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Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Apologies

BY Arabelle

Published 1 year ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Apologies

At the start of episode two, the audience is shown a part of a person’s feet. Several people are burying the feet’s owner in the ground. Nanno starts her dialogue by saying that people always like to apologize to everyone, even though they don’t mean it.

Nanno transferred to another school again. Hok, a varsity player, ran into the gymnasium. His friends asked him where had he been because he had missed their practice once again. Hok told them about the new transferee student in classroom B. They asked if she was pretty, and Hok said he wouldn’t tell them about her if she wasn’t pretty. They all went to see her.

Nanno noticed three guys looking at her. When they looked behind them, their coach smacked their heads because he told his players to practice. However, they hadn’t done anything but look at Nanno. Nanno asked her seatmate about the three boys outside their classroom. I-Tim told her that they are called “The Three Points.” She described them as funny and troublemakers. Nanno asked I-Tim if she liked those boys. but I-Tim told her that they already had so many fans.

The coach punished the three boys by making them run around a pole. Nanno and her friends passed by the area where the three boys were being punished. Nanno became the talk of the whole school. Everyone complimented her on her appearance. Many admired her.

I-Tim is walking in the field when Hok approaches her. He gave her a box of cookies, and I-Tim asked if that was for her. Hok nodded, but soon after I-Tim celebrated, Hok gave her another box of cookies and told her to give it to Nanno.

I-Tim’s expression changed after that, and she walked out. I-Tim gave the two boxes of cookies to Nanno, telling her that they were from Hak. Nanno told I-Tim to eat the food Hok gave her because she didn’t want it. Taew encourages I-Tim to eat those. I-Tim told them that she didn’t want to eat other people’s leftovers. Nanno told I-Tim that she didn’t need to eat sweet foods because she was chubby and needed to lose some weight.

I-Tim felt terrible about herself after that. Nanno just smiled at her. I-Tim walked out of the room after that. Nanno said that I-Tim was cute, though, after I-Tim walked out. Taew and I-Tim were both on the way home when the three guys approached them. They showed them a concert ticket in exchange for inviting them and Nanno to a small party in Hok’s house. I-Tim knew that the three guys wouldn’t give them anything without something in exchange, and she was right. They wanted them to ask Nanno to join them at the small party. I-Tim gave them back the ticket and told them they would not invite Nanno nor come to the party. I-Tim asked Taew if she wasn’t tired of seeing people approaching them to get close to Nanno.

The following day, Nanno went to school. She greeted Taew and I-Time before noticing the white rose on her table. Hok was by their window, signaling that he gave that rose to Nanno. Taew asked Nanno if she didn’t like Hok, but instead of answering, Nanno asked Taew if she wanted anyone. Nanno gave the flower to Taew and told her that she hateed flowers. I-Tim looked at Nanno and started typing in the group chat, telling them that Nanno was pretentious.

After their class, one of Hok’s friends went to Taew and asked her to teach him Math. She kept on babbling but still agreed to tutor him. Taew told Nanno and I-Tim to go already and leave her, but the two insisted on staying and waiting for her. Hok’s friend kept on staring at Nanno, and Taew noticed this. She stopped by, explained their ways, and walks out. I-Tim followed Taew to the comfort room. Taew kept on crying, and I-Tim waited for her. After a while, I-Tim asked Taew if she liked Neung. She also asked what she liked about Neung because Neung is stupid and has a bad personality. Taew told her that Neung was not stupid, he was just not good at studying. I-Tim apologized, and Taew continued crying. I-Tim told her to come out when she was ready.

After a while, Taew came out of the cubicle and told I-Tim if they could go to the concert together. They went to Hok’s small party and started drinking. The three boys were already getting drunk, and Taew and I-Tim noticed that Nanno was not getting drunk. Taew planned to make a drink that can get Nanno drunk, but I-Tim showed her a small bottle of sleeping pills. She told her that it was her mother’s medicine and that it could help Nanno get unconscious. They put a lot of pills into the drink. Nanno drank the glass of alcohol they gave her, and she started losing consciousness. Hok tried to carry Nanno to his room. He put Nanno in his bed and started to undress her.

Nanno suddenly opened her eyes and told Hok whether he would ask for her permission first. Hok was startled when Nanno suddenly spoke. Hok apologized to Nanno, but Nanno said that she doesn’t want his apology. However, she wanted him to ask for her permission. Nanno stood up and got out of the bed. She told everyone that they didn’t need to eavesdrop and then opened the door. However, the people snooping around closed it again. Nanno asked Taew if she was angry with her to the point that she didn’t want her to come out of the room. Taew told her that she could only get out of the room after having sex with Hok.

Nanno asked I-Tim if she wanted to trade a place with her because she knew that I-Tim likes Hok. I-Tim told Hok to do whatever he wanted already. Hok carried Nanno again to the bed and started unbuckling his belt. He raped Nanno. Nanno started to laugh creepily again, and it annoyed Hok. He covered Nanno’s mouth and started choking her until Nanno could not breathe anymore. Nanno was not moving anymore, and Hok began to panic. Everyone opened the door and saw Nanno dead. Everyone blamed each other, and they asked Hok about what they should do. I-Tim told everyone that they needed to bury Nanno’s body.

The three guys were digging deep to bury Nanno’s body. They threw her body into the ditch and started to cover it up. Hok apologized to Nanno. Everyone began to pile on Nanno’s body when Nanno started to move and breathe again. Hok saw that and told everyone to help Nanno, but Taew told them that they would get arrested if they ever help Nanno survive. Taew told them to kill Nanno, so they continued to cover her with soil. Hok stomped on Nanno’s body, and after they covered it with soil, they all started apologizing to Nanno.

The following day, everyone felt anxious and out of their minds. Nanno began to walk in the corridor, where the students saw her. Nanno entered their classroom, and Taew and I-Tim are both shocked to see her. During their break time, Taew and I-Tim were talking to each other when Nanno sat with them and offered them food. Taew asked her who she was while I-Tim asked her if she was Nanno’s twin. Nanno told them that they look sick because both of them look pale. Taew and I-Tim run. away after that. That evening, they all met up at Hok’s house to discuss the Nanno they saw in their school.

They are starting to argue about what they will do when someone rings the doorbell. When Hok opens the door, Nanno is smiling at him. Nanno sees everyone and asks them why they didn’t invite her.

Nanno told them that she left her phone, and it was probably in Hok’s room. She immediately went to Hok’s room, and everyone followed her. Nanno laid down on Hok’s bed when she entered the room. She invited them to join her in the bed. She saw her phone and asked them if they wanted to watch the videos saved in it.

No one answered her, and she started playing the videos. The videos showed what had happened the night before. Nanno clapped her hand and told them that the videos must be shared with everyone. They started to attack Nanno. After that, they started digging a hole to bury her body again when the record of them apologizing to Nanno started playing. Nanno didn’t die nor could she. The episode ended with Hok apologizing to Nanno and Nanno telling them to drive home safely. Nanno went to school as if nothing happened. She greeted everyone, and Taew and I-Tim started to scream and cry. 

Our Thoughts

People apoligize like it is just some kind of tradition in this world. Saying sorry is for those who regret what they did and who don’t plan to do it again. But if you say sorry and continue to do bad things, the essence of apologizing is lost. “Sorry” should be a sacred word used to see if a person is remorseful. Every mistake is a learning experience for all of us. Apologizing is part of our daily lives. Saying sorry is for everyone. But at some point, the word sorry is not enough to forget the wrongdoings that a person did to another person. Healing needs time.


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