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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Curse Womb Must Die II

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Curse Womb Must Die II


Megumi waits outside by the rain and feels the Special Grade’s death. Sukuna appears behind him using Yuji’s body and asks to chat. He brags that Yuji is paying the price for trying to use him.

Sukuna rips his uniform off and grabs Yuji’s heart to take him hostage. He can live without it, but not Yuji, especially when he tries to switch back. He then eats the cursed finger he found inside before threatening Megumi’s life.

Megumi tells him Yuji will come back as he always does, but Sukuna tells him how scared and pathetic he was earlier.

Megumi tries to formulate a plan and summons a flying Shikigami. They attack him together, but Sukuna makes quick work of them. The curse throws him away and kicks his body through multiple buildings. Megumi gets overpowered and is at his last straw.

Sukuna tells him he won’t heal Yuji’s body if they fight. The brat doesn’t deserve it.

Megumi remembers a girl named Tsumiki from his past who also had a curse. He thinks of karma and punishment, which are within the cycle Jujutsu Sorcerers are a part of. He resolves to fight, to Sukuna’s amusement.

Live Long

But then his energy fizzles. He admits to Yuji he didn’t want him killed because he was a good person. He’s never regretted his decision since he’s a Jujutsu Sorcerer.

Yuji takes back control and thanks him. Before he falls and dies, he tells Megumi and the others to live a long life. Megumi cries in the rain.

In the middle of a city, three curses and a sorcerer are wandering together. One of the curses asks the human if it was wise to give up one of Sukuna’s fingers. The man tells them it’s necessary to measure Sukuna’s power.

Back at Jujutsu High School, Kiyotaka apologizes to Gojo for what happened as Yuji’s body is laid out in the morgue. Gojo wonders if it’s a ploy orchestrated by the higher-ups to get rid of Yuji while he was away.

Kiyotaka tells him he didn’t expect the cursed womb would transform. Gojo swears to find the one behind this, perhaps even killing the higher-ups. A woman in a lab coat comes in and tells him he’s being dramatic.

Miss Ieiri asks Gojo if he really likes Yuji. Gojo says he’s a nice guy who cares for his students. Ieiri resolves to have a full autopsy of Sukuna’s vessel.


Megumi and Nobara think about Yuji’s last words back at the school grounds. Both seem unaffected, but Nobara starts to crumble. They complain about the heat.

Zenin, a second-year student, comes in and asks if he’s mourning. Behind her, a panda and another student tell her to be considerate because their classmate recently died. She scolds them for not telling her sooner.

Megumi tells Nobara that Zenin is the best at using Cursed Tools, the other boy Inumaki uses Cursed Speech and can only talk in onigiri filling ingredients. Then there’s the Panda. There’s another senpai he respects named Okkotsu, but he’s overseas.

Panda apologizes for barging in, but they wanted to ask them to join the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event. The third-years are suspended, so they’ll have to attend. They’ll do group battles on the first day and individual ones on the second. There are no rules except they’re not allowed to kill.

Panda offers them intensive training to get them ready. Megumi and Nobara are pumped to join and grow stronger.

Meanwhile, cursed spirits Dagon, Jogo, and Hanami plot with Geto, a human. They want to take over the humans. Geto tells them they have to defeat Gojo and make Yuji and Sukuna their ally.

Our Thoughts

Yuji’s not really dead, right? I’m normally the type of guy who hates face out deaths, but this one has real heavy stakes. Also, we got three new interesting characters. I rate this 3.5/5.

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