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Grand Army Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Safety On


Published 3 weeks ago

Grand Army Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Safety On

[00:01:00] Joey remembers what happened the night Luke and George raped her. She tells Anna what happened as she asks for her spare underwear. Rebecca tries to wake Joey up, but she doesn’t want to get up. Joey tells Rebecca she’s not feeling well. Rebecca doesn’t argue with Joey, but she tells her not to go out if she can’t handle being hungover. Joey tells Tim about what Rebecca told her, but Tim just sends her an emoji.

[00:03:00] Dom argues with her older sister, Sabine. She scolds Dom about going home late last night. Sabine works during the weekend, so Dom needs to babysit her children. The kids aren’t Dom’s siblings; they are her nephews. Dom argues with Sabine that they aren’t her kids, which means they aren’t her full responsibility. Their mother tells them to stop arguing; they are eating dinner in church. The pastor goes over to their table to talk to Dom. He tells Dom about an internship opportunity with the mayor’s wife. She has a program devoted to mental health first aid for colored women. Dom is excited about the opportunity, so the pastor tells her his friend will send her the details as soon as possible.

[00:05:00] Monday — Joey knows what she will be walking into. Everyone stares at her as she passes by them in the hallway. Tim checks up on Joey, but Luke and George appear before she can talk with him. George gives Joey a donut as if nothing happened. They talk to Joey like they are all friends again. Meanwhile, Leila and Rachel practice for the drama club. They see George speaking to Joey. Leila thinks Joey is a whore, and she no longer cares about George. Anna is playing never have I ever with them when she brings the topic of an orgy with them. Joey eats a jellybean even though she already had an orgy with Luke and George. Tim knows that Joey is lying to Anna as she eats the jellybean.

[00:09:00] Everything comes rushing back to Joey through the week. It‘s already Wednesday, but Joey still can’t face what happened last weekend. She can’t focus on school and dancing. To top things off, she’s having issues with her mother. Joey tells her mother she’ll stay with her father instead. The dance squad calls on Joey to take up formation. She puts her phone down and goes to her position, but she can’t put her head on it. Grace tells Joey she’s too tired from sucking on too much dick. Joey really wants to knock Grace’s head off, but she stays cool and goes back to the formation. The woman’s basketball team is on the other side of the gym, practicing while Joey does her best to keep up with the dance squad.

[00:11:30] Dom is playing around with her friends, telling her that she’s ghosting John instead of John ghosting her. Dom throws the ball, but her friend dodges it. The ball hits Joey, and she thinks they are playing a prank on her. Dom apologizes to Joey, but she doesn’t believe her. Joey confronts Dom, but the coach stops Joey before anything bad happens. She tells Dom to focus, but Joey doesn’t faze her. The captain of the cheerleaders tries to call on Joey, but she leaves the gym without saying anything. After practice, Dom goes after Joey in the girl’s locker room. She sees Joey hiding inside one of the stalls, so she kicks the door open to confront Joey. Dom sees all the bruises on Joey’s thighs and asks her what happened. Joey closes the door and doesn’t respond to her question.

[00:13:00] Joey remembers what happened that night again. She pays for the cab while the driver pities her. Sonia and Jay facetime each other; it is Jay’s last day in suspension. He is coming back to school next week. Sonia asks Jay if he has heard anything about Owen, but he hasn’t. Jay tells Sonia that Owen’s number has already been disconnected. Jay is also facing his own problems because his grandfather discovered that he pawned the records he gave him. Jay’s father is upset with what happened at school. Jay’s grandfather doesn’t really want to have his records back. He’s proud that Jay is resourceful, and he knows to own up for his mistakes, but Jay was treated like a criminal for something petty. Jay stops his father and grandfather from arguing again about his case. Jay tries to call Owen again, but he isn’t responding.

[00:17:00] The next day, Jay is on his way to school when he passes by some offerings to the people who died during the bombing. Jay just got back, and he goes straight to the music club. There‘s a new guy named Lou who‘s also playing the saxophone. Jay tells Lou that he plays good. Lou thanks Jay for the compliment and tells him how he looks forward to playing with them. Lou tells Jay that a spot just opened up in the band, so he gets the chance to play with them. Jay tells Lou there isn’t any opening he’s aware of. The teacher tells Jay that Lou is covering for Owen for the time being. Jay thinks it‘s unfair for the teacher to replace Owen when his hearing comes up next week.

