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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 11 Recap – City of Angels?


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 11 Recap - City of Angels?

[00:00:50] Lucifer came to LA looking for pleasure. He threw a small party and invited a few humans. Amenadiel arrived to take Lucifer back to hell. He gave Lucifer 10 minutes to say goodbye. Amenadiel stepped outside, and a guy referred to his robe as a dress. He corrected the guy who got shot a few moments after. The robber also shot Amenadiel and took his necklace. When Amenadiel woke up, he realized his necklace had been taken. He told Lucifer to stay put as he asked the police for assistance. Amenadiel met Chloe, who was still a beat cop and filed a robbery report. Chloe didn’t believe Amenadiel because he gave her a sketch of the robber, and it looked like a child drew it. Amenadiel had no choice but to return to Lucifer and ask for his help.

[00:06:30] Chloe called Dan and told him about their dinner plans. It would be around this time that they made Taco Tuesday. Dan was investigating the mugging that occurred earlier. Chloe remembered Amenadiel, who also reported being mugged around the same area. She knew there was a connection, so she went to the scene to investigate. Chloe found a key fob with blood on it, she gave the fob to Dan, who told Chloe that he was going to check out the lead. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Amenadiel were at a party looking for leads as to who took Amenadiel’s necklace. Lucifer told Amenadiel to get some drinks while he paid the pianist to play the piano himself. Amenadiel realized Lucifer was just stalling so that he wouldn’t need to return to hell.

[00:11:00] Lucifer told Amenadiel there’s no hope in getting his necklace back; they don’t even know who took it. Amenadiel hears a news report about Aiden Scott, he recognized Aiden as the guy who referred to his robe as a dress. He knew the guy who killed Aiden must be the same guy who took his necklace. Lucifer broke a deal with Amenadiel to get his necklace back. Amenadiel didn’t have any choice, so he agreed to give Lucifer a blank check since he didn’t know what he wanted at the time. Lucifer stole a car to get around LA faster.

[00:14:00] Lucifer took Amenadiel to a porn set. He recognized the breasts on Aiden’s picture in the news report. Lucifer knew it was none other than Misty Canyons. He went to talk with Misty as one of the production crew thought Amenadiel was a porn star. The crew told Amenadiel to change into a window washer outfit for the porn film. As they were shooting the scene, Amenadiel asked Misty about his necklace. He also told her that Aiden was dead. Misty spoke with Amenadiel, but she couldn’t provide any additional information on his necklace. Misty told Amenadiel someone tried to bribe Aiden to sell out on his fight, but he refused.

[00:18:00] Chloe went to Aiden’s gym to find out more information about Aiden. His trainer told Chloe that Aiden ran the same route every day. He added that Aiden got into a fight with Tio Sorrento a few days back. Chloe went to Tio Sorrento, and so did Lucifer and Amenadiel. Lucifer felt something different with Chloe as she passed by. Lucifer grabbed himself a drink and spoke with Tio. He wanted to ask questions about Aiden, but Tio noticed Amenadiel and thought Lucifer wanted to register him for the fight. Tio tried to leave, but Amenadiel knocked out one of his guards. Tio changed his mind and decided to stay since his guard was the former heavyweight champion, and Amenadiel knocked the guy out with just one punch.

[00:21:30] Lucifer told Amenadiel he needed to pose as a fighter to lure out whoever offered Aiden to take a fall. Amenadiel told Lucifer he’s the greatest fighter heaven had to offer. Lucifer told him he needed to train and fight like a human being to make things realistic. After a few training days, Tio approached Lucifer about having Amenadiel take a fall. Lucifer realized that Tio was the same person who offered Aiden a deal, so he took matters into his own hands. He brought Tio to question him regarding Aiden and the necklace. Tio knew nothing about Amenadiel’s necklace, so he wanted Lucifer to start torturing Tio. Lucifer brought Maze from hell to help with the torturing, but she ended up just having sex with Tio.

[00:28:00] Lucifer offered a new plan to Amenadiel. They just needed to fix a new match so that the bettor would make the same bet he did with Aiden. Amenadiel agreed, and Lucifer ordered Maze to have Tio set up the fight. Meanwhile, Chloe approached Charlotte to ask for help on their case. Charlotte refused at first, but Chloe found leverage against her. Amenadiel was scheduled to fight and lose. He thanked Lucifer for helping him. But he called Lucifer evil, which ticked something inside him. As Amenadiel’s opponent made his way to the ring, Lucifer used his powers on him to switch out with him and challenge Amenadiel. Lucifer stepped into the ring to fight Amenadiel and answer the question of who’s stronger between them.

[00:33:30] Amenadiel beat the crap out of Lucifer. He realized he was giving in to pride and sin, so he tapped out when he had the chance. Chloe set up a trap using Tio. He was going to place a bag full of cash in the drop zone, and whoever picked up the bag killed Aiden or knew something about his death. Tio dropped the bag and left. After a few moments, Aiden’s trainer arrived. Lucifer and Amenadiel saw him and picked him up before Chloe could arrest him. Gil told them he got into debt, so he asked Aiden to take a fall for him to make a huge payout. Aiden refused, so Gil tried to scare him into an agreement. When Aiden fought back, he shot him, making it look like a robbery.

[00:38:00] Gil told Amenadiel that shooting him wasn’t part of his plan. Gil told Amenadiel where he hid his necklace. Lucifer punished Gil for his evil ways. They returned Gil to the park, where he confessed everything to Chloe and Dan. Amenadiel got his necklace back. He told Lucifer it was time to go back to hell. Lucifer wanted to cash in on his deal with Amenadiel, and as payment for his help, Lucifer wanted Amenadiel to leave him on earth. At first, Amenadiel refused, but he couldn’t break his promise as it would be a sin. He warned Lucifer about God’s wrath, but he wasn’t afraid. Lucifer took Maze with him and ordered her to cut off his wings.

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