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I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – The Party‘s Over

BY Angela

Published 2 years ago

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - The Party‘s Over

Syd is having breakfast with Dina at Fiddles. Syd tells her she slept with Stan, so Dina asks her about it. She lies and tells her it was really great when it was actually awkward and felt like something was wrong. She even says she wants to hook up with him again when the truth is she just wants to hang out with Dina and for everything to go back to normal again.

Dina says that she and Brad are supposed to go to Ricky Berry’s party that night, but she thinks he’s not up for it because his leg is in a lot of pain. Syd cannot believe Dina got invited to a cool party. Dina says she doesn’t think she will go, so Syd offers to go with her. She agrees.

Syd and Dina are in the register trying to pay for their breakfast, but Maggie tears Dina’s bill apart, saying it’s on her. Syd asks her mom why Dina gets it for free when she always asks her to pay. Maggie tells Syd that Dina is nicer to her than Syd, and she likes Dina better than her. After Dina leaves, Maggie tells Syd she needs to stay for a bit due to some coworker’s pet emergency. She asks Syd to bring Liam home.

While Syd and Liam are walking home, Stan comes in his car again and stops when he sees them. He asks Syd if she wants to do something that night, but Syd tells him she’s going with Dina to Ricky’s party. He tells her he would be there too.

Syd and Liam continue walking. When they are about to pass by some children playing, Liam tells Syd he wants to go the other way home — by the train tracks. Syd tells him it’s a long way home, so Liam explains that Richard Rynard is ahead. Syd comes at Richard and tells him to leave Liam alone. He sarcastically agrees and then calls her a freak after she turns around. Syd turns around and tries to use her powers on Richard, but she fails. She ends up insulting Richard, saying that one day, his life will be so pathetic because nothing else will ever happen in his life; he won’t even have a dog. She gives him two middle fingers and walks away. Liam doesn’t look so pleased.

Once at home, Liam suggests they do a puzzle. Syd realizes the puzzles are downstairs, in the basement where his father killed himself and where she hasn’t been since. After much thought, she tells Liam to hang tight as she descends into the basement. Once there, Syd reminisces about how her father and Liam would do puzzles every Sunday, how he didn’t even leave a note, and how her mother found him. She looks at some of his things and gets a flask. She gets upset as she drinks from it and tries to understand why her father won’t leave a note to explain everything. Things start shaking. It intensifies until she hears a loud crash and Liam screaming upstairs. She immediately checks on Liam.

Liam holds Banana, his hedgehog, in his hands. He tells Syd that he’s dead. They dress up formally for Banana’s funeral. Syd says a few words about Banana before they bury him in their backyard. She says that if she knew he needed help, they would have helped him. It’s unfair that he’s gone now, and there is nothing they can do. She says they both miss him; everything is different without him around. Of course, those words are not really for Banana but their dad. She tells Liam their dad will take good care of Banana.

After going back inside, Syd is still upset as she reminisces more about her dad. She sits in her bed while the things on the dresser and the desk behind her start to levitate. When she sees this happening, she turns around, and the items drop. She arranges them and puts them back where they were. She writes in her diary. She says she thinks things might be out of control.

Syd sits in Dina’s bedroom as Dina picks out what she’ll wear. She also picks out a dress for Syd. Dina does both their makeups. While doing Syd’s makeup, Dina apologizes for being so distracted that Syd had sex for the first time but didn’t even know. She asks Syd if there is anything else she wants to tell her. Syd tells Dina something must be wrong with her and contemplates telling her about her power. But she just tells her she feels different lately, to which Dina reacts and says she also feels different. Dina tells her everybody feels like a freak sometimes.

They arrive at Ricky’s. They take turns drinking from the flask Syd got from the basement before they go in. Before they get into the dance floor,  Syd asks Dina if they can stick together. Dina tells her she will never leave her. They dance, play games, and have fun together. Stan comes, so they ask him to join them. They see Jenny Tuffield from a distance. They talk about how she got back from rehab.

“Jessie’s Girl” plays, so Dina says they must dance to it because it’s her favorite. Syd comes with her, but Stan chooses to stay seated. They dance until Brad comes. He announces that the Berrys’ birthdays are the best making the crowd go crazy. Then, he approaches Dina and asks her to hang with him. Dina hesitates but tells him she’ll go with him after the song finishes. She does not wait for the song to end. She leaves Syd instantly.

Stan finds Syd playing basketball all by herself outside. Stan takes the opportunity to ask Syd to homecoming. She agrees to go with him, even though she silently has an argument with herself about how she should just tell Stan that he doesn’t like him that way.

She goes back inside to find Dina. She finds her in a room, crying in bed, alone. She lies with her and asks her why she is crying. Dina tells her she got into a huge fight with Brad, so he asked for his jacket back. “At least you won’t have to wear that hideous jacket ever again,” Sydney jokes. Sydney says Dina is stuck with her. Dina says she wants to be stuck with her as they lay face-to-face in bed.

Syd kisses Dina as she realizes why she doesn’t like Stan — she likes Dina. Dina backs away and tells Syd they’re just drunk. They both get up awkwardly. Syd lies and tells Dina that she’s getting a ride home from Stan, so she should go.

She walks without direction and crosses the street absent-mindedly. Stan almost hit her with his car. She stops in the middle of the woods to catch her breath and says “F*ck” so forcefully that a couple of trees surrounding her fall down.

Our Thoughts

Woah, that scene with the trees was the most intense show of Syd’s power so far. Imagine what else she could do if only she could control it. Anyway, it’s sad that even Syd’s mom likes Dina more than she likes Syd, and Syd may have lost Dina because of what she did. I wish they get past it. Oh, it’s also sad that Stan likes Syd so much that it took him lots of courage to ask her to homecoming, but Syd wants someone else. Again, it’s sad that Banana dies just because Syd cannot control her powers and emotions. I cannot find a happy thought here, so I guess that’s the theme of this episode — sadness.

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