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The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Struggle


Published 1 month ago

The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Struggle

[00:01:00] Victor disposed of his clothes and pistol before going home. He scrubbed himself thoroughly as he took a shower. After his bath, Victor called Monica to tell her everything was over. He told Monica he paid the Midas Group. She asked Victor if he’s doing okay. Victor told Monica he wanted to rest, but he wanted to do it beside her. Monica felt flattered and told Victor to come over. Meanwhile, Inspector Conte discovered the man Victor killed in the park. It wasn’t made to look like an accident; the case was labeled as homicide.

[00:03:30] Victor walked into the Malvar Group office and saw a video of him shooting a man in the park. Everyone stared at him as most of his employees started walking out of the building. Victor woke up and saw Monica staring at him. Monica told Victor he’s been sleeping throughout the day. Victor thanked Monica for being part of his life. Meanwhile, Conte headed over to the city to see someone.

[00:06:30] Victor went over to speak with Mauro. He returned the money he took the other day and told him to deposit it back into their account. Victor told Mauro he wouldn’t need any more money; his issues were over. Victor was already planning to rebuild his company. Meanwhile, Conte met with Natalia. She secured Conte a copy of the Midas Group’s last message sent Victor. They were now suspecting Victor to be one of the Midas Group because of this message.

[00:09:00] Victor stared at Madrid from his balcony. He felt he’s now in control, and it was time to fight back against the people who tried to take him down. The civil guard arrested Luis in his office. They took him out of the building in handcuffs. They read a warrant to him, and he’s being charged for bribery and fraud. Meanwhile, Mauro went to see Laura and her lawyer. He gave Laura a new offer. Victor wanted to move in and be with Marcos. Laura would move out and be given a huge amount. Laura cried, but she just really wanted Victor’s money more than being with Marcos every day.

[00:13:30] Conte was doing his own investigation on the seventh victim of the Midas Group. He went to the park to see the crime scene for himself. Monica met with Victor and asked him about Luis. Victor confirmed that Luis got arrested, but he didn’t know a thing about it. Conte went to Victor’s place and waited for him to arrive. Victor and Monica arrived, and he immediately saw Conte sitting in the lobby.

[00:16:30] Conte wanted to speak with Victor, but he refused. Conte told Victor he managed to find out that a life needed to be sacrificed for another life. Victor agreed and confirmed Conte’s suspicion. Conte now knew Victor killed the jogger to comply with the Midas Group’s terms. Monica wanted to know what had happened, but Victor didn’t tell her the truth. Monica thought Victor paid the Midas Group. She didn’t know Victor killed someone to get his life back. That night, Victor banged the hell out of Monica to help forget his problems.

[00:19:30] Conte took a ride with Raul to give him evidence against Victor. He told Raul that Victor was at the park during the murder, but Raul didn’t care. He told Conte he couldn’t get the Midas Group involved with the murder investigation. Victor went to work with expectations that he could sell his company for a good offer, but the buyer withdrew their offer. The Malvar Group was now worth nothing, and they were in a downward spiral to bankruptcy. Victor wasn’t worried because he had a plan.

[00:24:00] Victor addressed his company at a conference. He introduced Jose as their new European CEO. It seemed Victor sold the company to Jose and retained his position. Meanwhile, someone left a hard drive on Monica’s door. The drive contained the final letter of the Midas Group to Victor, and how they congratulated him for what he did. Monica went over to speak with Conte about the evidence she saw.

[00:29:00] Monica and Conte spoke about the evidence someone left at her doorstep. It was Conte who left the drive at her door. Conte told Monica he did everything he could while he was on the force. He couldn’t believe many people were willing to turn a blind eye to keep things the way they were. Conte didn’t want anything to happen with his family. Monica wanted to be sure that the evidence on the drive was all true. She didn’t know what to do and how to face Victor and asked him about the truth. Conte told Monica she didn’t need to confront the problem and pursue the truth. Monica responded that if she didn’t pursue the truth, no one would.

[00:33:00] Victor finally moved with Marcos. They hosted a party, but Monica wasn’t able to attend. Victor puts Marcos to bed and returned to the party. Victor saw another letter on the table as he went back to the party. The Midas Group told Victor about Monica and her personal investigation against them. They knew the things Monica discovered would become harmful to Victor. They wanted Victor to decide if he needed their help or not. The Midas Group gave Victor 24 hours to decide before they took matters into their own hands.

[00:36:00] Victor returned to the party after reading the letter. He’s wondering who among the crowd was part of the Midas Group. Everyone congratulated him, but he didn’t know if they were really his allies or his enemies. The next day, Victor met with Monica in his apartment. It was nearly empty at that point, only a few paintings left and his piano. Monica didn’t waste time finding the truth. She told Victor he lied to her. Victor told Monica the truth. He didn’t pay the Midas Group. He found a way to end the murders by sacrificing himself. Victor killed the man at the park to stop the murders. Monica wasn’t convinced Victor did the right thing. Her conscience couldn’t handle the problem, and she couldn’t help Victor cover up what he did.

[00:40:00] Victor told Monica not to leave; she won’t make it. Monica didn’t listen. She left without saying another word. Monica went to her mother for some advice. Monica’s mother told her that she doesn’t need to sacrifice herself for the story. Monica responded she needed to do the right thing. Monica’s mother told her the right thing wasn’t worth it if she’s going to do it hastily. She told Monica to think things over. Monica didn’t want her mother to worry, so she told her that she wasn’t going to publish the story.

[00:45:00] Monica left and told her mother that she would go out for a few drinks. She went back to her apartment and took a few things. Monica drove to The Observer and went to Luis’ office. She went there to write and publish the story of Victor and the Minions of Midas. Monica went out to the balcony for a smoke, and she saw the riot outside. The police were handling things poorly. People were lying on the street as the police fought the rioters back. Monica was about to publish the article when she sees two guards inside the office. She runs toward the fire exit and makes her way to the basement.

[00:51:00] Monica runs for her life as the guards chase her through the dark basement of the office building. Monica makes it outside, but the police capture her. She cries for help, but they cover her mouth with a handkerchief to silence her. They bring Monica back into the building, and she is never seen again. The next day, the media report Monica’s death. Her body is found under a car, and although it seems she died because of the riots, the police will still open an investigation.

[00:53:00] Victor washes his face while Marcos waits for him inside his office. Victor tells his assistant to bring Marcos home as he receives an email from the Midas Group. They tell him the communication between them will end as they have achieved their goals. They welcome Victor into the Midas Group. It is finally time to meet in person. A limousine waits for Victor outside his office. The chauffeur opens the door. Victor takes a peek as to who he’s meeting with. Victor enters the limousine, and the driver goes back to his seat to drive off.

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