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Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Friends in Low Places

BY Angela

Published 1 month ago

Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Friends in Low Places

Vivian meets Jake, Todd, and Mags at a restaurant. Vivian tells them that she got the video, and Todd rejoices. Vivian brings out her tablet and shows them footage of Anna in Morocco. She tells them that while Anna has zero dollars waiting for her loan to come through, she goes on an expensive trip to Morocco, where a night costs $10K. Jake guesses that Mags already knows the Anna story. Mags agrees and tells him that Anna is all Todd ever talks about, so she is already an Anna expert. Jake says it is the same for him and that a wall in their house is dedicated to Anna. Mags tells him that Todd sleeps with Anna files next to their bed.

Vivian thanks Noah for giving her a copy of the footage. He talks about an arrangement if Manhattan would use it on their site. He tells Vivian that he does videography work for Vanity Fair with Rachel, so she brought him in because Anna wanted the trip filmed. When Vivian presses for details, Matt tells her that he isn’t comfortable talking more about it because his work might be on the line.

Vivian asks Kacy about the trip to Morocco, but she tells her that she should ask Rachel instead. Kacy tells her that she has caught her at a bad time. Vivian asks her to at least give her something about the footage. “You’ve seen the footage?” Kacy muses.

Flashback: Kacy begins her day, as usual, going to each of her client’s places to train them. She trains Anna and Rachel, who are talking about going to Morocco. Rachel suggests they book adjoining suites, but Anna says she doesn’t have time to do it that day. Rachel says she’d do it because she does it all the time at work. “You could just pay me back,” Rachel volunteers. Anna gets a call from Alan, who informs her that Fortress is not yet done with the due diligence for her loan. After the call, Anna tells Rachel that when her loan money comes, she might have to start working and need more space, so she asks her to book the private riad. She asks Kacy to come. They arrive in Morocco, and Anna asks Noah to film her for an entrance shot even before they alight their vehicle. They arrive at La Mamounia, get a tour of the property, and get led to their riad. Anna gets held up by the guide, but she does not say what it is about to the rest of the group.

They enjoy all the amenities and the services there, but Rachel wouldn’t stop mentioning that they should go to the gardens at YSL’s second home. At dinner, Rachel says they should get a car to take them into town the next day so they can visit the Medina and the gardens in the afternoon. Anna tells her that no one cares about the gardens and that they shouldn’t leave the hotel because they are already in one of the best places in the world. Anna excuses herself from the table when the guide asks for a word with her in private. Kacy says she’s not feeling well and will be sick, so Noah takes her back to their riad. The next day, she packs and leaves. Back in the US, she hearts all of Anna’s posts while she’s in bed for six days. However, after a few days, she receives a call from a crying Anna, saying that she got mugged and has no access to her credit cards, so she has no way of getting out of Morocco. She asks Kacy to book her a flight but requests that it be a first-class one. Kacy gets her an economy flight. Kacy calls Rachel, and they talk about what happened to Anna. Rachel says that she and Noah had to leave Anna in Morocco because they had to get back to work and that she paid for a couple of things there, too, because Anna was having trouble with her cards.

That night, Kacy gets some action with her boyfriend. They enjoy a steamy night until Kacy receives a call from her building’s receptionist, saying that Anna wants to talk to her. She refuses her call the first time, but then the receptionist calls her back, saying that Anna is crying real loud and that she’s claiming to have an emergency. Kacy goes down to the lobby to pacify Anna, but she gets flabbergasted when Anna asks her if she can sleep on her couch because she has nowhere to stay. Kacy tells her that there is no way she can stay with her because she’s got someone with her upstairs. Anna stands and starts walking away, but she stops midway and tells Kacy that she’s a little afraid to be alone that night because she doesn’t know what she might do to herself. Kacy gives in and lets her in. Her boyfriend angrily walks out. Anna takes over her couch, drinks her last bottle of water, throws her clothes in the recycling bin, and tells Kacy that the dress she lent her was ugly. Kacy finally gets enough of her and throws her out. Kacy calls Rachel as soon as Anna leaves and asks her what happened in Morocco.

Rachel sobs and tells her the story. After Kacy left, the manager, with two security guards, came barging into their riad because all of the cards Anna had given them failed to work. Anna gets upset and tells them they’re on vacation, so they shouldn’t be bothering them. He tells her that they will be forced to escort them out of the premises if Anna does not give them any form of payment. Rachel begs Anna to give them something, but Anna tells her that she doesn’t have anything because her banker refuses to do business with a dirty country. This angers the manager, prompting him to shout at Anna in Arabic. This is the exact moment that Noah has filmed and given Vivian. The manager orders his security detail to escort them out, but Rachel offers her card to him so they can hold it until Anna’s bank sorts things out. Anna assures her that it will get sorted, so she gives him her card. Noah gets shaken by what happened, but Rachel assures her that it’s okay. He tells her it’s not fine, but Anna butts in and tells them they should go into the gardens. Rachel lights up at the thought, so they go.

