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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 19 Recap – Black Flash

BY Harris

Published 4 days ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 19 Recap - Black Flash

Whittling Down

Hanami chases Toge, Megumi, and Noritoshi inside the castle grounds. With their combined skills, they manage to wound her, but Hanami has the power to regenerate. They plan to distract her until they find backup from the teachers. Toge’s Cursed Speech is losing its effectiveness. If Hanami finds a way to stop him, it’s over for them.

After a long-winded chase, they head to the rooftops. Toge tries to stop Hanami with his voice, but his throat bleeds, and he falls. Megumi and Noritoshi are on the back foot, but Toge insists on staying in the fight.

He yells for Hanami to “Blast Away” in a violent burst before breaking his throat even further. Hanami emerges still intact.

Maki arrives and attacks alongside Megumi. Their weapons break, but Megumi’s new technique of hiding away Cursed Tools in a separate dimension offers them replacements.

Maki takes the Special Grade Cursed Tool: Playful Cloud and throws Hanami away from the school into the river.

Megumi and Maki gang up on her with their weapons, but they both get caught by the poisonous branches of Hanami; it also dispels Megumi’s Divine Dog. Hanami overpowers them both. They’re on their last legs. But Todo and Yuji arrive to save them both.


Momo gathers the wounded and takes them to safety. Megumi tries to stop Yuji from fighting, but Yuji assures him they’ll be okay. Todo gives Maki to Panda and asks them to go out of the veil.

Todo lets Yuji fight Hanami and asks him to use Black Flash. Todo is prepared to see him die if he can’t do it.

Hanami sizes them both up and knows she’s stronger than them individually. Yuji learns she’s working with Mahito, making him angrier.

Yuji tries a Black Flash punch but misses. Todo slaps him and tells him not to be caught in anger. Yuji snaps out of it and thanks to his best friend. He concentrates on his next strike and punches Hanami with Black Flash: a technique applying cursed energy almost instantaneously, causing it to glow a stark black. Hanami’s branching armor breaks before him.

Todo congratulates Yuji for mastering his cursed energy and likens him to a chef who’s learned his craft. He tells him he can even be stronger.

Hanami learns her foes are different from the others. She heals herself back. Todo tells Yuji it’s fine. It’s time for them to fight together.

Best Friends

Hanami unveils her left arm to reveal a large budding flower. Her power increases as she strikes with twisting branches at her foes. Todo and Yuji fight tag team to coordinate their strikes, but Hanami dispels her branches and falls to the ground.

They both kick each other’s heels and evade her next attack. Hanami looks at them dumbfounded.

She remembers talking to Mahito once, who suggested she learn how to enjoy fighting—things that can give satisfaction, just like humans do. They must use it now that they’ve gained rationality and instinct. Mahito thinks she’s being too restrained when she’s actually stronger.

Yuji and Todo fall into the woods. They brawl with Hanami on the ground, seeing a new opportunity. At that moment, Hanami realizes what Mahito meant. Just like her foes, she’s now enjoying the fight.

Todo tells Yuji it’s time to use his own cursed technique.

Our Thoughts

The animation in this episode was superb, and the pacing was exquisite. It makes twenty minutes fly by like it’s nothing. 4.5/5, now on to the next!

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