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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 15 Recap – Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Group Battle 1

BY Harris

Published 1 week ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 15 Recap - Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event - Group Battle 1


The teachers watch the Sister School Event together in a conference room. Gojo signals the students to start while making fun of Utahime.

Both groups move through the woods. The Tokyo students separate between a Panda team and a Megumi team since they are better at finding the enemy. Yuji has his own assignment.

They’re about to kill a small fry when Todo comes in to block their way. Yuji knees him in the face. The others separate and move past them.

Maki predicted Todo would rush them, so they let Yuji hold him back. Yuji resolves to win.

Yuji feels Todo’s strength with a devastating punch that throws him back. Todo beats him up bloody and thinks he’s defeated, but Yuji stands up with a bad temper, grumbling that getting hit on the head will make him dumber.

Todo asks him for his name, followed by what type of woman he likes. After some thought, Yuji replies she likes someone with a big head and butt like Jennifer Lawrence.

The answer leaves Todo astounded. In his mind, he envisions a scenario where he and Yuji are classmates who hang out regularly and do stuff together. Todo confesses to his crush Takada, but she turns him down. Yuji offers to buy him ramen and cheers him up.

Todo cries in the real world and calls Yuji his best friend.


Maki arrives and attempts to shoot Yuji. Kasuma strikes him but misses. Yuji finds the Kyoto newcomers targeting him, but Todo claps his hand, and they switch places with Yuji. Todo threatens Noritoshi for standing in his way. Noritoshi retreats and tells Todo to kill him. Todo says that would be tasteless.

The Tokyo students have noticed they aren’t being chased. It seems like Kyoto is going after Yuji. The Grade 2 Spirit Curses are nowhere to be found. Panda assumes they are threatened by Sukuna’s vessel. He wants to win the fight before they get to kill Yuji, so he sends Toge to find the cursed spirits. Panda and Nobara will have to check on him. Megumi and Maki get to the same conclusion on the other side of the field.

Nue attacks Momo in the air. Mai and Kasumi move in to save her. Meanwhile, Megumi meets Noritoshi. He asks if they’re planning to kill Yuji.

Momo falls to the trees with Panda and Nobara waiting below. Megumi and Noritoshi are on a standstill. He tells him Yuji can’t be killed easily. Noritoshi denies the assassination attempt.

The fistfight between Yuji and Todo continues with an even footing. Todo notes how strong and cunning his opponent is and slowly gets acquainted with his power. But he scolds Yuji for his delayed cursed energy attacks and unleashes a scream that reaches the whole campus.

My Best Friend

Maki faces Kasumi in battle. Kasumi says she’s not like the others, but she also doesn’t want to lose the goodwill event. Jujutsu Sorcerers are promoted based on recommendations, and she wants to give a good performance for her advancement. Kasumi simply wants to earn a good living from being a sorcerer, saying she’s poor and has two younger brothers. Maki can’t believe Kasumi gets along with Mai.

Todo calls Yuji “my friend” and tells him his delayed curse energy attack is a bad habit. He can’t win with his method against Todo. Todo says they can’t be best friends if he’s satisfied with his level.

When pressed if he likes being weak, Yuji fires up.

Our Thoughts

I knew the Kyoto group would surpass my expectations. Todo’s character transcends the meathead archetype much like Yuji does, while our female characters Maki, Mai, and Miwa have their level of mystery and depth. I rate this 3.8/5.

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