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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 12 Recap – Love Handles


Published 4 months ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 12 Recap - Love Handles

[00:01:00] Chloe and Lucifer went back to Lux to continue their romantic kissing from the beach. Lucifer asked Chloe if she really wanted to have sex with him, but she just told him to shut up. Lucifer’s horns came out of his head, which was a turn-on for Chloe. She was awakened by the loud crunching sound of Maze eating by her bedside. Chloe wanted to know why she was eating inside her room. Maze explained that she had heard Chloe scream, so she ran into her room; however, she realized that Chloe was only dreaming, so she stayed to watch. Chloe told Maze to leave. Maze was happy that Chloe was getting laid, even if it was only in her dreams. Chloe told Maze that she didn’t know the truth; however, Maze suggested that she loosen up and enjoy what life had to offer.

[00:02:50] Lucifer told Linda that he was taking things slowly with Chloe. Linda wanted to know why, and Lucifer responded that it was overwhelming for Chloe. Linda thought otherwise and explained that he had been stalling because he knew that his relationship with Chloe was complicated. Lucifer realized that Chloe was no longer immune to his charms, so he rushed off without letting Linda finish their session. He and Chloe met outside a university campus where their victim died. Lucifer asked Chloe what she truly desired to see if his powers had any effect; however, Chloe told him that it didn’t work on her. Chloe was trying to follow Maze’s advice, so she slapped Lucifer’s ass. Chloe felt awkward and told Lucifer to forget what she had done.

[00:05:30] Ella introduced the victim as Rick Cormier. He had died of poisoning about 24 hours ago. Rick’s roommate had thought that he was just sleeping off a hangover. He added that a famous actor named Johnny Kane had visited the campus. After a few moments, Johnny Kane emerged behind them, carrying a knife. Chloe pulled out her pistol and told Johnny to lower his weapon; he told Chloe that it was his fault that Rick had died. Someone had wanted Johnny to ruin his face in exchange for Rick’s life. Chloe and Lucifer brought Johnny back to the precinct to get his statement. Johnny provided the video that was sent by the killer to his email. He told them that he had thought it was a joke; however, when he went to the university and found Rick, he became nervous.

[00:09:00] Johnny had gone home and stared at his knife. He kept thinking about Rick and about the threat to his life; however, he couldn’t do what the killer wanted. Chloe told Johnny that they were doing everything they could to trace the email. Johnny had only met Rick when he went over to the university. Lucifer, on the other hand, talked to Goddess; he wanted to know what she had done to Chloe since she was behaving oddly. Goddess told him that she had nothing to do with Chloe’s odd behavior. She advised Lucifer to just follow his heart and wait for things to play out. Dan told Lucifer that they had already traced the email to where the video came from. They found the man who owned the email; however, he told them that he didn’t send an email to Johnny.

[00:13:15] He told them that the email was only used for porn subscriptions. The man opened an email and found a new email sent to another person; however, he told them that he hadn’t sent the email. He opened the attachment, and it was another video. This time for a surgeon named Gwendolyn Scott. The man on the video told her to destroy her hand in exchange for the life of Ashley Corbett. Chloe told Lucifer that they needed to find Ashley as soon as possible. Chloe and Lucifer returned to the university and pretended to be students as they crashed a party. They split up to search for Ashley; however, she wasn’t there. Meanwhile, Dan interviewed Dr. Scott in hopes of getting more information for their case. Dan assured her that an antidote was on its way as Chloe and Lucifer found Ashley.

[00:18:00] Chloe saw Lucifer head upstairs with a college girl. She followed them and thought that Lucifer was messing around; however, he was asking for advice regarding his relationship with Chloe. Lucifer told her that Ashley was inside the bathroom. Chloe called out to her; however, she entered the bathroom when Ashley didn’t respond. Ashley’s nose had already started to bleed; she told Chloe and Lucifer that her nose just wouldn’t stop bleeding. Meanwhile, Goddess visited Linda’s office to get some assistance regarding the issue with Chloe. Linda told her that she wouldn’t help her; however, Goddess did her best to convince her. Linda wanted Goddess to tell Lucifer the message on her own; however, she misunderstood Linda and thought that she needed to find someone else dumb enough to tell Lucifer the news. Just like Lucifer, Goddess left without letting Linda finish the session.

