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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Monster


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:01:00] A priest presided over a zombie-themed wedding. He asked everyone in attendance if they would object to the matrimony when all of a sudden, the groom was shot. Everyone thought it was just part of the ceremony; however, the bride wanted to call 911. After a few moments, the bride was also shot, and everyone realized that it was the real thing. Meanwhile, Linda went to Lux to check on Lucifer. He told her that he had canceled his last appointment because his brother had died. Linda thought Amenadiel had died; however, Lucifer told her that it was his other brother. Linda offered her condolences, but Lucifer didn’t need them. She wanted Lucifer to speak with her so that they could talk about what happened, but Lucifer didn’t want to talk since Linda didn’t believe anything he ever told her.

[00:04:00] Chloe had started decorating for Halloween when she heard Trixie and Maze laughing inside the house. She went over to see what they were doing and saw Trixie using a sex swing. She sent Trixie to her room and talked to Maze regarding some ground rules. Chloe told Maze that she didn’t approve of her sex swing; Maze responded that she didn’t approve of her Halloween decorations. Maze added that she loved Halloween, but only the adult part of it. Chloe told her to adjust since she was now living with a child. Chloe and Maze stared at each other, and Chloe realized that living together wasn’t such a great idea. Maze agreed.

[00:05:30] Chloe arrived at the crime scene, where Dan gave her an update. Peggy Russo died from a single shot to the chest. Dan thought that the killer used a rifle; Chloe wondered why the groom was only shot in the arm while Peggy was shot in the chest. Dan suggested that the groom might have gotten in the way of the first shot that was intended for Peggy. Chloe was interviewing the groom when Lucifer arrived. He had a huge hangover, and he proceeded to take a slice of wedding cake and some champagne. Chloe stopped Lucifer from eating possible evidence and told him that they were supposed to be working. Chloe left Lucifer to interview more witnesses. Lucifer asked one of the bridesmaids if they wanted the bride dead.

[00:08:00] One of the bridesmaids confessed that she was jealous of Peggy because she was perfect. She had told Jason that his ex was getting married; however, she didn’t imagine that he would kill her. After their talk, Lucifer started kissing the bridesmaid in order to make her feel better. Chloe saw Lucifer and asked him what he was doing. Lucifer responded that he had gotten them a lead. Chloe pulled Lucifer away from the bridesmaid and took him back to the precinct. Chloe wanted to know what was wrong with Lucifer; however, he didn’t want to talk about it. Dan arrived to give Chloe another update about their case. He had confirmed that the bullet came from a long-range rifle, so he sent more police officers to search a wider radius from the crime scene. Dan wanted to know if he should take Lucifer home. Chloe declined.

[00:10:30] Dan told Chloe that he had Jason, Peggy’s ex-boyfriend, inside the interrogation room waiting for her. Lucifer had already seen Jason through the door, so he proceeded to interrogate him on his own. Lucifer closed the door and destroyed the handles; he showed his true self to Jason in order to speed things up. Jason changed from tough guy to wimp in just a few seconds; Chloe and Dan continued to bang on the door and asked Lucifer to open it. Chloe decided to go to the viewing room in order to speak with Lucifer. Jason continued to cry on the floor when Lucifer opened the door. Chloe and Dan thought Lucifer tortured Jason; however, he had just made him confess. Lucifer told Chloe that Jason was innocent; he had left before the shooting began. He added that Jason had bumped into a musician with a guitar case.

[00:12:20] Chloe told Dan the information Lucifer had provided. Dan left in order to check Jason’s alibi. Chloe threatened to bench Lucifer as his method was extremely inappropriate. Lucifer didn’t have any choice but to shut up as Chloe left. Back at Lux, Amenadiel and Goddess had a little talk. At first, Amenadiel blamed Lucifer for Uriel’s death; however, he realized that it was his fault because he had lost his powers. Goddess told him that there was still a way to gain his powers back; however, Amenadiel knew that it wouldn’t bring Uriel back. Dan arrived once again to provide updates. Dan had found the spot where the shooter was hiding during the wedding. He had also found a napkin from Freddy’s food truck. Dan wanted to search for the food truck, but Lucifer used an app to find it.

[00:16:00] Chloe and Lucifer found the food truck. Chloe decided to do the talking, so Lucifer just placed his order. Someone shot Freddy while he spoke with Chloe; she saw something shiny from the rooftop across the street. Chloe ran inside the building, hoping to catch the shooter; however, she could only find a bullet casing. She told Lucifer that their shooter had planned on shooting Freddy along with Peggy. Chloe and Lucifer returned to the precinct to rethink the case. Lucifer left Chloe while she spoke with Trixie over the phone. Trixie told Chloe that her babysitter ran out when she saw Maze. Trixie wanted to go with Maze to trick-or-treat, Chloe disagreed, but Trixie managed to convince her. Chloe spoke with Maze about accompanying Trixie. Maze agreed as Trixie came out of her room dressed as a princess.

