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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – Homewrecker


Published 1 week ago

[00:01:00] Lucifer took Amenadiel on a tour bus to check out Los Angeles. Lucifer explained that since they were now making the city their home, he needed a proper tour. Amenadiel told him that only Lucifer would be staying in LA as he would be returning to heaven with Goddess. The tour guide didn’t seem interested in his job, so Lucifer took over the tour; however, Amenadiel left the tour bus. Lucifer went back to Linda, wondering why Amenadiel didn’t want to embrace the city as he had. Linda suggested that Amenadiel had only been in LA for a few months, so he hadn’t adjusted to the thought of staying there forever. She added that people made LA their home because they were either running away from something or looking for something. Linda wanted Lucifer to think about which of the two was the reason for calling LA his home.

[00:04:20] Lucifer and Chloe arrived at another crime scene. The victim was real estate tycoon Dean Cooper. Ella couldn’t pull off any prints from the crime scene, so she suggested rebuilding the murder weapon in order to check if there were any prints. Lucifer, on the other hand, needed to return to Lux as Maze needed his assistance. Eric Cooper, son of Dean Cooper, wanted to evict Lucifer from Lux. He tried to use his powers on him; however, it didn’t work. Maze stopped Lucifer from killing Eric in front of all his employees. Maze suggested that Goddess was the one behind this turn of events. Lucifer didn’t believe her, so she left in order to find proof.

[00:09:30] Maze went to Amenadiel; however, he wasn’t willing to help either. Amenadiel didn’t want to see Maze’s point of view because he was focused on returning to the silver city. Goddess arrived and told Maze that she wouldn’t find out even if she did plan on having Lucifer evicted from Lux. Amenadiel asked his mother if she had anything to do with the murder of Dean Cooper; however, she denied the allegations and told Amenadiel that they could use the opportunity in order to convince Lucifer to return with them. Back at Dean’s mansion, Ella was able to rebuild a broken wine glass and run it for prints. Dan gave Chloe a file containing information on Dean Cooper; Chloe requested Dan’s assistance on the case; however, he was tied up with another case. Lucifer called Chloe to inform her about a possible suspect, Eric Cooper.

[00:12:30] Ella told Chloe that Eric’s prints were on the glass that she had rebuilt. Chloe and Lucifer were on their way to the Cooper building to question Eric. Chloe met Lucifer outside the building, and she found out that Lucifer was personally involved in the case, so she had second thoughts about letting him see Eric. However, Lucifer promised not to harm Eric. Just before they entered the building, a man fell on a parked car outside the building. It was Eric; Lucifer told Chloe that he had nothing to do with it. Eric survived the fall; as soon as he woke up, he told Chloe and Lucifer the reason why he was selling their assets hours after his father died. Eric told them that Dean ran the company into the ground, and they were bankrupt. He tried to sell assets as soon as possible; however, it wasn’t enough.

[00:15:00] Lucifer tried to renegotiate the deal for Lux; however, Eric had already sold the property to Eleanor Bloom. Chloe and Lucifer visited Eleanor to question her about their case. Eleanor told them that she had nothing to do with Dean’s death. She had only wanted Dean’s property, and since the deal was reinstated after his death, it was just good business. Lucifer tried to use his powers on Eleanor to get Lux back; however, Eleanor had already made up her mind. She wanted all of Dean’s properties to tear them down and rebuild, including Lux. Lucifer asked Chloe for assistance in order to get Lux back; however, she couldn’t do anything illegal. Lucifer returned to Lux as Goddess arrived in order to save her client. Dan was interrogating her client when she arrived. She requested that the man destroy Lux in order to have Lucifer return with them to heaven.

[00:21:50] Lucifer arrived at Lux only to find that people were already emptying the place out. He forced everyone out, and the club continued to serve people. Amenadiel was enjoying a drink when Goddess arrived. She was supposed to blow the place with C4; however, her client didn’t have the guts to kill so many people. Amenadiel tried to stop his mother from executing her plans; however, he couldn’t. Goddess approached Lucifer in order to continue getting his trust. She told him that she would no longer try to force him to return to heaven. They bumped into Linda inside Lux, so Lucifer introduced Goddess to her. Lucifer left Goddess with Linda, and she began to thank Goddess for everything.

[00:25:20] Chloe interrogated Simon Halbrooks; Dean Cooper had hired his private investigative services; however, he didn’t want to disclose the details of his contract with Dean Cooper. Dan entered the interrogation room to inform Chloe about the illegal party at Lux. Chloe went over, along with some officers; Lucifer tried to bribe the officers, but she talked him out of it. Lucifer thought Chloe would stop the party, but she told him to continue. After the party, Lucifer wanted to know the next steps in order to save Lux. Chloe told him that she didn’t know any other tricks in order to save Lux. Lucifer assisted Chloe in order to expose Simon and his secrets.

[00:30:00] Amenadiel followed Goddess; he didn’t know that Maze was following her as well. They wanted to know who she was meeting in secret, but they didn’t expect it to be Dan. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucifer caught up with Simon. He told them the details of his contract with Dean Cooper. Dean had hired Simon to seduce Christi in hopes of ruining her relationship with Eric. Simon had done his best, but Christi didn’t take the bait. Christi proved that her love for Eric was pure; however, it didn’t matter to Dean. He hated Christi and paid Simon in order to create fake photographs in order to blackmail Christi. Chloe considered Christi a suspect based on the information Simon had given them. Lucifer wanted to punish Simon; however, Chloe stopped her.

[00:33:20] Goddess invited Dan over for a couple of drinks. Goddess wanted to know more information about Chloe. One thing led to another, and the two of them ended up spending the night together. Maze wanted to follow them; however, Amenadiel didn’t want to interfere with his mother’s affair since it didn’t seem like she was planning anything harmful other than a date. Morning came, and Goddess called her client. It seemed she planned to kill Chloe. Chloe and Lucifer visited Eric to speak with Christi. Eric confessed to killing Dean; however, Christi tried to be the fall guy. In the end, both Eric and Christi confessed to killing Dean. Chloe visited Lucifer at Lux to show him a document that made Lux a heritage site.

[00:40:20] Lucifer invited Chloe for dinner in order to celebrate. Before dinner, Lucifer visited Linda to talk things over. She told Lucifer that he had come to LA searching for something, and he had found it in Chloe. Lucifer thought about his discussion with Linda; as a result, he stood Chloe up for dinner. Chloe, on the other hand, texted Lucifer multiple times, but he just ignored the messages. Chloe finally accepted that he wouldn’t come and decided to go home. Goddess planted a bomb on Chloe’s car and waited for her to drive away before she detonated it.






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