The hotel won’t let them go without security, so they go with one of them. They arrive at the gardens and opt for the tour. However, after the tour, they get billed for $500 per person, and Anna says that her bank is still working on her card. Rachel is about to offer her card, but she remembers that the hotel still has her card. Anna stays mum while all of this is happening. They return to the hotel with a member of the staff from the gardens to retrieve her card. When they get to the hotel, the receptionist tells them they cannot give them her card because instructions were given to her to keep the card on file until check out. The man from the gardens tells her that if they cannot pay for the tour, he must call the police. Rachel begs the receptionist to give her back her card, but she tells her that she has also been instructed to call the police if the card is removed. Rachel looks to Anna for help, and Anna tells her that she’s emailing the bank already. She offers the receptionist her work card, the Vanity Fair card, in exchange for her card on file. Noah tells her that she shouldn’t do it, but she tells him that she doesn’t know what else to do. The receptionist accepts her work card but refuses to let them leave because the manager also instructed them not to leave until they have a card authorized to be charged. Because the man from the gardens is still waiting, the receptionist tells them she’ll let one of them go.

Rachel gives her card to the lady in the gardens, but it gets declined. Rachel calls customer service and explains the tight situation that she’s in. Thankfully, they authorize some amount so that Rachel can get out of Morroco safely. Back at their hotel, Anna receives a call from Alan after sending him a string of messages. Alan tells Anna that Fortress will fund her loan. Anna rejoices at the thought and shouts for joy. However, her joy quickly diminishes when Alan tells her that the money will only be released after a representative from Fortress gets to Germany to verify her assets. She gets the champagne and goes for a walk. Noah follows her and sees her playing tennis while she’s visibly drunk and crying. Anna cries and stumbles when she gets hit by the ball, so Noah comes near to check on her. She tells Noah that she is not taking the loan because she has called her father, and he’s advancing her trust to fund ADF because he got impressed by how far Anna has gotten with Fortress. She says they should get dressed because she asked the chef to cook them a special celebration meal.

When Rachel returns to the hotel, Noah tells her they are in a bad situation because there is now a guard stationed at Anna’s door, and something is happening with Anna that he cannot describe. Rachel approaches Anna, who drunkenly tells her that her dad will give her the money for ADF and that they will have a 20-course meal at the restaurant. Rachel asks her about her bank. Anna tells her that her bank is so incompetent, so her dad is wiring her the money instead, but he’s currently on a yacht and can’t be reached for a couple of days. Rachel packs her bags and lies to Anna by saying that she needs to leave because she must have caught what Kacy caught.

Anna stays there for another week until she finally phones Kacy for the ticket. Rachel meets with Kacy after some time and cries as she tells her that Anna maxed out her credit card, and then she charged her Vanity Fair card before she could cancel it – a total of $62,000.

Back to the present, Kacy tells Vivian that Anna tried to stay with her again, and when she wouldn’t let her in, she waited in her lobby for 5 hours. She says that if it were not for Rachel telling her not to budge, she would have let her in again. She says that she has found a good friend in Rachel because she is a good person.

Vivian talks to Neff, who tells her that Rachel is the wrong person because she abandoned Anna and left her alone in a foreign country. She says that Rachel was friends with Anna when it meant free stuff, but when times get tough, she bails. Vivian then tells her that Anna must not be a true friend either because she charged her friend’s credit card without permission. Neff then tells her that she is so sure that Rachel offered her card and that Anna did not force her to do so. She says that she is not sorry to her because she shouldn’t have offered if she doesn’t want to pay.

Vivian calls Rachel multiple times to get her side of the story, but she always goes directly to voice mail. She does not get any response.

Our Thoughts

We can clearly see that the Anna who was with Kacy and Rachel in Morocco is definitely not the Anna who stayed at 12 George, which is why Neff and Rachel would have different opinions about Anna. Once again, I find myself annoyed with Anna during this entire episode. She stays mum and gets lost in her phone while Rachel panics and sorts things out in Morocco when it should have been her taking care of their payments. I mean, Rachel benefits from all these, too, because she was expecting Anna to pay for everything again, but she doesn’t deserve what happened in Morocco, and she doesn’t deserve to get $62K in debt because of that trip. It was Anna’s idea to book the riad in the first place. Grrrr, the nerve of that girl!

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