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Money Heist Season 2 Episode 1 Recap


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:00:10] We pick things up where we left off in season one. Raquel had found the villa that the crew used as a hideout. She felt ecstatic. Raquel was one step closer to figuring out the identities of the robbers as well as the Professor. One of the forensic officers informed Raquel that they pulled eight different prints from the house but only got one match. They also found the stolen files from the pharmacy in Toledo. Raquel began to doubt they really had hit the jackpot, wondering if they had simply hit another dead end.

[00:04:30] The Professor had planned to lead Raquel to a dead end; he set up the whole house to delay the police for three whole days. Raquel had a hunch that everything was too good to be true. She instructed Suarez to call Alberto; he confirmed that Raquel really wanted her ex-husband on the scene. Raquel told Suarez that they needed Alberto because he’s the best in forensics. Suarez reached out to the command center to have Alberto report to the villa.

[00:07:00] Reporters arrived at the villa to cover the new development. Salva found a notebook inside the glove compartment of Raquel’s car. It contained a note from Julia, Paula’s teacher. She told Raquel that she wanted to meet with her because her husband was inviting her for coffee and she didn’t know how to deal with it. Suarez and Raquel exited the house to get a breath of fresh air; Salva returned the notebook and got out of the car. He told Raquel that he needed to leave and that he’d just take a bus back to Madrid.

[00:08:30] Raquel apologized for the inconveniences and asked Suarez if there was a car that was headed back to Madrid. Suarez responded that the first set of evidence was headed back in thirty minutes. Raquel assured Salva that someone would take him back to Madrid. Just as they finished their conversation, Raquel found a cigarette butt that was intentionally placed there by Salva when he returned to the villa after he stole the documents from the pharmacy.

[00:09:20] It had been eighty hours since the heist began. Berlin told Moscow that it was time as he called the Professor, but no one answered. He ended the call and informed everyone that it was the third time he called and still got no response. Eighteen hours passed without any news from the Professor; everyone was getting worried as they only had six hours left before they had completed the four call cycles. As the Professor told them, they would have check-up calls every six hours. If he didn’t answer after the fourth call, it would complete the call cycle, and they could start assuming that he had already been arrested and was currently being interrogated. Berlin assured everyone that they should just continue with their jobs as the Professor was probably just tying up loose ends.

[00:11:30] Berlin headed for the door, but Tokyo stopped him. She couldn’t accept that he was so carefree when the possibility of them being stuck inside the mint was upon them. He asked her what ever happened to carpe diem, but she wasn’t in the mood. Tokyo thought that Berlin no longer cared about the heist since he was terminally ill and had nothing to lose. Berlin still decided to leave, but this time Nairobi stopped him. She called him out for sleeping with one of their hostages. Berlin told Nairobi that he had fallen in love with Ariadna the moment he saw her. Nairobi stared at Berlin with a disgusted look on her face.

[00:12:30] Denver sided with Berlin because he also had a relationship with a hostage, Monica Gaztambide. Nairobi couldn’t believe what was happening. Denver admitted he was in love with Monica. Moscow shook his head in disbelief. Denver told his father that he had saved Monica’s life, but Nairobi told him the truth. She told Denver that it was just Stockholm syndrome and that Monica wasn’t really in love with him. Denver disagreed saying that they would get over her syndrome or illness. Nairobi couldn’t believe at what Berlin and Denver were doing, but before she could continue her argument, Moscow interfered.

[00:13:50] He told everyone that they should stop fighting amongst themselves and figure a way out as they were in a difficult situation. Berlin told them that they were not yet in a difficult situation as long as the Professor answered their call within six hours. Berlin added that if the Professor failed to answer the call, he would proceed with Plan Chernobyl. Moscow wanted to know the details of Plan Chernobyl, but Berlin told them that they were better off not knowing anything. Berlin bid them farewell and left.

[00:15:00] Back at the villa, Raquel asked Salva for advice. She wanted to know if she should give up and step down from the case. Salva didn’t want to answer as the question was too personal, but that was the reason that she asked him. They were already in a relationship, so nothing was too personal. Salva responded that only she could answer her questions because only she knew her own feelings. Raquel told Salva that the case felt bigger than her and that she couldn’t handle the responsibility. Salva assured her that no one is better than her at what she does.

[00:16:00] Raquel felt useless on the field, saying that she didn’t know what to do. She felt better when she spoke with the Professor because she was in control; out in the field she felt that the Professor would beat her. Salva didn’t respond; he looked at his watch, and Raquel saw him. She apologized once again for dragging him out to the villa and for taking too much of his time. Suarez radioed in that Alberto arrived. Salva agreed to accompany Raquel as she welcomed her ex-husband to the crime scene.

[00:16:50] Alberto greeted Raquel and thanked her for the referral. He added that it was very professional of her. Alberto wanted to know how Angel was doing; she responded that he was still in a coma and that there were no updates to his condition. Raquel introduced Salva as her friend but changed her mind and introduced him as her current partner. The Professor introduced himself as Salvador Martin; they shook hands and greeted each other. Alberto told Raquel that he wouldn’t bother her and that he was just there to do his job.

