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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – True Love

BY Arabelle

Published 1 month ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – True Love

At the start of episode two is a girl looking around anxiously to check if there are some people around the area. When she was sure there was no one, she put a letter above the wall. A boy gets the letter and reads the content inside. The girl told him that soon, they will be studying together. The guy said to her that he would be waiting and give her some snacks. She immediately left when she saw the teacher coming her way. Nanno is sitting on the second floor and just watching the scenario.

The correct way of wearing the girl’s school uniform and respecting their school is shown on a poster around Thipnareewittaya School. It is an all-girl school around the area. One of the school’s oldest teachers told the director that he could not take down their school and merge it with the neighbor’s all-boys school. The director told Ms. Naruemol they don’t have a choice because their school runs short of money. They need the help of the all-boy school for school to survive.

Ms. Naruemol keeps on convincing the director that their school is well-known for the tradition of being pure and innocent, and being merged with the neighbor all-boy school will taint their reputation. The director told her their school could be pure, but he had no money to pay for every teacher’s salary. Ms. Naruemol said that boys are all termites and are hard to stop once they start. She also reminded the director about the virtues of their school and that once they merged their school with the neighbor school, it would all perish.

Ms. Naruemol brings out a lot of small crumpled papers and tells the directors that those notes are from the boys sent to their girls. The director knows that Ms. Naruemol loves their school so much, but he needs her to teach the students how to handle the upcoming changes. After that, Ms. Naruemol talked to one of their teachers and told her that she didn’t like the idea of their director because it was like opening the gate of their enemies to conquer their territory. She told them that their girls should bloom at that time. They must be cared for and nurtured to bloom beautifully for their future. And the boys at that age their time are all immature and irresponsible.

Ms. Naruemol kept on talking about their school when Ms. Linda agreed with her. The other teachers look at each other. Ms. Linda told her they needed to start immediately because their whole school was already gossiping about the merger with the neighboring school. Ms. Naruemol is confused about who leaked the information. Nanno is inside their classrooms, and the girls around them are asking her about the merge that she told them about. Everyone becomes conscious and stressed about it, but Nanno tells them there is nothing to worry about because those boys are just nothing. She also told them that she used to study with boys before and they are just like them.

The day that the neighbor boys are visiting the all-girl school comes. The boys are checking out the rules about the girl’s uniform. The girls passing by saw the boys, and they stopped. Nanno approached the boys looking at their uniform rules and introduced herself. The guy named Punjab introduced himself and also his friends behind him. Nanno also introduced the girls behind her. They all waved at each other. Nanno told them that she wanted to tour them around the school, but she was also a new student, so she let those who stayed longer there be their guide. Ploy disagreed with her and told Nanno that it was not a good idea because, according to their rules, the girls must not come close to the boys. Nanno said to them that girls should be friendly by heart.

Namneung came to the picture and agreed with what Nanno told them. Punjab smiled at Namneung when he saw her. He also said a corny joke that made everyone laugh awkwardly. Nanno looks at the corner, and a teacher is recording them. She showed it to Ms. Naruemol. On the next day, Ms. Naruemol announced their rules and regulations to everyone since that would be the first day the boys would study with the girls. The rule is called Social Distancing, in which they cannot be seen near each other from the moment they enter the school until they leave.

Ms. Naruemol also forbids them from eating or drinking something with chocolates because it can arouse someone’s sexual desire. She is being too tight. Everyone started to think that what Ms. Naruemoldoes is too much for the boys. The girls think the boys cannot handle it anymore due to exhaustion. Pob on another table is whispering something, but the girls cannot understand what he is saying until Nanno tells them that Pob said that he is tired. The girls are surprised to know that Nanno got the line id of the boys. She asked the girls if they wanted her to add them to their group chat so they could also interact with other people.

Nanno was using the phone when Ms. Linda confiscated it and told her that she could not use phones during lunch break. Ms. Linda checked her phone and was shocked when she saw what Nanno was doing. Nanno looked at her as if nothing had happened. Ms. Linda showed the phone to Ms. Naruemol, together with Nanno, inside the faculty room. And because of that, Ms. Naruemol retook action and told them that girls could not send messages to the boys or their accounts will be blocked by the school.

Ms. Naruemol is inside her room, looking at some old photos of her and her best friend. Her best friend asked her about her plan for the future, and the young Naruemol told her that she wanted to be a teacher and would return to teach at their school. Her best friend supported her and told her that the school must give her a crown. The flashback ended. She sent a thank you message to Ms. Linda after that.

The following day, the girls were walking in the corridor when the boys passed them by, and Namnueng saw Pob smile at Nanno. She asked Nanno how can she still talk to them when the school also blocks her. Nanno told them that she had a new application that could allow her to still talk with the boys. She also told them that it might help them find new friends or even a boyfriend. Everyone became excited because of that and tried to download the application. The application spread around the school, and everyone was using it until Ms. Naruemol called for Nanno again because of that.

Ms. Naruemol told Nanno that what she did was shameful. She made an application and spread it around the school. Nanno just told her that the application is useful and can lead them to meet new and true friends or even true love. Ms. Naruemol warned her to do not to interfere and focus on her study. She also told Nanno to delete the application. She started to manipulate the teachers and told them that the application could be handy to see if the situation was already worse and got out of control. She began to explain to them how to use the application.

But Nanno warned them that it might be hard for them to get out once they got in. Ms. Naruemol started to use the application to monitor their students. She used the codename vase and matched with someone who used the codename flower. They began to interact with each other.

A flashback of Ms. Naruemol’s high school life showed as her best friend was asking her if she was alright. She told her that she could tell her everything because she is her best friend. They hugged each other when a guy spoke and said sorry to Ruethai. Suer tries to stop Ruethai, but she still hugs the guy. The next day, Ms. Naruemol announced the names of the students that are not following the school’s rules and regulations.

Everyone complained and told them that they were just in school to study and nothing else. Ms. Naruemol keeps monitoring the school. A male teacher greeted Ms. Naruemol, and she got confused because of that. Nanno approached and told her she had bought a drink for Ms. Naruemol, but she ignored Nanno and continued walking. Nanno followed Ms. Naruemol and asked her if the plan she told them was working. She also told her that the students already know that Ms. Naruemol is in the application.

Ms. Naruemol told Nanno that she didn’t care about the application but focused on how she will separate the girls and the boys. They walked past a room, and Nanno told Ms. Naruemol that there was something wrong with that school and saw Punjab and Namnueng inside. She started to hit Punjab with a broom, and he bled because of that. Another flashback is when the teacher announced that Ms. Naruemol’s best friend passed away due to excessive blood loss because she tried to get an abortion. Still, the doctor cannot save her in time.

The director called Ms. Naruemol because of the incident. He has to fire Ms. Naruemol because of what she did and for the sake of their school. The next day, the director announced Ms. Naruemol was leaving their school for good. She gave a speech to every student in the field. They later revealed that Ms. Naruemol matched with Ms. Linda in the application. Ms. Linda confessed her love for Ms. Naruemol, and they kissed. The episode ended with Nanno stretching her arms and walking away from the school. She received a notification about her match, and it is the girl with the red ribbon. She walked past Nanno and bumped her slightly.

Our Thoughts

The generation gap between the teachers and students is large, but we must learn how to cope. What happened to Ms. Naruemol’s best friend made her make those strict rules to discipline their students. But what happened just made the students rebel more against them. She needs to understand that everything changes, and how they lived before differs from how the students live today. They need to cope with each other. Give and take is the solution. Understanding one another can make it easier for the large gap to become smaller.

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