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Peaky Blinders Season 2 Episode 4 Recap


Published 8 months ago

Peaky Blinders Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

[00:01:00] Tommy went to the cemetery for a funeral. It was the boy that Arthur had killed. The boy’s mother slapped him and hit him on the chest. Another woman approached Tommy and accepted the cash donation. After that he proceeded to meet up with Campbell inside a church. If the place wasn’t weird enough, they entered a room, and Tommy saw Irene and her associate. He realized that Irene was working for the crown. All four of them argued inside the room. Campbell tried to restore balance and order, but their hate for one another could not be contained inside the room. Once peace was temporarily restored, they discussed the business they had with one another. The Fenians wanted a man killed, and so did the crown; hence Tommy’s role in the order of things.

[00:5:00] They gave Tommy a file, and he asked why they wanted him dead and why they chose him. The man they wanted dead was a threat for both the Fenians and the crown. They wanted Tommy to kill him so that it wouldn’t look like a political killing but rather a criminal act. Campbell assured Tommy that the murder wouldn’t be linked to him in any way, but he refused and left the room. Campbell grabbed the file and chased after Tommy. Outside the room, Campbell asked Tommy about his import/export license. Tommy told Campbell that Donal Henry was a spy for the anti-treaty paddies. Campbell responded that Irene and Donal had been cleared by his own department. Tommy told Campbell that he had men where his men couldn’t go. Campbell trusted Tommy and told him that he would deal with the spy.

[00:07:30] Tommy took the file and left. Arthur met with Billy while paying the coppers on their payroll. They head over to Sabini’s club and took it over. He addressed the crowd on stage and told them that the club was under new management by order of the Peaky Blinders. After the fight, Arthur decided to get in a bathtub with two women and continue the party with drugs, sex, and booze. Meanwhile, a man working at the factory discovered Donal’s body in a pile of coal. Tommy sat in his office reviewing the files of the man he needed to kill. He got a paper cut, so he stood up to wipe the blood off his finger. Lizzie came in and told him about a man interested in being his accountant.

[00:13:00] It was Michael. Tommy told Michael that the position had been filled but he showed him the day’s paper and knew that Tommy is lying. Michael told Tommy that he was top of his class in mathematics and took night school in accountancy for college. Aunt Pol told Michael about Tommy’s problem with accountants. Michael knew that the respectable men decided to leave when they found out about Tommy’s shady deals. Michael was family hence Tommy didn’t have to worry about him looking the other way, same as Lizzie. He wanted to help Tommy become legal. Tommy asked Michael if Aunt Pol knew he came to him. Michael responded that he was turning 18 on Friday and could go wherever he wanted. Tommy handed the phone to Michael and told him to call his mother. He left Michael in front of the phone and wished him luck.

[00:15:00] Esme was busy preparing for the day’s work in the betting shop when someone knocked on the door. It was May; Tommy had given her the address of the betting shop at her request. Esme told May that Tommy met his clients and other business meetings at the other office. May responded that she wanted to see a gambling den in person and that Tommy allowed her to come to the betting shop. May felt embarrassed as she had come very early and Tommy wasn’t there. She wanted to wait in her car, but Esme told her that if she opened the betting shop door again the people would come running in like flies. Johnny arrived and told Esme about the car parked outside without anyone guarding it. Johnny saw May and told her that Tommy told them about her. Tommy arrived shortly after and gave May a tour of the shop.

[00:17:00] May walked around the shop for a while before they went to show her the horse. Curly took the horse out and handed it to May. Her box van wasn’t due till midday, so Charlie suggested that Tommy show her around the Garrison pub. Tommy poured May a glass to drink and asked if she wanted to fuck him. May responded that she came to Small Heath only for his horse. She added that she was only interested in training his horse because he was paying her so much. Tommy offered a toast since the intentions were now clear. May asked Tommy if he asked all the women that question on their first meeting. Tommy responded that he did only if he didn’t know what they want. May asked Tommy what happened if the women didn’t want to fuck. He responded that life became simpler.

[00:21:00] Tommy told May that he didn’t want a simpler life. He wanted a winning horse with the money he was paying her. May had Tommy checked out before she accepted his account. Tommy didn’t exist as far as taxes were concerned; however, May found his records with the war office. After a few minutes, Finn arrived to inform them that the box van had arrived. May wanted to know what name Tommy would want for his horse. He told May that the horse would be named Grace’s Secret. That night, Tommy went to convince Aunt Pol to allow Michael to work for him. Aunt Pol told Michael that she didn’t want him working for the Peaky Blinders, so he threatened to leave for London. Tommy told Aunt Pol that he was going to give the job vacancy to the other candidate.

