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Grand Army Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Valentine‘s Day


Published 1 month ago

Grand Army Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Valentine‘s Day

[00:01:00] Dom speaks with her mother about allowing someone to stay with them in exchange for money. Her mother doesn’t want Dante to start working because he’s too young. Dom responds that Dante is already 14 years old; he’s old enough to start helping out. Dom’s mother convinces her before she goes to school. Dom goes to the Department of Education to sort something out before going to school. Meanwhile, Leila takes the train to school. She sees a lot of women holding an assortment of things for Valentine’s day. Women dressed in red and hearts, some of them holding cookies, and one of them holding a bouquet of roses.

[00:03:00] The train stops at one of the stations, and a few people get off. Leila notices a red paper bag beside the doorway. She asks if anyone owns the bag, but no one responds. She steps up to the bag and kicks it out of the train before the door closes. The commuters applaud Leila for her courage. She tells everyone that bags shouldn’t be left unattended after what happened in Grand Army Plaza. Leila felt great with the attention she got. She sees Joey with her parents on the other side of the station she got off on. She puts Joey on her story in Facebook and captions: “Ur so “empowered” u hookup w 3 guys at once…but u still need mommy and daddy to escort u on the train.”

[00:05:00] Leila felt great again after posting something against Joey, who she thought was a whore. Joey’s parents are taking her to a doctor, so she could see what happened to her. The doctor assures Joey that nothing will happen without her consent. Meanwhile, people are lined up at the library to have their pictures taken. Omar goes up to Leila and talks to her, but she isn’t in the mood to talk. Leila checks her notifications and a few students commented on her post. She also receives a message from George. Students exchange gifts for Valentine’s, and Leila sees Anna and her friends receive a few candies. The student who gave candies tells Anna to give Joey her share. Anna sees Leila across one of the bookshelves and asks her where she took the video of Joey earlier.

[00:07:50] Leila gives Anna the station‘s name where she got off that morning. Anna tells Leila never to post shit about her friends again. Tim is worried about Joey, but Anna tells him that her father lives in that area of New York. Omar tells Leila that Meera finished casting the roles for the drama club, but Leila only gets to be an understudy. Leila gets her picture taken, and she continues to speak with Omar. Leila doesn’t feel great that she becomes an understudy in the drama club. She really wantsto land a role, but Omar tells her it‘s a great start. Leila tells Omar that all of the castings are freshmen but he told Leila that she wasn’t seeing the positive side of being an understudy. The student giving out candy asks Omar and Leila for their names.

[00:09:00] Leila receives a candy from the student; she feels flattered. The candy has a message, “Guess who.” Leila thought it was George who gave her the candy, but from Omar’s reaction, he’s the one who thought of Leila. She responds to George’s message and tells him to meet her at the drama club. Leila doesn’t waste any time and starts kissing George as soon as he arrives. Leila takes it to the next level by going down on George and starts unzipping his pants. George asks Leila if she’s sure she wants to suck his dick. Leila doesn’t hesitate and tells George she wants to. George tells Leila he hasn’t had that much fun with anyone else in his life. He does his best to stop moaning as Leila continues sucking his dick.

[00:11:00] Meanwhile, some of Sid’s classmates practice sucking dick using the Valentine’s candy they received. One of the girls brags she has zero gag reflexes. She demonstrates her skill by putting the candy deep in her throat. The other girls try to mimic her, but they gag immediately. The girls tease Sid by telling him he wants to try it. Little do they know that Sid literally wants to try sucking dick. The teacher tells the class to settle down when Victor arrives. Victor asks Sid if Meera is okay, but he has no idea what happened to her. Victor tells Sid that a tit pic of Meera is spreading around campus. Sid sends a message to Meera asking what she is thinking, but she doesn’t need her brother’s judgment.

[00:13:00] Dom goes to the Department of Education for Owen’s hearing. Jay nods at Owen, who nods back at him. Owen’s parents aren’t accommodating as he is. Jay asks his parents why Owen’s parents won’t allow Owen to talk with him. Jay’s father explains all parents have different methods of dealing with their kids. He tells Jay to be understanding and just wait for the hearing to start. Jay sees Dom and asks her what she’s doing, but Dom doesn’t want to tell Jay. Dom is checking their monthly expenses to see how much they would need to get by each month. Jay messes around with his parents, making Dom smile. She‘s happy for Jay despite what happened between them. After a few minutes, the guard calls on Owen and his family.

[00:15:00] The doctor asks Joey to place her feet on the stirrups whenever she’s ready. Joey reaches for a few strands of her hair and pulls them out. The doctor asks Joey if she wants to stop but she declines. Joey places her feet on the stirrups and the doctor begins examining her. She tells Joey to stop her when she feels uncomfortable. The doctor takes her camera and starts taking pictures of Joey’s bruises. Meanwhile, Mr. Burley interrupts classes to ask Luke and George to step out. He tells them that the police want to speak with them. Luke and George quietly go with Mr. Burley and the police. The doctor finally finishes taking all the samples they require as evidence. She allows Joey to clean up and get dressed on her own.

[00:18:00] Leila has one of her imaginative episodes of walking dead during class. She imagines George eating her pussy on the train while they are surrounded by zombies. Leila is also a zombie and she gains power from the pleasure George is giving her. She gains enough power to make George’s head explode. Leila stops imagining things as she receives a message from Rachel. She tells Leila that Luke and George are getting arrested in the hallway. Leila goes out of the room with some of her classmates. Students take videos in the hallway as Luke and George get arrested in front of them. Everyone is curious as to what the two did to get arrested in the middle of class. Anna confronts Mr. Burley to save her friends and her brother.

