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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Minnie and the Four Bodies

BY Arabelle

Published 2 months ago

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Minnie and the Four Bodies

In a country with no place for the poor and no consequences for the rich, the episode starts with a girl being delivered to the hospital because of her wounds. A girl and her father are inside the principal’s office. The principal told them they would not finish talking if the girl would not tell them the truth. However, the girl told the principal that no matter how many times she asked her, the answer would still be the same. She didn’t cheat on the exam, and the principal had no evidence to prove their accusations.

Also, she told the principal that they could’ve simply talked to her and didn’t have to call her father. Her father stopped her and told her to apologize to the principal. The principal told the father that cheating was considered a serious offense in their school. He immediately told the principal that he would donate one million baht to their school because of his daughter’s bad behavior.

The principal said to them that Minnie would still get punished by cleaning the restroom of building 4. Minnie was about to complain, but she stopped and agreed with what the principal had told her. After that, Minnie told her father about what he did. His father explains that she would get expelled if he didn’t do that. Minnie doesn’t care, but her father tells her he’s sick and tired of finding her school to study.

Minnie told her father that the principal has no evidence, so could she prove that she had cheated? Her father told her that she was stupid for copying all the answers. Her father smiled at her and said she didn’t have to lie to him because he was not the principal. And because of that, she was grounded for a month and was not allowed to use her car.

In the next scene, Minnie is inside her car, calling her best friend, Je T’aime, and Je answers the call. Minnie has escaped from their house and tells her best friend that she will go to her house and pick her up. She is drunk driving at the moment. She is telling Je the story of what happened to her earlier. She says that one of her classmates let her copy the exam, and then she told the teachers about it.

Je asked about her mode of payment when she pays others, and Minnie told her that she pays them in cash. Je also thought about how the principal could punish her when there was no evidence that she cheated on the exam. Minnie continued to drink while driving and told her that she would come to Je and they would party until dawn when she crashed into another car and got into an accident. Many people died because of that.

Minnie woke up and saw that the people around her were all dead. She also saw Nanno and her other classmates. Ploen asked for her help. She planned to help Ploen when it echoed in her head that Ploen was the one who told the teachers about her cheating, so she stopped herself. Nanno woke up and asked Minnie why she wasn’t helping Ploen. There were so many casualties because of Minnie’s carelessness. She got Nanno’s phone and called her father to ask for his help. The news of the accident quickly spread, thanks to reports on television. They interviewed Minnie’s father, and he denied that alcohol had been involved.

They are inside their house, and Minnie’s father lectures Minnie. He is mad again because Minnie denies what she has done again. Minnie keeps telling them that the brakes are broken, and she doesn’t mean to hit anyone. Minnie cried and asked for her father’s help. Minnie’s father told her to shut her mouth and left the dining area. Minnie went to school the next day. Everyone is gossiping and looking at her. She sat on her chair, and Je could not look at her. Everyone puts a rose on a table of their classmate who did last night. Nanno’s picture frame is on the table. Minnie tried to call Je, but she walked out on her.

Minnie’s father told the interviewers that the accident happened due to a brake malfunction and that his daughter was not drunk driving. Everyone in the cafeteria is watching the news, and they all comment because they know that what Minnie’s father said is a lie. Minnie is inside a cubicle, and she sees some students writing on the wall about her killing their classmates. They called her a killer. Ploen’s parents are being interviewed and told that Ploen is a good daughter to them. Minnie is watching the interview, and she walks out after that.

The next day, Minnie’s father gave her a document and told her their lawyer had prepared it. Minnie told her father she didn’t want to lie and could not do what the documents said. Her father told her she must follow what was written there because she had already embarrassed their family. Minnie keeps on practicing and memorizing her lines in the following days. The interviewers ask Minnie about her statement, but she smiles at them until there’s a bottle rolled near her feet, and she hears a voice saying, “Was it that the same drink you drank that day?” Minnie saw the girl with a ribbon walk out. Every reporter asks her if she is drunk that day, and some are throwing things at her until they get out of the area. Minnie received a notification about the hashtag #MINNIE4BODIES.

The next day, Minnie is looking at herself in the mirror. Minnie asked Je why she was avoiding her. She explained what happened that day to Je, and she must know because they were talking with each other that night. Je told her she believed Minnie but could always see the four behind Minnie. Minnie looks behind her, but she cannot see anyone. He walks out on her after that. Minnie is inside the cubicle and vomiting when she hears someone enter the comfort room, and that person is whistling. She saw the feet of the person, but when she got out of the cubicle, no one was there. She cleans her hand when the cubicle behind her gets open, but she sees no one. She ignored it, but when she looked at the cubicle again, the four people were there. She also saw Nanno. Minnie’s father met with the girl with the ribbon and gave her money in exchange for the photos she showed him. He also told her that he would give her money just that one time, and if the pictures got a leak, he could not guarantee her safety. Minnie was sleeping when the television in her room woke her up. Someone turned it on and played the news about the accident.

Minnie cannot sleep after that night. She told her mother she could see those four, and they kept following her. Her mother said everything would be alright, and she must follow his dad’s advice. The case results we’re out, and they punish Minnie by paying the family of the casualties. She needs to render 300-hour community service. They are inside the car, and Minnie looks anxiously at her surroundings. She started to hear some words echoing in her head. Their driver told them that the car brake was not working and they got into an accident. Minnie opens her eyes and is at the same spot as the first accident. No one is around her. She saw Nanno sitting in her car in the middle of the rain. They started to punish Minnie with their own hands. They keep punishing Minnie until she wakes up again from that dream, and Nanno is still there. Minnie insists that she is not guilty and the brake is not working.

Minnie woke up from that nightmare. She looked at her window and saw Ploen’s parents. She went to his dad and told him they needed to get away. Her father hugs her until she has difficulty breathing because of how tight the hug is. Minnie keeps on crying, and her mother hits her on the head with the bottle. Her father strangled her to death. Minnie is inside the hospital with a lot of apparatus in her body. Nanno is there, and she is talking to her. After that, Nanno entered the elevator, and the girl with the red ribbon came out on the other elevator. They missed the chance to meet each other.

The news about the photo of Minnie drinking while driving and her father threatening someone was being shown on the television. The girl with the red ribbon removes every device on Minnie. The episode ended with Nanno walking out of the elevator, and she saw Minnie’s body fall off from above. The girl with the red ribbon walks out of the elevator and greets Nanno. Nanno greeted her back and called her Yuri.

Our Thoughts

The reality of life is that justice is only for those with power and money. They can buy the truth about what happened. They need to pay a little money and there as if nothing happened. But karma is always there. If we were true to ourselves and didn’t lie about what happened, maybe our punishment wouldn’t be that harsh. The truth will always come out. We should be ready to face the consequence of the mistake we made. We should take responsibility because we did that in the first place. No amount of money can pay for the life of the people who died because of a person’s carelessness.

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