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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Sin-Eater


Published 8 months ago

[00:01:00] Lucifer was indulging in a little bit of foreplay with a random girl when his mother walked in. The girl thought it was going to be a threesome; however, Lucifer told her that she was his mother. The girl left as things got too weird for her taste. Lucifer angrily told his mother that she could stay; however, it didn’t mean that she could barge in on his personal time. Goddess only wanted to spend more time with Lucifer. She also wanted to meet Amenadiel, but Lucifer disagreed; he explained that Amenadiel would take her back to hell the second he saw her.

[00:03:30] Dan arrived and apologized to Trixie for being late. He gave her some chocolate cake to make it up to her, which Trixie gladly accepted. Trixie asked her parents if their family camping trip was still on schedule, Chloe said that they were still working things out as planned. Dan knew that Chloe was still mad at him; he deserved it; however, things were getting out of hand, and it was starting to affect Trixie. Dan invited Chloe to talk after work; Chloe understood and agreed.

[00:04:30] Chloe and Lucifer had a new case on their hands. The victim was Nicholas Sands, burned to death under a bridge. The killer posted a video of Nicholas on his own social media account before his death. Ella determined that the highest point of accelerant was on the victims genitals. Ella and Lucifer poke some fun at the victim’s genitals, but Chloe wanted them to focus on the case. Lucifer pointed out that the killer clearly wanted to punish the victim which meant that someone out there wanted to steal his role as punisher. Chloe couldn’t believe that Lucifer still thought that the case was about him.

[00:06:40] Lucifer wanted to touch the charred genitals of Nicholas, but Chloe stopped him. Lucifer explained that gruesome deaths were reserved as punishment for the worst people, like Nazis and pedophiles. Chloe responded that someone had a personal grudge against Nicholas, given what he suffered at the hands of his killer. One of the officers showed Chloe an email that Nicholas had received from his boss, Leila Simms. Leila sent him emails that contained threats which gave Chloe and Lucifer a lead.

[00:08:15] Chloe and Lucifer visited Leila. Lucifer went straight to the point and asked her why she tortured and killed Nicholas. When Leila found out how Nicholas died, she immediately called Ray to show them a video. Nicholas had played a prank on Tommy a few years back, and he became the laughing stock of the company. Sadly, Tommy had resigned shortly after, and no one had seen him ever since. Nicholas set Tommy’s genitals on fire which is enough motive for Chloe and Lucifer.

[00:10:25] Lucifer and Chloe questioned Tommy. Tommy had motive, he also told them that Nicholas deserved to die for all the pain he caused him. Lucifer tried to use his powers on Tommy to speed things up a bit; however, Tommy confessed to murdering Nicholas. Meanwhile, Charlotte was at the precinct following Lucifer. Lucifer pulled her away from the flock of men that was gathered around her and sent her away. He insisted to Chloe that they celebrate; however, Chloe knew that something was wrong. Lucifer wanted Chloe to make up with Dan as their breakup was starting to affect his life. Dan approached them; however, it wasn’t about their relationship. Dan showed them another video of someone getting killed. Chloe and Lucifer went to the crime scene. Chloe declared that they were chasing after a serial killer.

[00:14:50] The new victim was Adam Wiser. He was murdered as punishment for something he had done in the past. Chloe pulled Adam’s phone off his body, where they found a sex tape. The lady on the sex tape was Sarah Aiken. Sarah had lost her job when Adam posted their sex video online. Lucifer told them that Sarah killed Adam; however, Sarah committed suicide after Adam posted the video. Lucifer wanted to go for a drink; he told Chloe that someone out there was doing a good job of punishing sinners, and he didn’t want to speed things up by catching the perp.

[00:18:00] Linda was at Lux speaking to Maze. She praised her for the steps she was taking in order to set her life in order. Goddess greeted Maze as she headed upstairs to the penthouse. Linda thought that Maze was jealous of Charlotte; however, she explained that she was not Lucifer’s girlfriend. Maze added that Goddess was just a toxic being in Lucifer’s life that deserved to be punished. Linda stopped Maze from going over to Goddess; she told her to just speak to Lucifer; however, Maze had already tried that, and Lucifer didn’t listen. She got an idea as to who might talk some sense to Lucifer and left.

