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Grand Army Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Relationship Goals


Published 1 month ago

Grand Army Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Relationship Goals

[00:01:00] Grace and Joey are part of the cheerleading squad. Dom and her team have a game, and they are part of the cheer squad. As the flag ceremony begins, Dom leads her team in a half-kneel stance. Joey sees what Dom did, so she drags Grace to also do a half-kneel. Meanwhile, Jay plays the Star-Spangled Banner in his room since he has nothing to do because of his suspension. The game goes on, but the men’s basketball team doesn’t pay attention to their women counterparts. Instead, their eyes are set upon Joey and the cheerleaders in their short shorts and crop tops. The swim team is also competing that day. Sid leads the team to victory, which makes everyone cheer for him. Despite being a skilled swimmer, Sid still doubts himself because of his race. He’s a scared kid in a foreign country.

[00:04:00] After the game, Joey and Anna talk about their college dreams. Joey plans to attend Syracuse while Anna goes to Cornell. Anna doubts she could enter Cornell, but Joey believes in her. Anna and Joey want to study abroad, but Joey’s mother disapproves of her decision. Joey is also worried that her relationship with Anna may suffer because of her relationship with her brother, Tim. Anna tells Joey they will have problems down the road, but they could work things out. She knows Tim and Joey aren’t faithful to one another, but she’s fine with it as long as they don’t place her in the middle of their relationship. Anna makes Joey swear not to have sex with her brother.

[00:07:00] Leila gets desperate for George’s attention. She keeps texting him. Rachel thinks it’s getting pathetic. Leila wants to become like Joey, where everyone likes her. Rachel doesn’t like what her friend is becoming. Leila leaves the event because of her argument with Rachel. Meanwhile, Dom and her friends try some shoes at the mall. They practice with Dom so that she won’t freeze the next time she bumps into John Ellis. Jay arrives at the mall because Sonia is collecting homework for him. He wants to speak with Dom about the hearing, but she doesn’t want to talk to him because it’s a Saturday. Jay understands and apologizes. Sonia tries to reason with Dom, but Jay stops her. Jay gives Sonia a hug and leaves.

[00:12:00] Dom asks Sonia if something is going on between her and Jay. Sonia tells Dom it isn’t like such. Sonia reminds Dom they took a knee before the game started because they were protesting some school policies. She points out that it’s the same policies that are out to get Jay and Owen. Meanwhile, Joey goes to the movies with Luke, George, and Tim. Tim wants to sit beside her, but she chooses to sit between Luke and George. Tim immediately messages Joey, asking if they have a problem. Joey replies she just wants a good seat. Tim steps out to get some food while Joey talks with George about his ideas for prom. George wants to attend prom with a group thing. He wants them to dress like porn stars, but Joey declines his offer.

[00:14:00] While George and Joey are talking, Tim spots something unusual in the last row of the cinema: a weird guy sitting with a duffel bag. Luke goes crazy and starts imagining things. George tells Luke he will protect him if the man starts blasting the moviegoers. Joey steps out of the cinema to see what Tim is doing. He is buying popcorn, so she approaches him to make up with him. They take the popcorn back, but Tim doesn’t like how Joey behaves with his friends. Joey really looks like a whore as she sits on George’s lap. It doesn’t sit well with Tim. He confronts Joey, but it just makes everything worse.

[00:17:30] Leila is attending a bar mitzvah. She hides under one of the tables while she sends George a message. George views the message, but he doesn’t respond. He shows Joey a porn video and wants to send the link to Leila and invite her over. George remembers a time back in middle school when Joey brought her little lunch box to school. Joey remembers the same memory, and she tells George she likes the old him instead of his new pervy self. Back at the bar mitzvah, Leila tells Rachel she still sent George a message. Rachel tells Leila to go home. It is her sister’s bar mitzvah, but Leila just wants to talk about George. Rachel thinks she is insensitive and decides to sit with her sister instead. Leila decides to stay instead of going home despite arguing with Rachel.

[00:21:00] Sid reviews his work while waiting for Flora to arrive. They order something to eat as they discuss porn. Flora thinks men love porn stars more than real women. She doesn’t have any problems with Sid watching porn, but something about porn is really messing with teenagers worldwide. The topic goes awkward for Sid because he is gay. He really doesn’t like naked women, but he can’t tell Flora. Flora tells Sid he could talk about anything with her, but something snapped in him. Sid breaks up with Flora out of nowhere. He tells Flora that things have been over for him for some time. He doesn’t want to break up with her while they are eating, but he needs to get things out of his chest. Flora can’t accept the breakup and just leaves.

[00:25:00] Dom sees John at the mall, so her friends tell Dom to approach him. Dom approaches John, but he can’t hear her because of his headphones. John just walks past Dom, so she runs after him and taps his back. They talk for a while, but John tells Dom he’s just going home to chill. Dom parts ways with John, which is disappointing for her. She waits for John to make the first move. As Dom goes down the escalator, John goes back and calls her. He asks Dom what she’s doing that night. Dom says she isn’t doing anything. John goes with Dom while all of her friends go berserk seeing them leave the mall.

