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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:00:50] Three armed men attempted to rob a jewelry store. Amenadiel and Lucifer intervened; they assumed that the leader of the robbery was their mother. Lucifer used his powers on them to find out the truth. The leader had just died from a heart attack; however, paramedics revived him, and he decided to change his life by robbing a jewelry store in order to obtain financial freedom. Lucifer and Amenadiel realized that the guy wasn’t their mother and that he was telling the truth. Amenadiel used his powers to slow down time as Lucifer delivered punishment. As time resumed, the man stood naked in front of everyone.

[00:03:30] Lucifer continued his therapy with Linda. Linda thought that everything was still a metaphor. Lucifer tried to explain things to Linda in human terms. He told her how God had cast him out and, after a few thousand years, did the same to his mother. Since his mother did nothing when he was cast out, Lucifer did the same when God cast her out as well. After their session, Lucifer asked Chloe for assistance in order to locate his mother. They arrived at the crime scene to find the victim dead with rebar sticking out of her head like devil horns. Lucifer took it as a sign that his mother was coming for him.

[00:06:20] The victim was Gillian Taylor, who was a stand-in actress. Lucifer blamed himself for her death; however, Ella thought otherwise. Based on the bruising on her neck, Gillian was strangled to death. She added that she was killed in a different area and moved to the set after her death. Chloe knew that the killer was sending out a message; however, she didn’t imply that it was related to Lucifer. Lucifer tried to respond; however, Chloe saw Dan and approached him. Chloe ordered him to interview crew members in order to distance herself.

[00:08:20] Lucifer approached Ella and greeted her. She was new on the team and introduced herself with a hug. Lucifer introduced himself but didn’t get the same reaction from Ella. She considered Lucifer to be cool despite having the name of the devil. Lucifer pointed at Ella’s necklace, which was a cross. Ella responded that she once had a friend named Adolf, but she didn’t hold it against him. Ella added that the devil always had a bad reputation, despite people not knowing his side of the story. Lucifer told Ella his side of the story, but she didn’t believe him to be the devil; instead, she thought of Lucifer as a method actor. Before Lucifer could react, Amy arrived. Gillian acted as a stand-up for Amy, and Chloe considered her a suspect.

[00:09:50] Chloe and Lucifer visited Gillian’s apartment. She rented out, so they went ahead and spoke with the owner, who showed them around. She blamed herself for Gillian’s death. She told them that she had pulled a few strings from her gig to get Gillian a job. The owner added that Amy was a bad influence since she always did cocaine. Chloe found a wad of cash stashed under Gillian’s couch. Chloe wanted to check on Gillian’s financial accounts in order to find a lead; however, Lucifer told her that his mother was the killer. Lucifer added that his mother was using Amy’s body; however, she didn’t understand a word that he told her. Lucifer told Chloe that she wouldn’t understand because she still didn’t believe him to be the devil. Earlier, Chloe had told Lucifer that she was going to have his blood checked in order to find out who he really was.

[00:11:30] Lucifer told Chloe to just have his blood checked in order for her to find out the truth. He left Chloe and returned to Lux, where Amenadiel continued to brood on Maze’s departure. Lucifer tried to cheer him up, but he failed. Amenadiel thought Maze helped their mother escape from hell, but Lucifer disagreed. Lucifer told Amenadiel that he had already found mum on the case he was working on; he also told Amenadiel that Chloe was one step closer to finding out his true identity. Amenadiel told Lucifer that humans could not have any proof of divinity; Lucifer didn’t mind if it meant that Chloe would finally believe him. Amenadiel told Lucifer to just focus on finding their mother while he sorted out the blood samples.

[00:13:20] Dan met Amy at the precinct; he showed her a recording of Amy and Gillian fighting on set; however, there was no audio. Chloe told Dan about the wad of cash that they found hidden inside Gillian’s apartment. Chloe thought Gillian found out about Amy’s drug problem and used it to blackmail Amy. Dan seconded her theory as Chloe left him to follow up on her theory. Lucifer, on the other hand, showed up inside Amy’s trailer right as she was snorting cocaine. He was convinced that his mother was using Amy’s body; however, he was wrong. Amy wanted to prove that she was not the innocent girl that everyone looked up to, so she leaped on Lucifer and started undressing. Chloe arrived and asked Lucifer what was happening; he told Chloe that things were not what they seemed.

[00:15:00] Chloe interviewed Amy about her fight with Gillian the other day. She told her about the angle of Gillian blackmailing her, but she denied the allegations. Amy told Chloe that Gillian is her sober buddy; the production company hired Gillian to be Amy’s stand-in and also to keep an eye on her. Gillian found out that Amy got a fresh supply of drugs and wanted to get rid of it. They got into a fight because Amy wanted to make her own decisions and to be treated as an adult. She showed Chloe her drug stash and asked her to take everything away. Chloe wanted the details on Amy’s drug dealer; however, all she had was a number. Chloe checked out Amy’s alibi and the company admitted to paying Gillian under the table to keep an eye out for Amy.

