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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – Take Me Back To Hell


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Lucifer told Chloe that he didn’t kill Jacob; however, she had no choice. Lucifer knew that Chloe didn’t believe him, so he accepted fate and tried to tempt one of the police officers into shooting him. Chloe told everyone not to shoot him since he was unarmed; however, Lucifer reached into his coat as if he really had a gun. The officer panicked and pulled the trigger but Lucifer vanished into thin air. Lucifer appeared on the rooftop of the Rosslyn Hotel; it seemed Amenadiel swooped in to rescue him. Lucifer told him that he was willing to surrender and go back to hell, but Amenadiel disagreed.

[00:04:00] The police processed Lux when Malcolm arrived, he wanted to know what happened to Lucifer, so he asked Dan for more information. Dan told him that Lucifer was on the run, Malcolm saw one of Maze’s dagger and volunteered to bring it to evidence. Chloe called Dan to talk as Malcolm left with the dagger; she knew that Lucifer was innocent and wanted to prove it. An officer approached Chloe to show her the murder weapon; Dan recognized the gun and told Chloe that Lucifer’s fingerprints would be all over the weapon. Dan invited Chloe to talk somewhere private so that he could explain things.

[00:05:30] Lucifer was confused why Amenadiel didn’t want to bring him back to hell. Amenadiel wanted to correct his mistakes and asked Lucifer to assist him. He wanted to find Malcolm and take him back to hell. Lucifer agreed to dish out one last punishment before returning to hell. Amenadiel brought Lucifer to his office to talk about their next step; however, Linda overheard the talking and went over. She saw Lucifer and accused Amenadiel of stealing her patient, but Lucifer intervened.

[00:08:00] Chloe slapped Dan after finding out what he had done. Dan confessed that he had shot Malcolm during the Palmetto case in order to protect her. Chloe couldn’t forgive Dan after what she had been through over the years. She told Dan to make things right by proving Lucifer’s innocence. Back at Linda’s office, Lucifer and Amenadiel confessed that they were brothers and that Amenadiel wasn’t a real doctor. Linda got into an argument with Lucifer; however, he realized the next step in their plan and praised Linda. The two of them left as soon as Lucifer realized what needed to be done.

[00:10:20] Chloe went to Lux to seek out Maze for assistance. Maze blamed Chloe for all the grief she had experienced ever since she met Lucifer. Chloe told Maze that Lucifer was innocent and that she needed help to locate the real criminal. Maze declined at first; however, she eventually gave in and tagged along. Lucifer and Amenadiel crashed a funeral in order to gain more information on Malcolm’s whereabouts. The funeral director told them that Malcolm was meeting with an old friend named Tommy. Amenadiel was furious since there would be thousands of people named Tommy in LA; however, Lucifer knew that they needed to have a word with Dan to find out who Tommy was.

[00:13:30] Chloe and Maze visited Malcolm’s house to check on him. Chloe tried knocking, but Maze kicked the front door open and went straight inside. They looked around when all of a sudden someone shot them from behind. Maze pushed Chloe to safety as a lady asked if Malcolm was with them. The shooter was Malcolm’s wife; apparently, Malcolm had changed ever since he woke up from coma. She added that Malcolm used up all their money in order to buy stuff that they didn’t need. Chloe called Dan to ask if he had any leads, but he didn’t. Dan ended their conversation when he saw Lucifer and Amenadiel inside his office. Lucifer told Dan that Malcolm was meeting with his old friend named Tommy. Dan realized who Tommy was; however, he didn’t want to help Lucifer and Amenadiel.

[00:17:00] Lucifer had no choice but to use his powers against him in order to get the information. Dan admitted that he wanted to redeem himself and told them what he knew about Tommy. He told Lucifer that they needed to stay inside a cell; however, they both vanished into thin air. Dan told Chloe about Tommy, he wanted her to stay away, but she ended their conversation before he could tell her.