[00:18:00] Tokyo sat inside the bathroom of the mint. She seemed to be thinking about something when Rio entered. He brought 460,000 euros and planned to hide it behind the bathroom wall as a backup plan. Rio told Tokyo that they could use it as a fresh start once they got out of jail. He was starting to check the wall when Tokyo kneeled and kissed him. He thought Tokyo would start arguing again about breaking up, but she told Rio that things were going to get even more difficult moving forward. Tokyo asked Rio to turn himself in when things start to get difficult, but he refused. Rio told her that if things started to get difficult, he would be with her, no matter what the risks were.

[00:20:50] Denver asked Moscow if he knew anything about Stockholm syndrome. Moscow had heard of it before but didn’t know much about it. Denver told Moscow that he didn’t force Monica to like him. He added that he only brought her food and Monica was the one who kissed him. Denver felt that their kiss was for real; he told Moscow that he had even danced for her. Moscow told Denver to stop dreaming as Monica was out of his league because they were from different worlds. Denver was frustrated because he knew that a loser like him could only choose things that befit him.

[00:22:40] Tokyo and Rio barged into the other room and pointed a gun at the hostages. Rio grabbed the television and took it with him. Denver and Moscow saw what happened and they followed them. Moscow stopped them to ask what happened. Tokyo wanted to know what was happening outside and had thought of checking the news. Denver returned to Monica and the other hostages to assure them that everything was okay. He took Monica and left.

[00:23:50] The forensics team continued to bag the evidence they had found inside the villa. Raquel brought Alberto up to speed with what they found during their first sweep of the villa. Alberto told her that none of the evidence inside the villa was important. He added that the robbers were far too intelligent to plan a heist and leave all the evidence inside the villa. Alberto showed Raquel the chimney and told her that anything important would be inside. He explained that whatever they burned inside the chimney would have left particles along the rough surface, and they only needed to find it.

[00:26:00] Denver brought Monica in one of the offices to check on her wound. He asked her to turn around so that he could properly check her wound. She tried to seduce Denver by moaning and shoving her ass up in his face, but he told her to stop. Denver told her that he was the kidnapper and that she was the hostage. She wanted to know what was wrong, and Denver told her that she had Stockholm syndrome.

[00:27:10] Monica tried to convince Denver that she didn’t have Stockholm syndrome, but he asked her if she would have noticed him if they were in a different situation. Monica didn’t answer the question; she asked Denver if he had feelings for her. He confessed that he did have feelings for her, but his feelings were real and not because of Stockholm syndrome. He didn’t want Monica to love him just because of it. He told her that they needed to part ways and left the room.

[00:29:00] Berlin asked Ariadna regarding her final decision. They danced inside Arturo’s office as he waited for her answer. He told her that first times are special and unique, but the last times are priceless. Berlin told Ariadna he had less than six months left to live, and the only thing he cared about at that moment was to be remembered by Ariadna. Berlin was about to kiss Ariadna as Tokyo entered the room. She told Berlin that something serious had happened.

[00:31:50] Back at the villa, Salva asked Suarez where the officers were that were headed back to Madrid. Suarez told him that no one was going back to Madrid at the moment, so he decided that he would just take the bus. He wanted to say goodbye to Raquel, so Suarez took him inside the villa. Just as he walked in, he saw Alberto and Raquel working on the chimney. Alberto pulled out what seemed to be a piece of burnt paper.

[00:32:50] Salva remembered the photos that he had burned the night before the heist. Berlin had asked him if he really wanted to burn the photos; he responded that once their heist began, it would no longer be memories but just evidence that could be used against them. Berlin told Salva that they were doing the heist for his father as he threw the news article that was related to his death into the fire along with the photos.

[00:35:00] The crew watched the news as Tokyo and Berlin entered the room. Tokyo told him that the police had arrested the Professor. The news report showed the villa which they had used as their hideout; in the background, they saw the Professor speaking with the police. Tokyo panicked as they lost reception. Everyone wanted Berlin to initiate Plan Chernobyl before the police barged inside the mint. Berlin told them that Plan Chernobyl was only for desperate situations and he didn’t consider this as a desperate situation. Berlin explained that they would lose all the money if they proceeded with Plan Chernobyl.

[00:36:10] Tokyo tried to gain their votes by reminding them that they had no way out without the Professor. Berlin assured everyone that the Professor would answer the call within five hours. Although he didn’t believe in democracy, Berlin called for a vote to calm things down. Helsinki and Moscow sided with Berlin while Rio and Denver sided with Tokyo. Nairobi had the final vote and she decided to go with Berlin.

[00:38:30] Salva called Raquel’s attention and told her that he needed to leave. He wanted to catch the bus, but Alberto offered him a lift back to Madrid. He accepted the offer, and they left. Berlin called the Professor for the final time, and there was still no answer. Helsinki brought Oslo to what looked like a storage room where he laid him on the floor and pressed a pillow to his face. Rio, Tokyo and Denver were preparing for war as they began loading their weapons with live ammunition. Helsinki broke into tears as he closed Oslo’s eyes for the last time. Tokyo, Denver and Rio went to Berlin’s office and held him at gunpoint. Berlin tried to retaliate but had no choice but to surrender. Denver and Rio tied him up and pulled him out of the office.

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