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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 12 Recap – All About Her


Published 2 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 12 Recap - All About Her

[00:00:50] Lucifer wants to know the truth from Cain. He still wants Lucifer to address him as Marcus Pierce. Marcus tells Lucifer that the Sinnerman was his right-hand man, but he went rogue so he took him out. Marcus adds that he abducted Lucifer and left him in the middle of the desert, but he had nothing to do with his wings and devil face. Lucifer doesn’t believe Marcus, but he couldn’t do anything. Lucifer tries to threaten Marcus by revealing his true identity, but Marcus points out that no one even believes he’s the devil.

[00:03:00] Maze tries her new knives when Chloe intervenes. She tells Maze she can’t keep throwing knives around the house as Trixie could get hurt. Chloe was angry about something, and she was clearly venting out on Maze. Maze tells Chloe that Trixie was making new drawings to cover up the damage she had done. Chloe tells Maze that she was angry about what happened between her and Lucifer. Maze advised Chloe that Lucifer will never change, and nothing she does will change him.

[00:04:30] Ella is processing a body as Dan interviews a few people about the crime. The witnesses didn’t see anything because it was too dark the previous night. They thought kids were just playing and roughing each other up. They never imagined it would result in murder. Dan assures the people they will solve whatever happened to the surfer. Chloe arrives and Dan updates her about Manny Taylor. The kid is a good surfer, but he choked on his surf leash. Chloe notices something with Ella, but she doesn’t want to divulge it and just leaves the crime scene. Lucifer arrives late because Chloe didn’t call him about the case. Lucifer asks Chloe for help about Marcus, but she doesn’t want to help. Chloe tells Lucifer she wants to work alone that day because she isn’t ready to face him.

[00:07:20] Lucifer goes to Linda as he doesn’t know what to do. Linda is filled with questions about Cain. Linda also tells Lucifer that he broke Chloe’s trust, so she is angry with him. She suggests that Lucifer makes things all about Chloe to regain her trust. Lucifer realizes that if he makes it all about Chloe, she will eventually make it all about him again. Linda doesn’t see it coming as to how Lucifer will, once again, change her advice and end up using it only for himself. At the precinct, Chloe is exploring a lead against another surfer who got in a fight with Manny a few days prior. Doug Libby was recorded on video getting into a fight with Manny. Charlotte tells Chloe they only have a motive but no connection to the crime.

[00:09:00] Chloe asks Ella if she can match the wound on Manny’s neck to Doug’s surf leash once she acquires it. Ella confirms and Chloe leaves to tell Marcus about her plan. Charlotte notices Ella isn’t her cheerful self. Ella tells her about how Marcus shouted at her for being too talkative. She looks up to Marcus like a hero, so she’s trying to change by being less talkative. Charlotte tells Ella that she should stand up for herself because no one will stand up for her. Chloe enters Marcus’ office and sees him packing his things. Marcus tells Chloe he will transfer to another precinct. Chloe offers to talk but Marcus declines and tells her they shouldn’t make a big deal about his transfer.

[00:11:00] Amenadiel sees a doctor because he is not feeling well. The doctor tells him he has chlamydia. Amenadiel tells the doctor he can’t have STD because he is an angel. The doctor gives him a prescription to antibiotics and asks him to tell all his sexual partners to get tested. Meanwhile, Lucifer finds Chloe on the beach as she needs to speak with Doug. Lucifer wants to make things up with Chloe, so he declares it is detective day. Chloe doesn’t understand what Lucifer means so he elaborates: Everything he will do for the day will all be for Chloe. Chloe declines, but Lucifer is one step ahead already. He knows Chloe needs to speak with Doug, so he registered Chloe for the surf contest. He also got Chloe a swimwear, but he knows he is stretching his luck.

[00:13:30] Chloe finally gets to talk with Doug, but Lucifer is following her. She sends Lucifer away and gets close and personal with Doug and his surfboard. Everything is going smoothly until the announcement comes on-screen it‘s her turn to surf. Lucifer registered Chloe as “The Detective” with a matching picture of her in uniform. Doug understood why Chloe was being pushy with the incriminating questions — she is a cop. Doug tries to make a run for it, but Lucifer stops him. They bring Doug in for questioning, but Chloe knows what Lucifer is up to. She tells him it’s better he doesn’t help her because she knows he’s being kind just so that she would help him. Lucifer no longer knows what to do.

[00:16:00] Dan and Chloe speak to Doug. He tells them everything that happened, but they aren’t on the same page. Doug thinks he was arrested because he accidentally killed a seal while surfing. Chloe shows him a photo of Manny, but he is clueless that Manny died to begin with. Lucifer pleads with Chloe after their interview with Doug, but she isn’t interested. Dan tells Lucifer he must be more thoughtful without getting in Chloe’s face. Charlotte finally crosses paths with Marcus inside the precinct. She tells him about Ella and the way he treated her. Charlotte tells Marcus he should apologize to Ella because she didn’t deserve the kind of treatment from someone she regards so highly.

