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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – A Change of Scenery

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - A Change of Scenery

After bringing Yuri back home, Uehara heads out to look for Nao. He goes to their meeting place, but she’s not there. He doesn’t know that Nao is at Daichi’s place. After hours of looking, he still can’t find Nao so he goes back home. His brother, Takuya waits outside the door when he arrives. Takuya tries to talk to Yuri and explain his side of the story. Yuri says she doesn’t want to listen to what Takuya will say. Takuya admits that he is planning to take Yuri with him when he gets transferred abroad. But then he is worried that Yuri will have to give up her job, her friends, and their house if she goes with him.

Uehara who has been listening to the two argue, butts in and tells Takuya that maybe he is planning to give Yuri to him. He provokes his brother and tells him that maybe he prefers his ex-girlfriend over Yuri. Takuya gets mad and punches Uehara. He reminds Uehara that he will never give Yuri to him. Uehara gets mad at his brother and tells him to take Yuri with him. 

By the time Nao arrives home, the problem has been solved already. Yuri tries to talk to her, but she quickly goes inside the house, closing the door behind her. She stomps her way to the kitchen where she put the cake she made for Uehara inside the fridge. While making her way to her room, she sees the note that Yuri wrote for Uehara. Nao figures Yuri must have stayed there last night. She locks herself in her bedroom, then she receives a phone call saying that there is a vacancy in the girl’s dorm and she can move there next month. Nao tells Uehara about the dorm, before going back to her room and continuing to cry over her broken heart. 

Marina gets so excited when she sees Nao as she expects to hear good news. She gets so sad when she hears what happened to her friend. But she tries to comfort Nao by telling her that Uehara must have had a reason to see Yuri instead of Nao on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Daichi meets with Uehara on the rooftop. He confronts Uehara about what happened to Nao the day before. Daichi punches Uehara and tells him he will never let him have Nao. Uehara tells Daichi he is not backing off. While Uehara is eating his lunch alone, Abe finds him. Abe asks him about the cake Nao prepared for him. Uehara doesn’t say anything and he just listens to Abe talk.

Because Nao is still hurt, Marina tells her that she can stay in her house in the meantime. Daichi wants to talk to Nao, but Nao says she has to go to work. At the ramen shop, Issei tells Nao that Uehara came the day before and was looking for Nao. 

Uehara comes home that night and finds the note Nao left for him. She tells him she is staying over at a friend’s house. Meanwhile, Marina listens to Nao’s worries. Nao admits that the only reason Uehara pays her attention is that they live together. If they don’t, then there is no chance for Uehara to even notice her. Marina tells Nao that what matters is that Nao is happy because she fell in love with Uehara. While talking to her friend, Nao receives a message from Daichi asking to meet her.

While Abe is walking his dog that night, he hears people talking and looks for where the voices are coming from. He finds Daichi and Nao talking in the playground. Daichi tells Nao that he is planning to live alone after graduation. He asks Nao to live with him. Nao tells Daichi that she still likes Uehara. Daichi just laughs that he got rejected for the second time, but he doesn’t argue with Nao.

The next day, Abe drags Mitsuishi to the toilet. He says he has to tell someone what he heard. He tells Mitsuishi about the conversation between Daichi and Nao. He tells Mistuishi that Daichi asked Nao to live with him. Mitsuishi asks him for Nao’s answer, but Abe says he left before he got the chance to hear it. When they open the door, they find the leaders of the three groups standing there, eavesdropping.

The three leaders go to Nao’s room and ask her whether it is true that she’ll be living with Daichi. Marina comes to her rescue and defends Nao. Mitsuishi goes out of the classroom and when he comes back he has Daichi with him. Daichi tells them that it was all his idea and that it has always been a one-sided love. Abe comes to the room with Uehara. Uehara goes to Nao and asks her to come home together. Daichi tells Uehara there is no need for him to do that since they have already broken up. Uehara tells him they didn’t, then he leaves with Nao. 

The two of them go home together. Nao finds a lot of milk pudding in the fridge. Uehara tells her he bought those as Valentine’s gift for Nao. Nao tries to walk away but Uehara stops her and pulls her for a hug. He tells Nao to stay with him. That is the first time they have their proper first kiss.

It’s time for Daichi’s graduation. Nao visits Daichi and brings him some flowers. Daichi tells Nao that she should take care of herself. He tells her not to cry because when she does, he will no longer be there. Mitsuishi, Abe, and Marina also come to say goodbye to Daichi. Uehara talks to Daichi on the rooftop. Daichi tells him that he loved someone for 8 years, referring to Nao. Uehara laughs at him when he remembers he was in the same exact situation with Yuri. 

Uehara and Nao go home. Once they reach the front of their building, they are very surprised to see Nao’s parents waiting outside.

Our Thoughts:

As expected, the second lead is just there to make things a bit difficult or challenging for the lead characters. But we think that the way they let Daichi be so selfless is just too much. We don’t think that someone would really be that selfless to not even confess to someone that long. 8 years is just too long to not say anything. 

Finally! We are so glad that Nao’s parents came back. Now that Daichi seems to be out of the picture since he will be at the University, the only problem they need to deal with is Nao’s parents. Plus, the three leaders of the students look like they really aren’t that mean. They just talk to Nao all the time after they hear some gossip. It would be nice to see them do something else other than just looking mean. The worst thing they did was to pour water on Nao. That’s it. Basically, even if they are not in the picture it won’t have a lot of impact on the show. We are hoping to see more characters added to the show. 

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