[00:18:30] Jay is positive that Owen won’t get suspended, but the teacher couldn’t risk having an empty spot on the band. He feels bad about what‘s happening and tells Lou he’s playing flat. Joey still can’t stay focused in school. She keeps thinking about what happened with Luke and George. Joey pulls out her hair little by little. Tim notices a bald spot on Joey’s head, which is starting to grow from all the hair-pulling she’s been doing for the whole week. Joey receives a message from Luke and meets with him inside the all-gender bathroom. Luke gives Joey some pills to help her sleep. After meeting with Joey, Luke bumps into Sid in the hallway. Sid is on his way to his teacher, who is helping him with his essay.

[00:24:00] The teacher is impressed with the new paper. She wants to talk with Sid about his sexuality, but Sid doesn’t want to. The teacher uploads his essay along with his application for Harvard. Sid is working on his admission essay, and the teacher is positive he will get accepted. Sid goes to the guy he met on Grindr to celebrate. They are inside a small room, and they start kissing each other. Sid gets worried someone will see them, but the guy assures him no one will enter the room. Sid wants to know the guy‘s name, but he remains anonymous. The guy goes down on Sid and unbuckles his belt. The guy starts sucking Sid, who enjoys every moment of it.

[00:27:30] Leila finally gets to audition for the drama club. She gives it her best, but George and Joey suddenly arrive at the theater. Leila gets distracted, so Meera no longer continues with her audition. Omar, Meera’s right-hand man, tells her to give Leila another chance. Meera tells Omar she’s all set. Omar tells Leila he’ll put in a good word with Meera so that she gets accepted into the drama club. Meanwhile, Dom continues to struggle with her nephews and her daily life. She‘s doing her homework and her beauty regime when John calls her. She answers the call, but she can’t stay on the phone with all the problems at home.

[00:34:00] Friday — Sid is checking the internet for possible STD’s from oral sex. For someone so bright, he forgets to think about the consequences of his actions. Sid takes out a bottle of hand sanitizer and uses it to clean his dick. Sid winces in pain as he puts the sanitizer on his dick. All the students go to the gym for a seminar with the NYPD about awareness and readiness after the bombing events last week. Some kids still can’t take things seriously. Jay is collecting signatures to get support for Owen’s trial. Meanwhile, Joey continues to struggle with her demons. She still can’t get things together, and the drugs Luke gave her are making things worse. She looks like she hasn’t slept for the whole week. Joey keeps on remembering what Luke and George did to her.

[00:38:00] More problems arise for Dom. She receives a message that her sister has back problems; she needs to go home earlier to take care of her nephews. John invites Dom to hang out again. She can’t say no due to peer pressure. Joey can no longer contain her emotions, so she leaves the gym. Joey goes with Anna to the clinic. She apologizes to Joey for being a bitch, but Joey doesn’t mind. Dom goes to the clinic to see if Joey is okay. Dom asks Joey about her legs. Anna tells Dom she can handle things with Joey. Anna also sees the bald spot on Joey’s head. After school, Jay drops by Owen’s apartment to speak with him. Owen’s parents answer the door, but Owen’s mother tells Jay he needs to go home.

[00:40:00] Owen’s mother took his phone because she no longer wants Owen hanging out with Jay. She thinks Jay is a bad influence on Owen. Jay just wants to tell Owen about the signatures he got the whole day, but Owen’s mother isn’t willing to speak with him. Dom goes to John’s to have dinner with him and his mother. John’s mother gives more support than her mother or sister ever could in just a few sentences. She tells Dom she can do it; she did back in her time. John’s mother tells Dom not to give up and continue to hustle. John seals the deal this time and kisses Dom as soon as his mother goes to take a shower.

[00:45:00] Dom enjoyed dinner with John, but she’s in for a big surprise as she gets home. Sabine ruptured her disk at work. Sabine is a caregiver, and the person she’s taking care of slipped in the bathroom while she was bathing him. Luckily, the man didn’t die because he fell on top of Sabine, but she got fired because the person who hired her didn’t care about what happened to her. Everyone in the family is worried about her, especially his son, Dante. With Sabine out, they need someone to step in so that they will have enough for their expenses. It seems that Dom needs to forget about her dreams for a while and face reality.

[00:48:00] Joey doesn’t respond to her friend’s message. All she can think about is what happened that night. Joey’s sister sees her sobbing on the floor, so she calls Rebecca. Rebecca goes to Joey’s room to console her. Joey no longer knows what to do, so she tells Rebecca what happened. Rebecca doesn’t seem to believe Joey at first when she told her it was George who raped her. Rebecca can’t do anything but console Joey until she stops crying.

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