[00:21:50] Dan told Dr. Scott that they had already located Ashley; however, the poison in her system was different from the first victim, so the antidote wasn’t usable. She told Dan that she needed to get some water; however, she turned on the garbage disposal in her sink and shoved her hand inside. Chloe and Lucifer arrived to tell Dr. Scott that they had emailed the killer a photo of her ruined hand. Lucifer let his emotions out, telling Dr. Scott that she had made a bad decision. Chloe scolded Lucifer and told him not to let his emotions get in the way of their investigation. A courier arrived to deliver them the antidote. The killer attached a card with a message saying that he was a man of his word. Chloe rushed to the hospital to get Ashley the antidote.

[00:23:50] Ella got a lead from one of her friends about poison victims that match the description of their first victim, Rick. The victim found in Chicago had died because the poison spilled on him. Dan recognized the victim as Andy Kleinberg due to a birthmark on his neck. Dan informed Chloe and Lucifer that the package they were looking for in their previous case must be the poison. The suspect was Dr. Jason Carlisle. Jason had a grudge against people because they had vilified him when he chose to save his things rather than the life of his uber driver. Lucifer suggested that they poke at Jason’s ego in order to lure him out of hiding. Chloe sent Jason an email and provoked him. Jason responded to their provocation; however, they weren’t expecting his next move.

[00:29:00] Jason told them that he wanted to finish his experiments without any interference. He wanted to prove that anyone in his position would have done the same and saved their job instead of another life. He added that Dr. Scott had saved Ashley because the police were watching her. Jason changed the variables of his experiments. He kidnapped his victims so that the police couldn’t interfere. The next pair of victims was Benjamin Tibi and Leon Klem. Leon was a track star, and he needed to cut his leg off in order to save Benjamin’s life. Leon only had 60 minutes compared to the previous experiments wherein Jason gave 24 hours. Jason ended the call with Chloe, Dan, and Lucifer, leaving them without any leads.

[00:31:00] Goddess met up with Maze to tell her about Chloe. Maze told Goddess that she should tell Lucifer instead of having her be the bearer of bad news. Goddess explained that Chloe was divine, and God had placed her in Lucifer’s path here on earth. Maze didn’t want to believe her, so Goddess offered to show her proof. Meanwhile, the team was able to trace Jason’s location to Pasadena University. Chloe and Lucifer rushed to the university lab, where they found Jason along with Benjamin and Leon. Jason threw a poison vial on the floor to fill the lab with poisonous gas while he escaped. Chloe wanted to risk her life for Benjamin and Leon; however, Lucifer told her that she would die if she entered the room.

[00:36:00] Lucifer told Chloe to trust him; he wanted Chloe to chase Jason while he rescued Benjamin and Leon. Chloe wanted to know how he was going to save them; however, he didn’t have time to explain. Chloe left Lucifer to chase after Jason; Lucifer broke a mirror in order to check if he regained his immortality. After a few cuts on his arm, Lucifer became immortal again as Chloe cornered Jason. She was far enough from Lucifer to allow him to regain his immortality, so he went inside the lab to save Benjamin and Leon. Meanwhile, Jason pulled out a knife and slit his throat in front of Chloe. She rushed back to look for Lucifer, who came out perfectly fine. Chloe hugged him and told him that they made a good team.

[00:39:40] Maze invited Lucifer over to have a talk with Goddess. They were going to explain to him that Chloe was God’s doing. Lucifer arrived and told them about his relationship with Chloe and how he had already confirmed that they had feelings for each other. Maze knew that telling him the truth would devastate him, so she told Lucifer that they had nothing to talk about. Goddess tried to stop them from leaving; however, Maze told her that she no longer wanted to tell Lucifer the truth. Just before they left, Lucifer saw a photo of Amenadiel with Penelope on the wall of the bar. He wanted to know what the photo meant, so Goddess told him the truth. Lucifer didn’t want to believe her, so he went to Chloe to confront her. Lucifer arrived and found Chloe inside the bathroom. Her nose was bleeding.

[00:43:00] Chloe told Lucifer that the bleeding wouldn’t stop, just like the victims of their previous case.


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