[00:16:20] Lucifer thought that the drug dealer was his mother. Chloe still didn’t believe him, so he told her to test his blood in order to get the proof that she needed. Meanwhile, Amenadiel used his powers to sneak inside the police station. One of the officers wasn’t affected by Amenadiel’s power. He had no choice but to leave before his presence caused a commotion. Lucifer returned to Linda to sort out his problems; however, Linda no longer wanted to continue their sessions. She thought that Lucifer wasn’t gaining anything from their sessions and that he just used her to justify what he wanted to do. Chloe visited Lucifer at Lux; however, Amenadiel confronted her. He shot himself in order to prove that Lucifer was the devil.

[00:20:30] Chloe wanted to call an ambulance, but Amenadiel showed her that he was okay. She was ready to believe; however, Amenadiel showed her a bulletproof vest and blood packs. He pointed out that Lucifer was adopted and had a terrible childhood which led him to create a persona in order to escape his problems. Chloe believed Amenadiel and left to follow a lead on their case. Lucifer joined Chloe to attend a group therapy session in order to locate the drug dealer. He ended up sharing his lowest point in life in order not to mess up their undercover routine. Lucifer thought their plan was a disaster as the dealer didn’t reveal himself; however, the dealer approached them at the last second, offering his goods. Chloe showed him her badge as Lucifer searched his pockets and found more drugs.

[00:25:30] Chloe talked to the dealer and showed him pictures of Gillian. The dealer denied all allegations and told Chloe that he didn’t have the means to kill Gillian, nor did he have the guts to do it. He told Chloe that a previous dealer would’ve wanted revenge if they found out that Amy was buying drugs from someone else. Back at Lux, Lucifer enjoyed his drink as a man wearing a hoodie tried to stab him from behind. Maze appeared out of nowhere to stop the man from stabbing Lucifer. The man was Amy’s boyfriend; he attacked Lucifer because he was jealous.

[00:28:00] Maze told Lucifer that she had nothing to do with his mother’s escape from hell. She left in order to do some soul-searching with a friend. Lucifer told Maze that demons didn’t have friends; however, she still didn’t tell him who she was with. He interviewed Amy’s boyfriend, who told him about another drug dealer named Bobby B, who was pissed at Gillian for interfering with Amy’s drug problem. Lucifer set off to tell Chloe about the lead he had found for their case. Chloe already knew about the other drug dealer; however, she didn’t have a name. Lucifer saw Gillian’s photo with her landlady, and something came to his mind. He rushed off without giving any details to Chloe.

[00:31:50] Maze set Amy’s boyfriend free after she had had her fun. Amenadiel arrived to discover that Maze had returned. He wanted to thank Maze for saving his life; however, she wasn’t there when he woke up. Maze told Amenadiel that she needed time away from them in order to find herself. Amenadiel understood. Back at the precinct, Chloe spoke to Ella regarding faith and religion. After their conversation, Ella found a lead on their case, and Chloe knew from that point onward who the mystery drug dealer was.

[00:35:00] Lucifer already knew who the killer was, so he went over to confront her. It was Roberta, Gillian’s landlady. He argued with Roberta, so she picked up an iron poker and hit Lucifer in the face. To his disbelief, he fell to the ground in pain; he didn’t understand why the iron poker had affected him. Chloe arrived and knocked on Roberta’s door, and everything became clear to Lucifer. Roberta placed Lucifer in a chokehold using the iron poker as Chloe stood outside waiting for someone to answer the door. She heard Lucifer struggling, so she entered the house just in time to save Lucifer. She fired her stun gun at Roberta to disable her. Back up arrived to arrest Roberta as Chloe spoke with Lucifer.

[00:38:00] Chloe wanted to know how Lucifer knew Roberta was the killer. She pointed out that Lucifer wasn’t present when Ella had made the discovery. Lucifer told Chloe that she wouldn’t believe him even if he explained everything. Lucifer thought Chloe was being funny when she called him crazy. Chloe explained that she had spoken to Amenadiel; however, she didn’t believe the things he told her about Lucifer. She needed proof in order to believe that Lucifer was the devil. Lucifer visited Linda to apologize and admit his mistakes in life. Linda applauded his courage; however, Lucifer thought otherwise. He had thought his mother wanted revenge for what he did to her; however, it didn’t seem like she wants revenge. Lucifer didn’t know what his mother wanted, which made her dangerous.

[00:41:00] Life resumed for everyone; Maze and Linda continued their friendship while Amenadiel tried to work out the issues with his powers. Dan continued with Life as Chloe distanced herself from him. Lucifer played the piano in his penthouse when his mother arrived.




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