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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Trip to Stabby Town


Published 1 year ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Trip to Stabby Town

[00:01:00] A person wearing a hoodie tackled a lady to the ground. She tried to run and ask bystanders for help; however, no one came to her aid. The assailant caught up to her at the end of an alley, where she recognized the person chasing her. She begged for her life, but the assailant still killed her. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Linda were now on speaking terms again; however, Linda couldn’t focus on helping Lucifer. She continued to ask Lucifer about things related to hell and him being the devil. Linda tried to ask Lucifer about Hitler and her Uncle, but Lucifer didn’t answer any of her questions.

[00:03:40] Lucifer told Chloe that he might have broken his therapist as she was no longer useful. Chloe offered to talk with Lucifer regarding his problems; however, he told her that he could not share his problems with her. Dan updated them regarding their current case. The victim earlier was Maddie Howard. Witnesses couldn’t provide any clear description of the killer, so they had no leads. Ella assisted them as the evidence didn’t lie. Based on the evidence, the killer was a big white man; however, a tourist had caught the attack while taking a selfie. Lucifer recognized the blade used to stab Maddie and immediately left the scene.

[00:05:20] Lucifer took Amenadiel and Maze out to the forest where he had buried Uriel. They arrived at the burial site; however, someone had already dug it up. Amenadiel wanted to know what was happening. Clearly, the grave had been dug up but for what reason. Lucifer told them that Uriel’s body was there, but Azrael’s blade wasn’t. It seemed to have fallen into human hands.

[00:06:10] Maze didn’t care that the blade had fallen into human hands since they were always killing each other. Lucifer and Amenadiel explained that the blade amplified the wielder’s want to kill, and since humans were very susceptible to temptation, the blade would be uncontrollable. Maze still didn’t want to look for the blade since she already had a job as a bounty hunter. Lucifer told her that the blade might find its way back to them, and if it fell into the wrong hands, they could also get killed without them knowing it. He ordered Amenadiel and Maze to move Uriel’s body, so it wouldn’t get discovered. Lucifer went to Ella in order to have the site analyzed to get a head start.

[00:08:30] Lucifer asked Ella for a favor. Ella hesitated at first, but she wanted something that she thought Lucifer wouldn’t be able to handle. Ella added that her request might seem inappropriate among colleagues. Lucifer was intrigued and asked Ella to whisper it to her. He seemed delighted at first, but he declined as soon as Ella finished whispering. Ella told Lucifer that it was his idea to exchange favors, so Lucifer didn’t have a choice but to accept the deal.

[00:09:50] Lucifer brought Ella to the gravesite. Ella joked about the favor involving her death. Lucifer wanted Ella to work her forensic magic and find out who disturbed the grave. Lucifer promised Ella that he wouldn’t ask anything unbecoming of her, and since she told him that favors are based on faith, he wanted Ella to have faith in him. Ella checked the footprint Lucifer told her about; however, it seemed like an ordinary footprint. She told Lucifer that if the print belonged to a major shoe brand, their suspect pool would be in the millions. Ella found a burnt area and told Lucifer that she could reconstruct the burnt pieces back in the lab to get a lead. Lucifer wanted to keep everything a secret, especially from Chloe.

[00:11:05] Chloe and Lucifer went to the yoga center where Maddie worked. Lucifer tried to get all the details from one of Maddie’s co-workers, but he was unsuccessful. Chloe noticed Lucifer and Ella speaking with each other earlier, and she remarked at how they were getting close with each other. Lucifer disagreed with her statement and told her to get back on the case. Lucifer spoke to Ella back at the lab to find out what she had uncovered. She had analyzed the burnt paper and found two things, the makings of a map and a law firm logo. The logo brought Lucifer back to his mother, who was still using Charlotte’s body. Lucifer visited his mother in order to find out what she’s been doing.

[00:14:10] Goddess told Lucifer that she had gotten bored, so she spent some time in order to learn the works of Charlotte’s law firm. She also taught Charlotte’s husband about different sex positions. Lucifer was thrilled that Goddess was doing something with her time; however, he wanted her to explain why she had made a map to Uriel’s grave and Azrael’s blade. She told Lucifer that she had sent more than fifteen people on a treasure hunt to get God’s attention. When Uriel died, she had reached out to God to mourn with him; however, he hadn’t responded. Goddess thought that God would act once he knew that his toys were killing each other. Lucifer offered Goddess a deal; she would help them find the blade, or Maze will force her to help find the blade. She didn’t have much of a choice, so she agreed.

[00:17:10] Chloe continued with her investigation as Dan complained about his lost snack. Someone had been stealing his pudding from the pantry fridge. Chloe was more interested in Lucifer’s relationship with Ella. Dan pointed out that she was just jealous and offered to be her friend even though the problem was another guy. Chloe told him that Ella wasn’t Lucifer’s type. Lucifer arrived to cross-check the list that Goddess had given him with Chloe’s list of suspects and found a similarity, Duncan Watts. He wanted to visit Duncan Watts by himself, but Chloe insisted on tagging along. Lucifer called Amenadiel in order to have a head start. Amenadiel and Maze searched Duncan’s office for the blade, but they weren’t able to find it. Maze argued that the blade wasn’t the problem itself but their mother. Amenadiel and Maze continued their argument about Goddess as Lucifer and Chloe arrived.