[00:26:30] After the movie, Joey approaches the weird man that Luke is scared off. She asks the man what’s inside his bag. Tim, Luke, and George see Joey approach the man, and they start talking about her. Tim is furious at what Joey is doing. Luke and George tell Tim that he’s a pussy for not fucking Joey. They are really into Joey, and they think she’s a whore. They think so low of Joey, but it’s really her fault for being too friendly with them. George tells Tim that Luke and he always get attention from Joey even though they’ve been seeing each other. Joey approaches them and tells them what’s inside the man’s bag. It was full of sex toys. The man even gave Joey a mini vibrator. Dom sees Joey messing around with George and Luke while they leave the cinema.

[00:29:00] Dom goes out for pizza with John. They talk about college. John tells Dom that he will miss the pizza in New York. Dom receives a message from her big sister that she needs to come home to babysit her younger siblings. Dom tells John that she just wants to attend college and leave New York. For her, anywhere would be better than being in New York. Dom adds that she will take up psychology and that her dream is to attend Washington or Hopkins. John jokingly tells Dom she will be Dr. Pierre. Dom would be the first person in their family to go to college. John responds that her mother is the first person in their family to go to college as well. John asks Dom why her sister doesn’t go to college.

[00:30:00] Dom says her sister can’t finish high school because she got pregnant. Meanwhile, Joey hails a cab to get a ride home. Joey runs down the street, but Tim tries to stop her. He thinks Joey is about to do something stupid, but she tells Tim she’s just trying to get a cab. They squeeze in the back because Luke doesn’t want to sit in front with the cab driver because he’s an Indian. Joey tells Luke that he’s racist. Joey wants to switch places with George so that she can speak with Tim, but he doesn’t want to talk. George stops Joey from switching places with him and starts kissing her neck.

[00:32:00] Leila is crying at the bar mitzvah, so the Rabbi approaches her. She’s angry at herself for acting foolishly in front of Rachel. She’s worried that Rachel doesn’t want to be friends with her, but the Rabbi consoles Leila and invites her to dance instead. On the dance floor, Leila apologizes to Rachel for what she did. Rachel just giggles at her, and they just continue dancing. Meanwhile, George and Luke play with Joey inside the cab. Tim just sits quietly with them while George takes out his phone to record everything. Joey tries to get Tim to join the fun, but he doesn’t want to. Tim tells Joey she could give him a lap dance if she wants more attention. Joey takes offense in what Tim told her, but Luke and George stop them from arguing.

[00:36:30] Sid continues to write his paper through the night. He wants to finish the paper with a revelation, but he’s worried it would be too much to handle for everyone else. Sid is worried that he will be outcast once everyone finds out he’s gay. He gives it some thought, but he still continues and ends the paper telling everyone he’s gay. Sid closes his laptop and opens the Grindr app on his phone. He completes his profile and browses for a few minutes before going to bed.  Sid is about to sleep when he receives a message from Tim. He also gets a notification on his Grindr app. He messages the man, but he doesn’t expect such a vulgar response. Some random dude on the app saw his profile and asks him where he could suck Sid.

[00:39:00] Joey confronts Tim inside the cab. She tells Tim that she could do whatever she wants with whoever she chooses because she didn’t call Tim out when he fingered some random girl in a bathroom. Tim doesn’t respond, but Joey continues talking to him, waiting for his response. Tim tells Joey he isn’t controlling her, and she can have fun how she wanted, but he doesn’t want to watch. Joey gets pissed with Tim’s response, so she starts kissing Luke. Joey tells Tim that she can do such without him making her feel guilty. Luke and George don’t care about her beef with Tim because they are just having fun with Joey.

[00:42:00] Dom and John go to the riverside as part of their date. They are talking about Jay and Owen’s case, along with what happened earlier during the flag ceremony where Grace and Joey took a knee. Dom and John have different feelings toward both cases, but everything is cool between them. John doesn’t see anything wrong with Joey and Grace taking a knee, but Dom thinks otherwise. He also doesn’t blame Dom for what happened to Jay and Owen. John doesn’t want to end the night awkwardly, so he tells Dom he’s having a great time with her. Dom thanks John for hooking her up at Target the other day with his employee’s discount. She felt embarrassed by what happened but thankful that he was there to save her. John tells Dom he was happy to do it for her.

[00:46:00] Joey continues kissing Luke, so George wants a piece of the action. One thing led to another, and the two of them start forcing Joey. They pin her to the cab seat and spread her legs. Joey asks Tim for help, but he wasn’t paying attention to them. Luke and George took turns fingering Joey’s vagina. They don’t stop until they reached their destination. Joey immediately goes to the bathroom to clean up. She receives a message from Tim asking if she’s okay, but that just makes things worse. She feels disgusted by what happened as she wipes the blood off her thighs. Joey throws the bloody tissues in the toilet along with her blood-stained panties. She never thought her friends would take advantage of her. Joey didn’t know what to do except vomit.

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