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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – For Myself

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - For Myself

Strongest Sorcerer

Megumi was forced to exorcise Yuji, but he was hesitating. His teacher Gojo Satoru asked him for the cursed object. Yuji admitted he ate it. Gojo inspected him and saw it’s true. Gojo knew Sukuna would reappear in Yuji‘s body, so he said he would wait for ten seconds.

Gojo toyed with the cursed Yuji and showed off his skills as a master sorcerer. Sukuna fought Gojo while grumbling about how all Jujutsu Sorcerers are so troublesome. Gojo counted to ten, and Yuji took back control of his body. Both Sukuna and Gojo couldn’t believe how well he’s controlling it.

Gojo lulled him to sleep and wanted to see if he could be a good vessel. According to their laws, he should be sentenced to death, but Megumi didn’t want that. Gojo agreed.

Back to the present, Gojo tells Yuji he has a death sentence. Sukuna has twenty invincible fingers, and they currently have six of them. If Yuji dies, then so will the curse inside him. Gojo doesn’t want to waste the opportunity. Since Yuji can withstand it, it’ll be better for him to consume all of the fingers before he dies.

Yuji visits Iguchi at the hospital. He hasn’t regained consciousness yet. Sasaki blames herself for what happened to him. Yuji tells her the blame is on him for picking up the object. He tells her someone will come to heal Iguchi tomorrow and then leaves.

Gojo visits Yuji as he collects his grandpa’s ashes. Yuji makes a decision and devours the other finger. Sukuna growls inside of him, but he manages to contain it, convincing Gojo that Yuji is special.

Sorcery School

Yuji is still hesitant, but his grandpa’s memory gets him to agree. Megumi arrives and tells him Yuji will transfer to Jujutsu High School, where there are only three first-years.

They travel to the outskirts of Tokyo on one of the two sorcery schools in Japan. The school serves as a base for graduates and a place to meditate and operate.

Sukuna gives a snide remark after learning Gojo is not the school’s leader. His mouth appears all over Yuji’s face, threatening Gojo.

Ryomen Sukuna is a legendary cursed spirit from ancient times, known as the king of curses. Yuji asks if Gojo will win against him. Gojo replies he’ll win.

When they arrive, the school principal, Masamichi Yaga chastises them for being late. Yuji Itadori introduces himself. Yaga asks for his reason for enrolling. Yuji says he has to find the fingers; Yaga asks him if he’s up for it. He says he’ll do it because of a dying request.

Yaga isn’t convinced, simply being told to do so isn’t a strong enough reason. Yaga unleashes his curse-powered doll to attack Yuji and see his mettle. Yuji insists he’s taking on a late family member’s wish. The lights go out, and the doll attacks him.

Entrance Exam

Yaga tells Yuji that being a sorcerer is an unpleasant job, with many deaths surrounding him. It requires insanity and motivation at the same time. Yaga asks him if he’ll blame his grandpa if he gets killed by a curse. He doesn’t want him to die with remorse.

Yuji subdues the doll and tells Yaga he’s the only one who can contain Sukuna. He won’t run away from his duty and have someone die because of the cursed spirit. He doesn’t want to regret that.

Yaga tells him he’s passed and orders Gojo to show him to his dorm. Yuji vows to join them in hunting the fingers, but Gojo warns him it won’t be easy. He’s happy to find his room beside Megumi’s.

The next day, they’ll head to the station to meet their third classmate.

Our Thoughts

This shounen has all the typical tropes, but it doesn’t hinder it from being interesting. I rate it 4/5 for the good execution so far.

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