[00:24:00] With another candidate in play, Tommy got Aunt Pol thinking. She was worried that Michael might leave for London if he didn’t get the job. Tommy responded that she just needs to let Michael leave so that he could be his own man. Aunt Pol realized that Tommy wanted Michael to work for him. Tommy responded that he wanted what she wanted, the best for Michael. Aunt Pol asked him about the other candidate; Tommy came clean and told her that there wasn’t another candidate. Aunt Pol agreed to allow Michael to take the job. Tommy assured her that he would be out of harm’s way and only involved in the legal aspects of the Peaky Blinders. Later on, Aunt Pol and Michael went to the Garrison pub to celebrate his birthday. Michael turned 18 that day, and Tommy gave him a pocket watch, so he wouldn’t be late for work.

[00:27:00] The next day, Tommy invited Johnny, Arthur, and Polly to the betting shop. He poured them a glass of whisky and allowed them to drink it. Arthur approved the whisky as soon as it touched his lips. He told Tommy that the whisky is too good for the Garrison pub. Tommy told them that the whisky will be shipped to Halifax inside their crates of Riley car spares. Aunt Pol told him that there’s prohibition in that area however they have an export license from the minister of empire hence their crates won’t be subjected to searches. Tommy oversaw the loading of his crates at Camden Town. He told his old friend, Johnny dogs if he would ever take a peek at the crates. He responded that he didn’t care for car parts. Tommy told Johnny not to pay attention to the number of crates.

[00:30:00] The next day, Tommy went to London to check on the books of Arthur’s club. He saw 600 pounds of drugs listed in the books. Tommy reminded Arthur to keep his vices in check, or he would send Johnny to London to replace him. Arthur assured Tommy that he would keep things in check. Tommy left trusting his brother with the club. He drove over to the house on his file. Tommy parked in front of the house and timed the guard on duty on his response time. The guard approached the car and told Tommy to leave. He went over to Ada’s house and a man answered the door. Tommy marched straight to Ada while the man followed him. Ada told James that Tommy was her brother. Tommy eyed James for a moment, Ada knew that look on his face.

[00:35:00] Ada told Tommy that James was gay. Tommy went to see Ada because he didn’t have any children. He had started a trust fund for Johnny’s kid and Karl. He needed Ada to sign the papers so that Karl would benefit from the trust fund. Ada asked him if he was sick. Tommy responded that he was just putting his affairs in order. Meanwhile, Sabini visited the Solomons to make a peace treaty. He could no longer win against the Peaky Blinders, and he knew that they were out of control. After a few words between them, they agreed to have peace between the Italians and the jews and to raise war against the Peaky Blinders. Tommy on the other hand went to May’s estate. He saw that May lived in a castle and knew he bit off more than he could chew.

[00:41:00] Tommy went inside to discuss Grace’s Secret. After a few minutes, he asked May for engine oil before he drove back to Birmingham. May responded that her late husband must have some oil in the garage. Tommy asked her if they’d work on the engine tonight or tomorrow. May invited Tommy to stay in their guest wing. He asked for a map so that he could locate her room at midnight. Tommy told May that he would enter her bedroom without anyone hearing him. May told him that her maids would be listening, but Tommy didn’t have a problem with maids listening. Back at the office, Isaiah is inviting Michael to go out and drink with him. He wanted to go to the Marquis, but they wouldn’t serve black men unless they were with a Shelby.

[00:48:00] Michael agreed to go with Isaiah to the Marquis. They hadn’t even started drinking when a racist man approached Isaiah and wanted him to leave. The bartender told the man that they were alright, but he didn’t want to drink inside a pub with a nigger. They exchanged a few words and the man punched Isaiah, which led to a fight. The bartender told the men that Michael was Polly Shelby’s son. They all apologized to him and left. Michael demanded their drinks before they left the Marquis. The two of them went back to the Garrison pub and told Arthur and Johnny what happened. The two of them got up and left. Isaiah told Michael that they were going to the Marquis.

[00:52:30] Back at May’s mansion, Tommy arrived at her bedroom, and she immediately kissed him. While Tommy was busy with May, Arthur and Johnny got busy at the Marquis. They kicked the door down and poured gasoline everywhere. Arthur took all the money from the till before Johnny lit a match and set the whole pub on fire. The next day, Tommy met with Campbell in church. Campbell told him that he needed to kill the man in three weeks. Tommy asked him if he was going to take care of the coppers around the target’s house. Campbell responded that Tommy was on his own so as not to raise any suspicion. Tommy told Campbell that he was settling his affairs in the event of his death. He added that if he died, Campbell would also die as his most trusted allies would see to it.

[00:56:00] Tommy went back to his office to have a drink and think about his next move. As he sat on his chair, he pulled out a piece of paper and decided to make a call. A man answered the call, but Tommy didn’t say a word and just ended the call. The man was Grace’s husband. She had a feeling that Tommy was calling for her.





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