[00:20:30] Maze and Amenadiel told Lucifer that they hadn’t found the blade. Lucifer told them to use the back exit as Chloe entered the building. He told Chloe that Duncan wasn’t their suspect; however, Chloe found a bloody handprint on one of the doors inside the building. She went over to check it out and found a body inside the room. Chloe called for backup and drew her pistol. They entered the room and found Duncan dead on the floor, along with a whole Yoga class of dead people. Backup arrived along with Ella, who seconded Lucifer’s theory about a murderous game of hot potato. Chloe couldn’t fathom that six murders happened in one place; however, they were missing a seventh body. It seemed that Jenson Glory was missing. Ella pointed out that Jenson could be their seventh victim. Lucifer told them that he could also be the killer.

[00:24:15] Jenson Glory’s real name was Jamie Ostrowski. His Yoga school, Soul Depot was the latest in his failed attempts at fitness enterprises. Jamie had five lawsuits and two sexual harassment cases, which were currently going through their phases in court. Dan suggested that Jamie brainwashed his students into taking their own lives; however, Chloe thought otherwise. Meanwhile, Lucifer entertained Linda’s questions about the Angel of death. Linda told Lucifer that she was still trying to digest everything. She apologized if the sessions were no longer helping him as nothing in her books told her how to deal with Azrael’s blade or being the therapist of the devil. Lucifer got a message from Chloe stating that Jamie had already been arrested and was awaiting interrogation. He rushed to the precinct to ask Jamie where Azrael’s blade was.

[00:26:40] Lucifer used his power on Jamie; however, his confession wasn’t what they expected. Jamie hadn’t attended his own Yoga classes because he had gained weight from over-eating. It meant that Jamie was no longer their suspect, and they were back to square one. Amenadiel and Maze searched Jamie’s house; however, they didn’t find the blade. Lucifer sent them to Jamie’s second house. Amenadiel agreed; however, he pointed out that if the blade was with Jamie, he was more likely to go on a killing spree rather than hide it. Ella came to Lucifer to show him what she had found. She had matched Duncan’s shoes to the footprint that they had found at Uriel’s gravesite. Ella wanted to know the truth.

[00:29:30] Lucifer told Ella to trust him and that he didn’t have anything to do with the murders. Ella believed Lucifer and hugged him as a sign of friendship and faith. Chloe arrived and saw them hugging. Ella hid the evidence she had found and left as soon as possible. Chloe told Lucifer that the girl they had spoken to earlier was Corrina and that she was the one subbing for Jensen at the time of the murders. Lucifer realized that Corrina was the next target and rushed out. Chloe was clueless as to what was happening with Lucifer. Lucifer headed over to Corrina’s house and found Jamie dead on the floor with Azrael’s blade on his chest. Corrina had killed Jamie because he had raped her a few years back. Corrina tried to forget about it and move on; however, the call of the blade had woken a sleeping grudge.

[00:32:45] Dan and Chloe arrived along with the LAPD. Corrina admitted to murder; however, Lucifer told them that it was self-defense. Lucifer went back to retrieve the blade, but it was no longer there. He went outside the house to find Dan wielding the blade. Lucifer approached Dan to convince him to put the blade down; however, he pointed it at Lucifer, blaming him for ruining his marriage. Dan tried to slice and dice Lucifer using the blade; however, he missed at every swing. He blamed everything on Lucifer, but Lucifer somehow talked his way out of it and eventually disarmed Dan. Lucifer kept the blade in his jacket as Dan walked away. He returned to the precinct the next day to find Chloe still looking for the murder weapon. Lucifer told her to forget about it since they had already solved the case.

[00:37:00] Chloe wanted to know why he had chosen to have sex with Ella; however, Lucifer told her that their relationship was strictly professional. Lucifer assured her that it was the truth, but Chloe didn’t believe it. Chloe left because she was embarrassed about what had happened. Lucifer returned to Linda; she was able to resume their sessions now that she had finally grasped the truth.

[00:39:00] Ella had invited Lucifer to go to church with her as part of their agreement. Lucifer agreed as he followed a woman inside the church, telling Ella that he should give someone else a reason to go to confession. Lucifer returned to Lux and showed Amenadiel Azrael’s blade. He told Amenadiel that he would keep it away from Goddess; however, Goddess arrived and saw Lucifer holding the blade. She complained that there wasn’t enough bloodshed to get God’s attention. Lucifer pointed out that nothing they do will get God’s attention; however, he knew that Goddess had other plans. She confessed that her plan was to go back home to heaven in order to reunite their family.

[00:41:00] Lucifer thought that Amenadiel was on his side; however, it was the exact opposite. Amenadiel wanted to return home since their stay on earth had caused so much trouble for humans. Lucifer pointed out that hell wasn’t his home, and neither was heaven. Goddess saw Azrael’s blade had caught fire; she knew that Lucifer’s hatred was fueling its power, so she extinguished the situation and invited Amenadiel to leave. As Amenadiel and Goddess leave, she told him that a new window of opportunity had opened for them, pointing to Lucifer holding Azrael’s blade.


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