[00:20:40] Lucifer arrived at Lux and saw Goddess dancing like a stripper. He pulled her off the table and talked about how she was destroying all aspects of his life on earth. She wanted to know why Lucifer still punished humans. Lucifer pointed out that he had always punished humans. Goddess told Lucifer that God wanted him to punish humans. Lucifer threatened her; however, she knew that he wouldn’t punish her, so she just left.

[00:22:50] Chloe arrived at Wobble and spoke to Leila. She told her that not a single IP overlapped between the videos posted by Nicholas and Adam. She didn’t understand how the criminal knew to target both Nicholas and Adam to punish them for the things that they did. Lucifer, however, was one step ahead of Chloe. He found the content moderators all on his own. Chloe wanted to know why he was still helping with the case. Lucifer pointed out that he needed to question the killer to find out why he was punishing people. He added that if he ever returned to hell, he needed to get himself a moderator in order to be able to watch everything from the internet. Chloe realized that moderators had access to all videos uploaded on the website.

[00:24:50] Amenadiel was slowly losing his powers as well as his wings. He tried to stop wine from spilling out of a bottle, but he couldn’t do it properly. Maze knocked on his door, but he couldn’t open it with all the feathers scattered on the floor. Amenadiel did his best to vacuum everything as Maze kicked his door down. Maze knew that Amenadiel was hiding something, but he denied it. Maze got down to business and requested Amenadiel speak with Lucifer. He agreed before Maze discovered what he was hiding.

[00:27:10] Chloe ordered Dan to work with Wobble in order to track the killer. Lucifer didn’t understand how one of the moderators could’ve killed a person. He pointed out that the killer no longer had any hope to bear the weight of killing someone. Chloe asked one of the moderators who had been working as a moderator for the longest time. The employee answered that he’d been working as a moderator for almost 2 months. He added that Leila was the most tenured employee within the company.

[00:29:30] Amenadiel went over to Lux to speak with Lucifer. Goddess told Amenadiel that Lucifer wasn’t home. He talked to Goddess and realized that she was his mother. Lucifer and Chloe couldn’t locate Leila until someone posted something about her on the wobble website. Dan tried to trace it, but everything came back to the Wobble server. Lucifer and Chloe knew that Leila was at Wobble headquarters.

[00:33:30] Chloe and Lucifer arrived at wobble headquarters just in time. Leila poured gasoline all over her body as she recorded an apology video. The killer came to light as Ray, the HR head of the company. Everything made sense as Ray had the proper access to Nicholas and Adam’s videos. Lucifer ordered Chloe to leave to get his immortality back. Chloe thought of another way. Lucifer distracted Ray so that Chloe could activate the fire alarm to save Leila from being burned alive.

[00:38:00] Chloe came back to the precinct to find Dan working hard. She apologized and wanted them to take Trixie on a camping trip; however, Dan declined. He knew that their relationship wasn’t going to work anymore, so they shouldn’t keep lying about it. Dan wanted to get a divorce. Meanwhile, Lucifer arrived at Lux to find Amenadiel waiting for him. He wanted to know if he had sent their mother back to hell, but he hadn’t. Lucifer told his mother that he kept on punishing people, not because he wanted to win God over, but because he was good at punishing people and giving them what they deserved. As punishment for her, he told his mother that she needed to stay on earth as a human being.

[00:41:30] Goddess couldn’t believe that she needed to live Charlotte’s life. She tried to plead with Lucifer, but he had already made up his mind. Goddess had no choice but to accept the punishment in order to continue living life on earth with Lucifer and Amenadiel. Later, she was attacked by a mugger. She struggled but was able to push the mugger off and ended up killing him. She realized that she was getting her powers back.



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