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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


Published 2 months ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

[00:01:00] Cha Hyun-Su had a dream about his family’s accident. It seemed he was with them when it happened. He was applying as a beta tester for the game during their family trip. Cha Hyun-Su’s father confronted him about his life choices a few minutes before the accident happened. Cha Hyun-Su retaliated instead of answering his father properly. Their argument caused his father to take his eyes off the road; the truck struck their car afterward. He woke up in a hospital with his uncle. His uncle told him he should live a decent life for his dead family. After Cha Hyun-Su left the hospital, people started disappearing around him. He saw his mutated self in the mirror.

[00:04:30] Cha Hyun-Su woke up under a steel door. A huge monster tried to get inside the building to eat the children. Cha Hyun-Su held on to the monster’s leg to give the kids time to run away. The kids ran upstairs as the monster shifted its attention to Cha Hyun-Su. He kicked him through a brick wall and punched him to death. Yoon Ji-Su and Jung Jae-Heon went over to help him out. Yoon Ji-su pulled Cha Hyun-su out of the wall as Jung Jae-Heon knocked the monster out with his katana. They dragged him back to their apartment to get away from the monster. Jung Jae-Heon asked him if he’s okay, but he suddenly remembered the kids.

[00:06:30] Yoon Ji-Su confronted Cha Hyun-Su to ask him if he’s infected. Jung Jae-Heon told Yoon Ji-Su to calm down because she was the one who wanted to save him in the first place. Cha Hyun-Su asked for their help to rescue the children because he promised them he would protect them. Meanwhile, the children were heading up to the 14th floor. The little kid was too scared to continue going upstairs, but her sister calmed him down and assured him they would be fine. The little kid peed his pants, but her sister didn’t care because they had bigger problems on their way. Cha Hyun-Su told them about the mutated man who couldn’t see. The children came face-to-face with him, but the mutated man wasn’t sure they were there. The kids kept quiet and allowed the mutated man to leave.

[00:09:30] The bigger monster caught up with the kids because of the mutated man. The mutated man thought he had caught prey because all he could use were his ears. The mutated man attacked the monster and got pulled over by it. The monster started to beat the mutated man and threw him out of the window. The kids continued to run upstairs while the two were fighting. Cha Hyun-Su and his group heard the commotion upstairs. They thought the kids were in danger, so they ran up to save them. The kids reached the 15th floor because the monsters were fighting on the 14th floor. They knocked on the apartments to look for help. No one responded to their cries. They saw a shadow heading up the staircase.

[00:12:00] It was the big monster. He came upstairs for the kids. They didn’t have any choice but to curl up together in fear. The big sister’s name is Kim Su-Yeong, while her little brother is Kim Yeong-Su. She tells her little brother to close his eyes as the monster came closer. They were being brave in the face of death, but the older lady came out of nowhere with her stroller. Meanwhile, Seo Yi-Kyung found the electrical room and turned the power back on. A monster pulled her out of the room as she was about to leave. Scarred face man went back to the apartment where he was torturing a man. He discovered a note the man had left. Scarred face man used the duct tape to mend the wound on his shoulder as he thought about his next move.

[00:14:00] The other tenants were still inside the daycare center when the television started working again. It was the president of Korea. He addressed the nation regarding the state of emergency they were going through. The president assured everyone that everything would be okay, but he couldn’t finish his speech. The president started to mutate on air as his nose bled profusely. He told everyone with his dying breath that everyone else would die. The soldiers held the president down to contain him, and before the feed was cut, everyone saw the soldiers shot the president. The tenants panicked as their hopes of being rescued were lost. Meanwhile, the old lady told the monster not to touch the kids. The monster shifted its attention to her and pushed her aside. The older lady had a glimpse of her baby inside the stroller for a moment.

[00:16:00] She had a flashback of the accident a year ago. She finally accepted the truth. The older lady told the monster she knew her baby was already dead. The monster crushed the stroller and punched her to death. Cha Hyun-Su and his group arrived on the 15th floor just before the monster killed the old lady. They told the children to run toward them while the monster was distracted. The kids stood behind them as the monster shifted its attention toward them. The old lady distracted the monster by jumping on its head. She already mutated into a monster as well. Yoon Ji-Su and Jung Jae-Heon held the monster off as Cha Hyun-Su brought the kids to Han Du-sik’s apartment. Jung Jae-Heon told Yoon Ji-Su he could take the monster on his own. He distracted the monster with his katana and lured it away.

[00:19:00] Yoon Ji-Su checked on the old lady, and she saw the mutation was already taking full effect. The old lady got up and asked Yoon Ji-Su about the kids. Cha Hyun-Su successfully brought the kids to Han Du-sik. He closed the door behind him as he looked back to see if Yoon Ji-Su or Jung Jae-Heon would appear. Jung Jae-Heon continued to lure the monster toward the upper floors of the apartment. He spotted a large window and knew he could get rid of the monster there. He stood by the window and waited for the monster to get closer before jumping out of the way. Jung Jae-Heon said a prayer before jumping as the monster fell from the building.

