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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – Stewardess Interruptus


Published 4 months ago

[00:01:00] Jana arrived and interrupted Lucifer and Chloe’s moment. She started to undress, which made Chloe feel awkward, and as a result, she wanted to leave. Lucifer tried to stop her; however, she told him that she was glad Jana had arrived as it stopped her from making a bad decision. Jana tried to seduce Lucifer into having sex with her, but he refused. Chloe prepared Trixie breakfast; however, she wanted cereal instead of eggs and toast. Trixie asked Chloe where she was last night; Chloe told her that she had eaten dinner with Lucifer. Trixie wanted to know if it was a date since Chloe told her that it wasn’t work-related. Chloe denied that she had gone out on a date with Lucifer. Maze showed them the newspaper which headlined Perry being killed; however, Chloe wasn’t happy about it. She told Maze that Perry had deserved to rot in jail. 

[00:04:30] Maze wasn’t happy either since she thought that having Perry killed would make Chloe happy. Chloe told Maze that whoever had killed Perry wasn’t any better than him. Goddess visited Lucifer to tell him that she was impressed by Chloe since she hadn’t betrayed Lucifer even though she gave Chloe every opportunity to do so. Lucifer told her that there was no point in discussing it since Chloe had already walked out on him. Goddess told Lucifer that maybe it was his time to prove himself to Chloe. Lucifer and Chloe met on their next case, Chloe told him that he didn’t have to prove himself and that they didn’t have a moment. Lucifer told Chloe that he would never see Jana ever again; however, as fate would have it, Jana was the victim of their next case.

[00:07:00] Chloe interviewed Lucifer to get more information about Jana; however, he wasn’t able to provide any except about Jana’s sexual skills. Jana was receiving threatening messages from a guy named Andy Kleinberg before she died. Dan provided the address of Andy’s location before he spoke with Maze. She showed Dan the newspaper headlining Perry’s death. Dan didn’t want to discuss the murder of Perry; however, Maze wanted to celebrate. Dan refused to celebrate, nor would he be with her until everything subsided. Lucifer and Chloe went to a party to find Andy. He explained that he hadn’t seen Jana last night but admitted to sending her a text message; however, he also sent the same message to about 25 different women. Andy gave them an alibi and left. Chloe wanted to check his alibi; however, she received a message about another murder.

[00:12:50] The next victim was a guy named Raj, Chloe thought that he had nothing to do with their case; however, Lucifer confirmed that he had also slept with the guy sometime in his life. The only connection they had between Jana and Raj was Lucifer. She suggested that one of his exes was killing the people he had been with due to jealousy. Chloe planned to interview everyone that Lucifer had slept with within the last 8 weeks. Women lined up inside the precinct, waiting for their turn to be interviewed. Chloe asked each and every one of them the same question, and they all answered the same. Everyone recalled how they had had a great night with Lucifer. No one had any emotional attachment to Lucifer. They only considered him a one-night stand.

[00:17:55] Chloe also invited Charlotte; however, she wasn’t the killer they were looking for. Charlotte praised Chloe for what she had done in court and how she hadn’t betrayed Lucifer. Charlotte added that she was happy that Lucifer finally had a woman deserving of him. Everyone from the interview had noticed a creepy woman who gave them a different vibe at Lux. Chloe and Lucifer head over to see Suki Price and ask her some questions. The door was open, so they let themselves in and saw a collage of photos and detailed description of Lucifer on the walls of her apartment. Suki exited the bathroom and realized that Lucifer was in her apartment. Chloe lowered her weapon and asked Suki to exit the bathroom. Suki had stalked Lucifer and knew everything about him and his sexual encounters. Suki gave information about Raj and Jana, as well as a potential suspect.

[00:25:30] Goddess met with Amenadiel to have him try an espresso. Goddess wanted Amenadiel to follow her lead and use Lucifer in order to return to heaven. Amenadiel told her that he once tried to manipulate Lucifer, and it hadn’t ended well. Goddess told her that they only needed to tell Lucifer the truth and the wheels would be set in motion. Back at the precinct, Dan updated them on their potential suspect, Tim Pickman. He was a pilot with history of drugs and assault. Dan suggested that Tim was smuggling drugs using his private flights. He added that Raj and Jana may have discovered his gig and threatened to turn him in, so he killed them. Chloe and Lucifer rushed to the airport in order to get to Tim.

[00:27:20] Lucifer drove on the tarmac to catch the private jet about to take off. Chloe disagreed with his plan, but Lucifer told her to hang on. Lucifer used his car and stopped in the middle of the runway. Tim came out of the plane with his hands up; he was glad that Chloe was a cop since someone was trying to kill him. He explained that it was Jana who had done the smuggling for a guy named Burt. Tim had turned his life around and refused to smuggle drugs for Burt. He figured that Jana and Raj messed up and Burt killed them. Lucifer suggested that they set up a meet with Burt in order to lure him out and capture him. Chloe turned to Maze in order for her to pose as a buyer.

[00:30:00] Maze agreed as long as she could harass people and turn them in for cash. Amenadiel visited Lucifer as part of their plan. Lucifer asked Amenadiel if he was boyfriend material. Amenadiel told him that he should ask himself that question because only he could answer it. Lucifer and Chloe where inside a van listening to Dan and Maze as they waited for Burt to show up. Maze told Dan that he needed to own up to his mistakes and told everyone that he had slept with Charlotte. Chloe was furious about what she heard. She told Lucifer that nothing would happen between them since they had different priorities. Lucifer stepped out of the van since Chloe needed space to concentrate on the case. Dan told Chloe that a man entered the bar. The man introduced himself as Burt; Maze immediately invited him over to her hotel room.

[00:36:00] As soon as they entered, Maze threw Burt across the room. The man told Maze someone had paid him to pretend to be Burt. Dan and Chloe entered the hotel room, and the man told them that Burt had left after he saw Lucifer. They headed out to search for Lucifer. Burt was Tommy Bahama, Andy Kleinberg’s associate. He told Lucifer that Jana had messed up and lost his package. Lucifer told Tommy that killing people for drugs was too much. Andy responded that the package didn’t contain drugs. Lucifer had Tommy monologuing and disarmed him. Lucifer was furious about how Tommy had treated Jana. He showed him his true self just before Chloe and Dan arrived to arrest him.

[00:39:30] Andy Kleinberg got the package; however, he didn’t know what it was. A mysterious man approached Andy inside a hangar. Andy explained that he had spilled some of the package on him. The man killed Andy and opened the package; it contained a few vials. The man closed the package and left. Chloe tracked Lucifer’s phone in order to find him. Chloe found Lucifer at the beach; he told Chloe that he didn’t deserve her. He explained how Chloe was selfless, and she deserved someone as good as she was. Chloe told Lucifer that he was right and kissed him.





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