[00:18:10] Malcolm met up with Tommy at the brewery. He offered to sell drugs seized by the police. Tommy and Malcolm were warming up to each other when they heard a noise. Tommy tried to radio one of his men; however, he found him unconscious on the security cameras. Malcolm told Tommy he didn’t do anything, so Tommy ordered his men to check out what happened. Malcolm took the opportunity and held Tommy at gunpoint while he ordered him to place all of his cash inside a bag. Tommy’s men cornered Lucifer and Amenadiel as they searched for Malcolm. Amenadiel wanted to slow downtime, but Lucifer had another plan. They teamed up to beat everyone up.

[00:21:10] Amenadiel told Lucifer that they should split up in order to locate Malcolm faster. Lucifer agreed as long as no one hogged Malcolm for themselves. Amenadiel found Malcolm, but Malcolm stabbed him with Maze’s dagger. Malcolm brought the daggers with him since he knew it was special. Lucifer found Malcolm and Amenadiel; Malcolm made a run for it as Lucifer checked on Amenadiel. Maze arrived and told Lucifer to chase Malcolm as she tended to Amenadiel’s wound. Chloe saw Malcolm making a run for it, so she shot at him but missed intentionally. Malcolm dropped his bag; he tried to go back for it, but Chloe continued shooting, so he had no choice but to leave it. Chloe reconciled with Lucifer and offered to help him take down Malcolm.

[00:25:45] Dan arrived and told them that he had found the evidence needed to prove Lucifer’s innocence. Chloe wanted to know what he found, but he insisted on showing them instead. Maze brought Amenadiel back to Lux in order to treat his wounds. Amenadiel told Maze that they needed something divine in order to heal his wounds, so Maze took out the last feather from Lucifer’s wings. She had wanted to use it to get back to hell; however, she gave it to Amenadiel. Chloe and Dan brought Lucifer to the precinct, Dan confessed to helping out Malcolm by stealing the gun from evidence. The other police officers arrested Dan while Chloe received a call from Trixie. She took the call privately only to find out that Malcolm had kidnapped her daughter. Malcolm allowed Chloe to speak with Trixie to prove to her that she was still alive.

[00:29:00] Malcolm wanted to exchange Trixie for his money. Chloe spoke to one of the officers in order to get hold of Malcolm’s money. Lucifer noticed something odd about Chloe, so he followed her. Lucifer confronted Chloe before she entered her car; she explained what happened to Trixie. Lucifer wanted to come with her, but she declined. Chloe pointed out that she knew the risks; however, she needed to go alone for her daughter. Lucifer understood and promised not to follow her.

[00:31:50] Chloe arrived at a hangar where Malcolm and Trixie were waiting. He handed Trixie to Chloe who opened the trunk of her car to show Malcolm his money. Chloe ordered Trixie to run and hide, she added that Trixie should only come out once she went looking for her. Malcolm was about to shoot Chloe when Lucifer showed up. Chloe took the opportunity to hide as Lucifer distracted Malcolm. Lucifer tried to use his powers on Malcolm; however, his plan backfired. Malcolm mocked Lucifer as he laid on the floor. Lucifer prayed to God to spare Chloe and Trixie in exchange for his return to hell. Lucifer arrived at the gates of hell only to realize that someone had escaped. After a few moments, Lucifer woke up and immediately looked for Malcolm.

[00:38:50] Malcolm was looking for Chloe, who was hiding behind some crates. Chloe circled back to her car to grab her gun. Malcolm found her and was about to shoot her when Lucifer interfered and punched him in the face. He tried to shoot Lucifer but Chloe shot him first. Malcolm was confident that he’d return because he had Lucifer’s coin; however, when he checked his pockets, he no longer had it. Lucifer showed him the coin and tossed it in the air. Malcolm tried to catch it; however, it turned into ashes as Lucifer sarcastically apologized and told him that the coin could only be used once. Malcolm died soon after.

[00:40:50] Chloe told Trixie to come out of hiding and that everything was over. Lucifer returned to Lux where he found Amenadiel sleeping. He rummaged through his broken stash of liquor to check if anything could be saved. He poured a drink as Amenadiel told him that they still needed to find Malcolm. Lucifer informed Amenadiel that he had already taken care of Malcolm. Lucifer told Amenadiel that he spoke to their father and that God sent him back to earth because someone escaped from hell. Amenadiel noticed that Lucifer looked afraid, so he asked him who had escaped from hell. Lucifer told him that their mother escaped.





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