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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:00:50] Lucifer’s mother explained what had happened to her. She jumped from body to body of lifeless persons in Los Angeles before she arrived at Lucifer’s doorstep. Lucifer didn’t trust her, nor did he believe her story. Lucifer tried to pray and summon Amenadiel, but nothing happened. He was worried that her mother would try to kill him or get revenge for what had happened in the past. She told Lucifer that she didn’t want revenge for what he did; instead, she wanted to reconnect and become the mother that he wanted. Lucifer wanted to retrace her footsteps in order to guarantee his safety and prove that his mother was telling the truth. She agreed and offered to take him to where she woke up with an ice pick in her neck.

[00:06:20] Lucifer went with his mother to the hotel room where she had woken up. He examined the bloodstains on the carpet as his mother pointed out to an ice bucket where she hid a phone. Lucifer went to check the other room and found a dead guy lying in bed. He knew his mother was lying, but she denied killing the guy. Management arrived and began knocking on the door, Lucifer suggested that they escape before someone saw them with the dead body. Lucifer and his mother returned to Lux; he introduced his mother to Maze who wanted to torture her to death, but he refused. He told Maze to keep an eye on his mother and make sure that she didn’t escape until he had proved her innocence.

[00:10:50] Lucifer interfered as Dan, Chloe and Trixie were having a family talk. Trixie had mutilated her toy doll in order to get a new one like her best friend had gotten. Lucifer insisted that Chloe just buy the new doll so that they could return to work. Chloe received a call regarding a new case from the hotel that Lucifer had gone to earlier. Lucifer heard where the call came from and eagerly went with Chloe. Ella was already at the scene when Lucifer and Chloe arrived. Lucifer kept on insisting that his mother killed the guy; however, Chloe thought otherwise. Lucifer showed them the phone inside the ice bucket; Ella took the phone and sent it for processing as Dan arrived to tell them that he had found another body.

[00:14:30] The victim Dan had found was a maid at the hotel. Lucifer continued suggesting that the criminal was female; however, the evidence suggested otherwise. Everyone in the room agreed that the perp they were looking for wasn’t female, nor was it the missing female victim. Lucifer tried to summon Amenadiel again; however, it still didn’t work. Chloe instructed Dan to look for more information on their missing victim as Chloe invited Lucifer to go to the law firm where they had traced the phone registration.

[00:17:20] Amenadiel was at his office researching the cause of his diminishing powers. Linda arrived and confronted him about what he had done to her. She didn’t like being used. Amenadiel apologized, but she didn’t accept it. Linda added that Amenadiel had betrayed her trust even though she considered him her friend. Chloe and Lucifer arrived at the law firm, Chloe wanted a discreet approach; however, Lucifer was in a hurry. He called everyone’s attention and showed them the phone and shoe of their missing victim. Someone recognized the shoe, so they interviewed him first. Brad Wheeler told them that the shoe belonged to Charlotte Richards, who owned the law firm. Lucifer’s mother was currently using Charlotte’s body. Brad confessed that he had a relationship with Charlotte even though she was married.

[00:21:30] Chloe and Lucifer visited Charlotte’s husband. He told them that Charlotte had come by three days ago. Chloe wanted to know why he hadn’t filed a missing person case since it had already been three days since he last saw his wife. Mr. Richards admitted that Charlotte always travelled and that she didn’t provide any details of her whereabouts. He added that he’d been with his kids for three days and hadn’t left the house. Chloe talked to his kids to confirm his alibi while Lucifer wanted to clean Mr. Richards up. Lucifer offered him a bit of fashion advice as he started throwing out his Hawaiian shirts as well as his crocs. Lucifer found a suit hidden in the closet; however, when he opened the case, he accidentally ripped a bag of cocaine hidden inside. Chloe came to the room and saw Lucifer covered in cocaine.

