, Bell, and Proud for being her friend and talking to her. Nanno looks at everyone sadly. Nanno walks away from the event place with a sad smile. The morning came, and everyone woke up because of the light on their faces. They all looked confused and thought that everything that happened was a nightmare. They went near the vault and saw the syringe there. They all looked at the screen when they heard Nanno’s laugh. Everyone runs away to the event place. The series ended with Nanno showing her adventure with different schools. She also said that she might be the new transfer student at your school, so you better get ready.

Our Thoughts

What are you willing to do to survive? Are you ready to hurt and kill your friends that you said you love to continue living? This episode taught us that it was a big question of love and friendship. Not even the slightest love and friendship can make a desperate change in his mind. They are willing to do everything and forget about their friends to keep living. Nanno was a sad girl with a lot of painful high school memories. What she said in the last part of the series was true.

Not everyone can get a chance to have happy and beautiful memories in high school because this is the phase of life where people start to see that bullying feels good to them. They don’t know the feeling of those people who are being bullied. The pain will be carried for a very long time, and it will hurt them until they can remember. We should always choose kindness and not bully other people because we don’t know what effect it can do on a person. The mental damage is big and weighs heavily on a long journey.


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