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HEROES REBORN: “June 13th – Part Two” Reveals The Complicated Truths of Time Travel

BY Abbey White

Published 7 years ago


Heroes Reborn continued on its gratuitous journey of answers this week with “June 13th: Part Two.”

We knew coming out of Part One that there were a lot of potential butterflies that could spring from Noah and Hiro’s journey to the past. In fact, all those butterflies are the reason Hiro chose not to stop the bomb.

Last week’s episode made us believe, however, that with the knowledge of how catastrophic changing the past might become, no one would dare try.

But despite multiple forewarnings, Noah, in true fashion, “[Stepped] on the biggest butterfly of them all.”

The result was a wild goose chase through time, most of the answers we were looking for, and an interesting segue into Reborn’s end.

The Butterfly Effect

“June 13th: Part Two” helped fill in some holes from last week’s episode before offering a couple slightly predictable, but still quite interesting twists.

As Future!Noah races down the hospital halls in an attempt to stop Erica permanently, Past!Noah sees himself and follows closely behind. So closely that when the time comes for the former to shoot, he misses his target as a result of the latter’s full body interruption. The two end up in a heated conversation — something that all good time travel theory advises against.

We don’t immediately know the ramifications of this interaction, but we do learn the effects of Hiro and Angela’s time jump. The two have landed in 1999, though not in Angela’s Switzerland hideaway. They are still in the barren, dirt swirling Odessa. They quickly bicker before deciding to adjust their time/space landing spot… except that they can’t. As Angela puts two and two together we learn that Claire’s son has taken on a familiar Petrelli power: the ability to take others’ powers.

The development leaves Hiro and Angela stuck in the past-past with Tommy officially becoming Nathan. It also results in Quentin helping Erica escape a fate of dying in a stairwell, and Noah having to deal with the enemy in new, creative ways.

That Fateful Day

Back in the June 13th timeline, Carlos lies to an army court about what happened on the day he supposedly saved those soldiers in the war. He does it, however, at Farah’s behest. She is attempting to fly under the radar and disappear to avoid being caught by the now EVO-hating government. On the flip side, Carlos doesn’t want to be disciplined for his less than heroic actions, so they agree (he rather reluctantly) to lie and say he saved those men instead of Farah.

Hiro has now also been framed for the bombing along with Mohinder, but not for long if Hachiro can help it. As we saw, Hachiro was behind Hiro being trapped in the virtual world. Upon learning Erica’s plans, Hachiro devises a plan to help bring Hiro back, and that plan is the creation of Miko Otomo, a.k.a. his “daughter.”

As for Noah and Molly, after they escape from the hospital, they seek out Hiro’s power and are able to track the grey-haired time jumper. In the process of finding him, Noah is reunited with Tommy/Nathan, but only minutes before Harris shows up with a gun to kill the kid. Noah and Nathan work successfully together to kill the henchman, but have to face the fact that Noah’s run in with Matt Parkman revealed too much for Claire’s twins to be safe.

So the two travel to find Angela and Nathan’s sister in an effort to warn them of what’s to come. When they arrive, we see that the girl who has been controlling the northern lights is Claire’s other child. And the woman accompanying her? Farah, the soldier Carlos received the Medal of Honor to protect. She has been asked by Angela to help her fulfill her important job until he and her brother can meet again in a year. When they meet, however, it seems her fate may not be as bright as Nathan’s.

When they arrive back home they only have a short time to bond before they have to say their goodbyes. For some of our characters, like Hiro, those goodbyes are permanent, marking another original character death. After Harris locates Nathan again, the boy transports Casper and his mother out of the house they are staying in. Meanwhile, Hiro stays to fight and fulfill his destiny. As for Nathan, Casper erases his memories to stop him from going back to save his father, putting us on track for the world as Future!Noah knows it. And as we learn, puts the twins on track to being found with the help of a two-faced Quentin.

As for our resident Evo-hunters, Luke and Joanna, viewers get the full story on how June 13th triggered their mission of revenge. Their son — who possessed a rare skin condition that made too much contact with the sun dangerous — died in the bombing after running towards the building the bombs were detonated in. Luke believed one of the EVO’s might be able to help his and Joanna’s child on that fateful day, and as a result of his death, Joanna blamed Luke in a rather frightening fashion. Luke couldn’t bare to blame himself, so when the EVO he pulled from the rubble showed up, he and Joanna accidentally turned to destroying the people they were told caused the bombing.

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