[00:23:40] Maze kept Lucifer’s mother company while Lucifer was out. Back at the precinct, Chloe rounded up the bags of cocaine they found at Mr. Richards house. She thought that Charlotte was selling drugs and intended to find out. Dan arrived with a package addressed to Chloe, she opened the box and found the doll that Trixie wanted. Chloe thought that Dan bought the doll but it turns out that Lucifer bought it. Lucifer insisted that she gave Trixie the doll so that she would look up to her. While Chloe argued about whether to accept the doll or not, they found a hit on a fingerprint they lifted from one of the cocaine bags.

[00:25:30] The fingerprints belonged to Luis Mendoza, an associate of known drug kingpin Victor Perez. Dan went to work to find more information that would connect Charlotte to the drug syndicate. Back at Lux, Maze got into an argument with Lucifer’s mother, and she spilled the beans on Lucifer’s deal with God to bring his mother back to hell. Maze got distracted and Charlotte took the opportunity to head butt her to escape. Meanwhile, Dan told Chloe that Charlotte wasn’t working with the drug syndicate; she was working with the FBI to bring it down. The guy they found at the hotel was an associate named Marco Sanchez. Lucifer realized that his mother was telling the truth; he left the precinct and returned to Lux in order to tell Maze the news.

[00:29:20] Lucifer arrived and told Maze the truth; he wanted her to keep an eye on Charlotte as a drug syndicate could be after her. Maze told Lucifer that his mother had tricked her and escaped. Lucifer told Maze that she could always find a new body if she died. Maze added that she had told her about the deal with God and that could be the reason why she was running away. Lucifer wanted to track his mother before she could escape. Lucifer visited Victor Perez inside his tanning salon. He wanted Victor to stay away from Charlotte Richards. Chloe and Dan arrived to find Lucifer manhandling Victor and his bodyguards. She brought Victor in for questioning only to find out that he wasn’t the perp they were looking for. Chloe and Lucifer returned to the law firm in order to find more information.

[00:33:00] Chloe and Lucifer interviewed Liam, an associate at the Charlotte’s law firm. Liam was the only person who knew about the Perez case besides Charlotte and Marco. He denied killing Marco and Charlotte. Lucifer noticed that Liam denied killing Charlotte when they had only told him about Marco’s death. Liam presumed that Charlotte died given the information that he got about Marco. Chloe and Lucifer left the law firm and followed Liam. Liam brought an ice pick with him as he followed Charlotte around. He confronted her at a parking lot; however, she couldn’t recognize him since Lucifer’s mother was using Charlotte’s body. Liam tried to stab her using the ice pick, but Lucifer intervened. Chloe caught Liam as he tried to escape.

[00:37:00] Chloe argued with Lucifer; she wanted him to follow police protocol, but he refused. She also wanted him to stop spoiling Trixie. Lucifer pointed out that she was neglecting Trixie in her time of need. Chloe responded that doing what was best for Trixie wasn’t always the happy choice and that there were decisions that were good for her but wouldn’t make her happy. Lucifer realized that his mother had made the same decision back when he was cast out of heaven. Amenadiel apologized to Linda for breaking her trust; he assured Linda that he considered her a friend no matter what. Linda accepted the apology, and Amenadiel returned to his office. He was in pain because he was losing his power along with his wings which seem to be rotting.

[00:39:30] Lucifer’s mother brought him some burnt cheesy noodles. She explained that she had seen it on the flat-screen earlier and decided to cook some for him as it was what mothers did to bring their children some joy. She added that if she could make things right, she would do it in a heartbeat; however, it was impossible. Charlotte wanted to make things up with Lucifer and be a good mother to him on earth. Lucifer refused; he pointed out that she had abandoned him and cheesy noodles wouldn’t make anything better. Charlotte told Lucifer the truth that it was her who had cast him out of heaven. She explained that after his rebellion, God had wanted to destroy him; she begged God to cast him to hell instead. She had done it because she loved him.

[00:42:00] Lucifer allowed his mother to stay with him on earth, knowing that she was telling him the truth. She looked to the heavens with a grin on her face; it seemed like she didn’t tell the whole truth.




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