[00:19:30] The police also take Tim into custody. Mr. Burley tells Anna to stay in school and call her parents. He accompanies the three boys with the police as they bring them to the precinct. Meanwhile, the panel starts questioning Dom about what happened that afternoon. She vouches for Owen that he didn’t take her money despite taking the wallet from her bag. The panel is supposed to question Joey, but her parents called in to tell them she’s sick. The panel moves to question Jay instead because they’re running out of time. They ask Jay for specific details about what happened that afternoon. Jay doesn’t want to answer the question but he clarifies the facts. He tries to defend Owen as he tells the panel that Owen isn’t a thief.

[00:21:00] Jay tells them Owen took the wallet as a prank, but that didn’t help Owen’s defense. After hearing what Jay told them, the panel gives Owen the full extent of his suspension. They tell Owen that he will be suspended for 60 days starting that day. Owen can’t do anything but stare at the panel in anger and disbelief. Meanwhile, Joey’s day doesn’t get any brighter. She receives a message from Anna calling her psychotic for allowing the police to take Tim, Luke, and George to the precinct. Rebecca invites Joey to eat out with her father to ease her pain. Joey tells her mother that her taste in fast-food is too basic. Joey knows everyone in school will hate her after what happened. Her parents assure her they will be there for her every step of the way.

[00:23:00] After going to the doctor, Joey’s parents takes her to a therapist. She tells the therapist everything that happened that night and the week that followed. Joey knows everyone will see her as the bad guy, but she also sees herself as the bad guy. She explains everything is really messed up for her at the moment. Joey can’t get proper sleep as she keeps thinking about what happened. Joey tells the therapist that Luke and George are her friends, and she loves them. She feels like she’s betraying her friends, but Joey doesn’t regret reporting what happened and getting tested for rape.

[00:26:00] Chaos ensues at Grand Army after the three guys get arrested in the middle of the day. It‘s the talk of the whole school. George and Luke are part of the swim team which is why Sid is called on by their coach to discuss a new team formation. He tells Sid that George and Luke are out which means he needs to swim with Orlov for the Harvard scouts. Orlov is Meera’s boyfriend. He’s the reason why Meera’s tit pics are all over social media. Victor brings Sid’s bag to the boy’s locker room and gives it to him. He immediately checks for his paper and thinks it‘s missing, but he eventually finds it crumpled up beneath his jacket. Sid confronts Orlov about what happened with Meera. Orlov apologizes but Sid needs him to focus on swimming instead.

[00:29:00] Sid tells Orlov he’s swimming relay with him for the next week and a half. Orlov gets excited as he finally gets the chance to show off his moves. Meanwhile, the girls are talking about what happened to Luke, George, and Tim inside the girl’s locker room. Grace can’t accept that they are being labeled as rapists. Most of the girls know that Luke and George are perverts. They also experienced their abuse firsthand. Leila calls on Rachel for help as she wants to vomit. Leila swallowed George’s semen when she gave him head earlier. Leila doesn’t believe George actually raped Joey, but Rachel no longer knows her friend. Leila argues that Rachel is defending Joey instead of believing her. Rachel responds they’re no longer normal. She feels Leila changed because she wants to fit in.

[00:31:00] Rachel leaves Leila in the stall to think about her actions. Meanwhile, the black kids have a meeting about their fundraiser. John leads the meeting while Dom hands out flyers for her side hustle. Jay doesn’t plan on attending the meeting; he just went there to inform Sonia about the hearing. John goes up to Jay and tells him to participate so he does. He also shares with the group what happened between him and Owen. Dom feels bad after hearing Jay speak, so she leaves. John follows Dom to make sure she’s okay. She blames herself for Owen’s suspension. John tells him it isn’t her fault. John gives Dom his Valentine’s gift. She opens the box and finds a mug labeled “Dr. Dominique Pierre.” Dom thanks John for the gift; she really likes it.

[00:35:00] Dom gives John a heart-shaped cookie while he invites her to hang out after class. She declines the invitation because she needs to go home to help out with her nephews. John offers to hang up her flyers, so he could help out. That night, a lot of people are at Meera’s art show. She holds the show in her parent’s restaurant. Meera thanks everyone who attended and provided their art pieces. Flora congratulates Meera for her achievement while Sid watches them. Sid congratulates Meera. She leaves Flora with Sid so they can talk. Sid tells Flora how he misses her. They end up kissing inside the restaurant’s bathroom. Flora tells Sid how much she loves her while he puts the condom on. Sid slides his penis inside Flora’s vagina while looking at their reflection in the mirror.

[00:38:00] Somehow, Sid doesn’t like what he is doing with Flora. Dom tells Sabine and her mother that she doesn’t agree to let someone else live in their apartment even if they need the money. She explains her plan to Sabine, and she somehow likes it despite the long hours she needs to sacrifice to help out with their monthly expenses. Dom tells Sabine she’s okay with hustling to help out. In the end, Dom tells them she’ll figure things out without dropping out of school.

[00:40:00] Joey takes a peek at her phone while her parents argue in the other room. She eavesdrops on the conversation through the open door, but one of her sisters calls her to the room. Joey spends the rest of the night with her siblings as they watch a movie on her laptop. They ask Joey if the guys raped her. Joey confirms it and starts explaining to them what rape means. Joey does her best to be as delicate as possible explaining rape to her sisters. They ask her if she will be okay. Joey assures them not to worry. Joey checks her phone and sees all the messages and notifications she received throughout the day. She deletes her Instagram account to avoid all of her haters.

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