[00:20:30] Trixie told Maze that she had wanted to be a princess last year. Maze asked Trixie what she wanted to be this year. Back at the precinct, Chloe was looking for Lucifer, who left his money inside the vending machine in exchange for snacks. Dan arrived yet again to give her more updates; he had spoken to Freddy’s wife, Sidney, and she didn’t recognize Peggy. He also hadn’t found any connection between Peggy and Freddy. Chloe realized that they were looking at the case from the wrong point of view. She went with Dan to interview Freddy’s wife and showed her a picture of Peggy’s husband, Edgar. Chloe finally found the break she was looking for.

[00:22:00] Lucifer and Chloe visited the hospital where Sidney was working; however, the hospital denied them access to the records that they needed. Lucifer stole Dan’s badge and pistol in order to get them access to the files. Dan got mad at Lucifer for “borrowing” his stuff; they got into an argument that resulted in Lucifer punching Dan. Chloe benched Lucifer as she could no longer understand why he was acting this way. Lucifer left the hospital and went back to Lux. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Goddess visited the spot where Lucifer had buried Uriel. Goddess wanted Amenadiel to stop blaming himself for Uriel’s death.

[00:26:20] Lucifer continued to mourn Uriel’s death by continuously drinking. He thought one of his customers resembled Uriel; however, the man turned around to reveal that it wasn’t him. Chloe and Dan continued their investigation using the files Lucifer had gotten them. One file caught their attention, and the details matched the description of their shooter. Wes Williams had filed a lawsuit against Sidney because he blamed her for his wife’s death; however, Edgar had intervened and gotten the case dismissed. Chloe checked Wes in their database, but he didn’t have any criminal records. She tried to check the police database, and Wes showed up as part of their ATF division. His records also showed specialization in using long-range weapons. Dan and Chloe raided Wes’ house, but he wasn’t home. They found his computer where he had printed out fake ID’s for a company named Strode Pharmaceuticals.

[00:28:55] Wes headed over to Strode while Chloe and Dan were discovering his plans at his hideout. Meanwhile, Maze and Trixie headed out for trick-or-treating. Trixie had already gotten a lot of candy, thanks to Maze. She asked Maze to put on a costume, so she revealed half of her demon face, and no one was any wiser. Trixie was so excited to get more candy with the help of Maze. Goddess and Amenadiel got into an argument; however, she was able to convince him that it wasn’t his fault that Uriel had died. Amenadiel blamed his father. He could’ve stopped Uriel from dying; however, he chose to do nothing. Both Amenadiel and Lucifer grieved the loss of their brother in their own way.

[00:33:30] Chloe and Dan drove to Strode in order to stop Wes. They found out that his wife had participated in a clinical trial, which didn’t work on her lung disease, and he wanted revenge. Dan checked who had run the trials, and to their surprise, it was Jack and Sally Petersen. Chloe and Dan got to Jack, she left Dan with him and went to look for Sally. She was at the lobby getting coffee as Wes moved into position to shoot her. Before he could fire, Lucifer showed up and unintentionally stood in the line of fire. Wes fired, but he missed both Sally and Lucifer. Lucifer taunted Wes, trying to get Wes to kill him as Chloe looked for Wes. He continued firing, but he couldn’t hit Lucifer. Lucifer continued to taunt him, and eventually, Chloe found Wes and arrested him. Lucifer confronted Wes and asked why he didn’t kill him.

[00:36:00] Wes told Lucifer that he didn’t deserve to die, he had tried to scare him away by firing random shots, but he didn’t move. Wes wanted the people who had killed his wife to suffer as he did. Lucifer pointed out that none of the people he killed deserved to die, nor were they to blame for his wife’s death. Wes admitted that it was his fault, he wasn’t home, or they would’ve been able to detect his wife’s illness sooner. Lucifer told Wes that he deserved the punishment after what he did. Chloe wanted to talk to Lucifer; however, Lucifer said that she wouldn’t understand his problem. She told Lucifer to see his therapist before things got out of hand.

[00:38:50] Chloe got home and saw the floor littered with candy wrappers. Maze and Trixie had fallen asleep watching horror movies. She took a blanket and covered them up. Lucifer went to talk with Linda. She wanted to talk about Uriel, so Lucifer told her the truth. However, Linda thought it was another metaphor. Linda stopped Lucifer and told him that they shouldn’t tell any more lies. She wanted the truth, the real Lucifer, so he decided to show his true self. Linda was speechless; she couldn’t utter a single word. Lucifer realized that it was too much for her to handle, so he just got up and left.


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