[00:21:30] Like Cha Hyun-Su, the old lady seemed to have control over her mutation. Yoon Ji-Su saw the old lady’s eyes change, and she knew she was safe. She took the old lady to Han Du-sik’s apartment, but she told Yoon Ji-Su she could manage on her own. Yoon Ji-Su went upstairs to look for Jung Jae-Heon. The old lady saw herself in the mirror and wiped the blood off her face. She went inside the apartment, and Han Du-sik asked her who she was. The old lady waved at the children who were sitting inside the apartment. Yoon Ji-Su looked down the window where the monster fell. Jung Jae-Heon was making his way back to the 14th floor when he saw Yoon Ji-Su. They went downstairs together as Yoon Ji-Su told him to be more careful next time.

[00:24:00] Yoon Ji-Su took Jung Jae-Heon back to her apartment. He thought someone had come through the apartment because it was a mess. Yoon Ji-Su told him he’s the first person ever to enter her apartment. Yoon Ji-Su picked up a bag and started packing up anything that seemed useful. Jung Jae-Heon asked her if she’s bringing her bass guitar. We get a small flashback to the first time she got the bass guitar. She was crying her soul out because the previous owner committed suicide and left it in her care. Yoon Ji-Su placed the guitar inside the bag and carried it out of her apartment. Meanwhile, one of the tenants named Kang Seung-Wan received a message about his job application. He thought it was already useless since the world was ending, but one of the other tenants told him not to give up.

[00:27:00] Lee Eun-Hyeok was looking for Lee Eun-Yoo in the daycare, but she was resting in her room. She looked at her sprained ankle and tried to wrap it in bandage. Lee Eun-Yoo stopped wrapping her ankle and stood up to look at her ballet dress. She took a box cutter and started ripping the dress apart. Somehow, she also lost hope that her dreams would ever be fulfilled, especially as the world was falling apart. Meanwhile, Cha Hyun-Su joined everyone for dinner. Han Du-Sik asked the kids their names, so they introduced themselves. He thought they had peculiar names because it was just in reverse from one another. The children told him it was their father who named them like such. Cha Hyun-Su and Han Du-Sik were silent as the kids did their best not to cry over their father.

[00:31:00] Han Du-sik offered Jung Jae-Heon a drink, but he refused. He told him he doesn’t drink. Yoon Ji-Su took the drink in his place and drank it like it was water. Han Du-Sik offered Cha Hyun-Su a drink, but he remembered he’s still a minor. Han Du-Sik told Cha Hyun-Su that he would buy him a proper drink when he came of age. Cha Hyun-Su asked him if that day would still come after what they’ve been through over the past few days. Everyone grew silent at Cha Hyun-Su‘s question. Han Du-Sik couldn‘t respond, so he just took another gulp of his drink. Meanwhile, Seo Yi-Kyung hung from the ceiling of the basement. She was wrapped in spider’s web as someone locked the gate of the electrical room.

[00:33:00] Lee Su-Ung asked Lee Eun-Hyeok about Seo Yi-Kyung. The power was restored, but she hasn’t returned. Lee Su-Ung was getting worried, but Lee Eun-Hyeok couldn’t give him an answer. The cameras inside the basement were not pointed where they should be. They could only hope for the best that Seo Yi-Kyung was still alive. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji-Su woke Cha Hyun-Su, so he could take his turn to watch. He told Yoon Ji-Su he’s infected and asked her to kill him if he turned into a monster. Yoon Ji-Su agreed with Cha Hyun-Su that if she got infected and turned into a monster, he should also kill her. Cha Hyun-Su agreed and took his turn to watch the group.

[00:35:00] It was almost dawn when Kim Seok-Hyeon decided to close his store to the other tenants. He didn’t want to give away the food inside his store. He told everyone to bring money and buy food if they wanted to survive. The tenants tried to reason with Kim Seok-Hyeon, but he didn’t care. As they were begging for food, the man who scarred face was torturing came down. They asked him what had happened to his face. He told them a burglar entered his apartment a few nights ago. He brought a suitcase full of food and shared everything with the other tenants. One of the tenants noticed the suitcase was stained with blood. The man offered her some food, but she refused to take it.

[00:37:00] Morning came, and Kang Seung-Wan was looking out the gates with Ryu Jae-Hwan. Jae-Hwan told him the monsters were gone, so he planned to escape the building. Kang Seung-Wan told Jae-Hwan to take him to his mother’s house, but it wasn’t in his way. Kang Seung-Wan pleaded with the man to take him along. The morning exercise song played on the speakers to signal a brand new day. The daycare director heard the song, and she knew it would be her chance to find her daughter. She sneaked into the management office to open the gate. Lee Eun-Hyeok spoke through the speakers to call out all the other survivors to the ground floor. He told everyone that they should stick together to ensure their survival. He didn’t notice that the daycare director had already opened the gate.

[00:39:00] The daycare director tried to run out of the building, but the tenants stopped her. Lee Eun-Hyeok heard the commotion and went out of the office to see what’s going on. The daycare director begged Lee Eun-Hyeok to let her out because her daughter was going to the building. Soon enough, they saw a young girl running outside toward the building. She tripped and fell to the ground. The tenants were afraid to go outside, but Lee Su-Ung ran out to save the girl. It seemed he would save her, but a monster attacked them with its tongue. Lee Su-Ung and the director’s daughter die just outside the building gates, leaving all the other tenants stunned. The daycare director cried as she saw the monster sucking all the blood out of her daughter’s body.

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