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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 23 Recap – The Origin of Blind Obedience 2

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 23 Recap - The Origin of Blind Obedience 2


Yuji faces off with Mahito’s deformed curse, evading its toxic blood vomit. His two other companions fight against the cursed domain’s inhabitants.

Megumi thinks the domain itself can be handled, but it’s the others they should look out for. Just as he looks away, a pair of hands grab Nobara from the walls and sucks her in. He tries to help, but Nobara promises to deal with it herself and tells him to focus on his task.

Mahito’s cursed demon follows through the wall. Yuji hesitates, but Megumi tells him to go after it.

A cursed user pulls Nobara out of the domain. He’s surprised to see it’s a girl and promises not to hurt her if she escapes.

Meanwhile, Megumi is playing whack-a-mole with the curses in the domain with his sword, crushing through each curse he could find. Then he sees something strange on the ceiling. He remembers the curse only started killing its victims recently. It could very well be linked to Sukuna.

A Special Grade Curse appears before him, possibly holding another of Sukuna’s fingers. Outside, the curse user tells Nobara it’s exactly what they’re after.

Be Greedy

The curse facing Megumi looks almost the same as the one in the detention center, but it‘s stronger. He defends himself with the Divine Dog and remembers one of Gojo’s teachings.

They had been sparring lately. Megumi wants to surpass Yuji’s strength. Gojo thinks something is suppressing Megumi from trying his best. He points out that Megumi opted for a bunt to let Nobara get a base during the baseball game. If it were Yuji, he would have gone for the home run. Megumi reasons it’s important to work with your allies.

Gojo warns him he could die if he’s too cautious. There are times when he must be greedy.

Megumi wakes up from being knocked out with his head bleeding. He braces himself for a moment and lets loose. Megumi imagines a version of himself that has surpassed his limits and activates Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden.

Shadows engulf the Special Grade Curse, swarming it with Megumi’s shikigami with little restrictions. The curse fights it and dispels the domain, but Divine Dog manages to cut it straight through the heart, exorcising it.

The cursed domain disappears, leaving Megumi alone by the bridge. He complains of tiredness before passing to sleep. He remembers his middle school years, having beaten a ton of other delinquents in school.


Tsumiki confronts Megumi to stop him from fighting again. She knows what he’s done. Deep inside, Megumi hates mean people. His inability to forgive them made him lash out at the students. Tsumiki is the complete opposite.

Tsumiki and Megumi’s parents disappeared when they were young. When he got older, Gojo told him he’s a descendant of the Zenin clan from his father’s side. Megumi learned he was sold to the Zenin family.

Gojo was the one to iron out the issues with the Zenin, but Megumi had to study and work under him as recompense.

Tsumiki was cursed during her third year, and she’s been unconscious since that day. Megumi thought she was annoying at first, but his feelings changed once he learned to help others. He pleads for her sister to wake up underneath the Yasohachi Bridge, hoping his exorcism was enough.

Nobara and the cursed user feel the disappearance of the Special Grade’s power. She worries if Megumi is alright, but the enemy has other plans.

Our Thoughts

This arc is a little underwhelming compared to the roller coaster that came before, but we get good development for Megumi. 3.5/5.

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