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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Group Battle 0

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 14 Recap - Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event - Group Battle 0


Jogo relaxes at a hot spring with most of his body parts restored. Mahito and Geto arrive to join him. Jogo notices Mahito has lost a lot of cursed energy. Mahito remembers the encounter with Sukuna and how it caused his plans to fail. He tries to convince Jogo that Geto’s plans to collect Sukuna’s fingers and get him on their side are worth it. Geto’s next plan is to take the six fingers kept inside Jujutsu High.

Kento and Gojo talk about Yuji’s last mission. They haven’t told him about Sukuna’s finger just yet for fear that it may affect him negatively—it has been sent to the higher-ups. Kento asks him if it’s a good idea to send Yuji back to the group as it could cause him to be targeted again. Gojo thinks Yuji will be fine.

Yuji arrives and greets them both, eager to meet with his friends. Gojo suggests giving them a surprise. He expects the students will cry so much that global warming will end.

Nobara arrives at school with her luggage, only to discover that the sister school event will be hosted in Tokyo. The students from Kyoto arrive led by Mai Zenin and Aoi Todo. The other students include a diminutive witch, a bronze robot, Kasumi Miwa, and Kamo from Fushiguro’s rival family clans. Their teacher Utahime Iori arrives and asks them to stop bickering.


Gojo appears with a pushcart of souvenirs. He gives each student an amulet and opens the cart to present Itadori Yuji. Yuji’s friends respond dryly, causing him much surprise. Gojo introduces him as Sukuna’s Vessel, but no one listens.

Behind them, Principal Gakuganji and Yaga are met with surprise.

Nobara and Megumi approach Yuji for an explanation. He apologizes with teary eyes.

The teachers announce the start of the Kyoto-Tokyo Sister School Exchange Event in two days. The first will be a team battle called Wacky Spirit Bash Race. The team that eliminates the most Grade 2 cursed spirits scattered within school grounds before sundown will be declared the winner. There are no other rules except they shouldn’t kill or cause irreparable injuries to each other.

Nobara and Megumi punish Yuji by making him hold a funeral picture frame. Panda asks them both to calm down and forgive him. The second-years introduce themselves to him. Maki asks for her cursed tool back, but Yuji lies and says it’s with Gojo. Since the battle is coming, they can’t change strategies with Yuji, but Megumi vouches for Yuji’s physical strength.


On the other side, Gakuganji directs his students to kill Yuji and frame it as an accident. Todo kicks open the walls and says he doesn’t care. He leaves to attend an idol meeting and even threatens to kill the principal.

The Kyoto students strategize on how to kill Yuji, although Miwa doesn’t want to be a part of it. Noritoshi Kamo wants everyone to contribute. He tries to put the others in line. As for Todo, he’s guaranteed to fight anyway.

Gojo tells Utahima there’s someone from the school working with cursed spirits. He wants her help in keeping an eye out for the Kyoto campus. Gojo thinks she can’t be a mole due to her being weak and spineless.

Before the fight starts, Megumi asks Itadori if he’s fine. Yuji admits something bad happened to him, but he doesn’t want to fail because of it. The Tokyo students march on, determined to win.

Our Thoughts

This is a neat setup for a tournament arc that’s not exactly a tournament arc. I‘m excited to see what the Kyoto students have to offer, as every single one of them has great designs. I rate this 3.5/5.

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