[00:19:20] Maze gives Linda a hunting knife as a gift for being cool about her suggestion not to have sex with Amenadiel. Maze suddenly receives a call from Amenadiel, but she hangs up as soon as possible. Linda wants to know if everything is okay. Maze tells her it was just Amenadiel whining about chlamydia. Linda spits her wine all over Maze, in shock at hearing Amenadiel has chlamydia. Maze tells her she dodged a bullet by not having sex with Amenadiel. Back at the precinct, forensic results on Doug’s surfboard are positive for seal blood. Dan finds them a new lead. It seems there is a group of surfers known as The Orcas who run around scaring other surfers from their turf. The group is known for strangling their targets using surf leashes.

[00:22:00] Chloe uses Dan as bait to lure out The Orcas. Marcus disagrees with the plan at first, but seeing Dan walking on the beach with his surfboard, he instantly agrees the plan will work. Chloe tells Dan to chill until the leader of The Orcas arrives. The moment Wild Child enters the beach, they take action. Dan knows what he has to do: surf and piss off people. Even Marcus knows that Dan has a calling for pissing people off. Lucifer arrives at the scene after finding out from Ella that Marcus is leaving the precinct. He tells Marcus he couldn’t leave without finishing their conversation. Marcus tells Chloe to leave for a bit so that he could talk with Lucifer. Chloe tells them to watch Dan because they are in the middle of a sting operation.

[00:27:00] Marcus allows Lucifer to use his powers on him to uncover the truth. He transferred to LA because he wanted to die. Marcus has traveled the world in search of a way out. To do it, he needed to track down all the celestial beings that roamed the Earth. He found out Chloe made Lucifer bleed, so he thought she could do the same for her, but even after taking a bullet for Chloe, he was still alive. Lucifer is shocked to hear that Marcus placed Chloe in danger for his own gain. Marcus tells Lucifer he only abducted him to get him out of the way of his plan, but he didn’t have any idea why he got his wings back or why he lost his devil face. Meanwhile, Dan is in danger as he faced The Orcas alone.

[00:30:00] Lucifer doesn’t understand the reason why he got his wings back. Marcus doesn’t understand either, but he is sure it isn’t because of him. Chloe enters the van again and tells Marcus she lost audio on Dan. They look at the camera feed and see blood on a towel. Dan isn’t visible. They rush to the beach and see The Orcas paddling out to the ocean with Dan. Chloe knows it‘s a paddle-out ceremony. Wild Child tells Dan that Manny is one of them. She adds they have nothing to do with his death. Dan thinks otherwise and tells them how Manny died. Wild Child responds that the beaches in Carbon are private. They know it’s illegal to enter them, so they no longer bothered.

[00:33:00] Dan knows The Orcas didn’t kill Manny. Chloe realizes someone else killed Manny when she argued with Lucifer about her desk. Chloe points out none of the beaches in California are private, so someone is illegally privatizing a beach for their own gain. She finds a police report of someone illegally placing private signs in Carbon. She goes out to the beach with Lucifer in hopes of catching their killer. Justine comes out to confront them. She denies all the allegations, but after a few moments, the police arrive and search Justine’s home. They found a surfboard — Justine killed Manny. She explains that surfer’s always come to Carbon and end up desecrating the beach. Although Justine had good intentions, Manny was just a means to an end. Chloe arrests Justine for killing Manny.

[00:38:00] Amenadiel and Linda are having dinner. She tells Amenadiel she could no longer keep up with all the secrecy. Amenadiel feels the same: He no longer wants to hide their relationship from the world. Linda tells Amenadiel they shouldn’t be together. Amenadiel starts an argument. He thinks Linda doesn’t want to be with him and his chlamydia. Amenadiel receives a text from his doctor saying he doesn’t have chlamydia at all, but it doesn’t change Linda’s mind. She explains she feels bad for hiding stuff from Maze. Linda confesses she really likes Amenadiel, and he has the same feelings for Linda. But they shouldn’t continue with their relationship. They kiss each other, but they don’t know Maze is watching from the restaurant‘s far end.

[00:40:00] Marcus comes to Ella to apologize, but she wants to speak first to stand up for herself. Marcus allows Ella to speak, then he apologizes for his actions. Ella gives him a hug which seems to solve her problems and bring her cheerfulness back. Marcus is about to leave when Lucifer arrives. He tells Marcus he will find a way to end his misery as long as he stays in LA. Lucifer adds Marcus never made a deal with the devil, sealing the deal. Marcus had nothing to lose except his life.

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