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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Recap – My Brother‘s Keeper


Published 2 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Recap - My Brother‘s Keeper

[00:00:50] A man enters a building and rides an elevator to meet someone. Another man shows him a briefcase full of diamonds. The man’s phone rings; LAPD is calling. The man pulls out his gun. The man tells him to lower his weapon; her sister is only with forensics, so there is no threat. Ella calls his brother back at the precinct, but the call goes to voicemail. Lucifer goes to Marcus to analyze the mark God left on his arm. When he checks, Marcus’ tattoo is gone. He tells Lucifer his body constantly heals, so he needs to reapply the tattoo after a few months.

[00:02:50] Lucifer realizes that Marcus’ curse isn’t up to his alley, but he knows Amenadiel might help. Marcus is skeptical if Amenadiel would help them, but Lucifer needs only to convince him. Ella goes to Maze for help in finding her brother. She couldn’t find her brother anywhere, and she has a bad feeling about what’s happening. Maze doesn’t want to help Ella, but she offers to pay for her services, changing her mind. Amenadiel refuses to help Lucifer. He tells him God placed the mark on Cain because he killed his brother, so he won’t dare to help. Maze accompanies Ella to Fahrid Nasser. According to her sources, Ella’s brother met with Fahrid last night. Ella’s brother is a diamond authenticator, so he would have reasons for being with a diamond dealer.

[00:06:20] Ella and Maze enter Fahrid’s office only to find him dead. Ella thinks it was his brother at first, but when she sees it isn’t, she is relieved. Maze tells Ella she shouldn’t celebrate because her brother might have killed Fahrid. Ella processes the crime scene as she calls Chloe and the rest of the force. Ella does her best to protect her brother. She wants to prove his innocence, but the evidence is against him. Maze finds Jay’s wallet, placing him at the crime scene and as a possible suspect. Chloe advises Ella to step away from the case, so she goes with Maze to find her brother. Lucifer wants to locate Jay before Ella and Maze do. But Chloe trusts Ella’s instincts and wants to explore both scenarios.

[00:09:00] Charlotte visits Linda for therapy. Linda remembers what happened between her and the Goddess, so seeing Charlotte doesn’t help. She refuses to take her in as a patient and wants Charlotte to leave. When Charlotte asks her if she is beyond saving, Linda doesn’t know what to say. Charlotte leaves without another peep. At the precinct, Lucifer comes to Marcus to tell him that Amenadiel didn’t agree to help. Lucifer assures Marcus he can convince Amenadiel to help them. Dan has a new lead on the case. He tells Chloe that the diamond she found in Fahrid’s office was stolen from a jewelry store in Beverly Hills. Fahrid worked at the said store as its diamond broker, so Chloe suspects Fahrid is involved in the robbery.

[00:12:20] Chloe and Lucifer go to the jewelry store in Beverly Hills to hopefully get traction on their lead. Chloe poses as a buyer, and Lucifer goes along with her. She declines all the jewelry and diamonds on display and shows the store clerk the diamond she found at Fahrid’s office. The clerk recognizes the diamond’s serial number and tells Chloe it‘s stolen. The clerk tries to call the police, but the store owner steps in to invite Chloe and Lucifer to her office. Tiffany James wants to know what kind of diamonds Chloe wants. She introduces herself as part of the LAPD and wants to know why she robbed her own store. Lucifer grows impatient and uses his powers on Tiffany.

[00:16:00] Tiffany confesses she arranged for the diamonds to be stolen to get the insurance money. Tiffany hates millennials, and she blames them for the downfall of the diamond industry. The plan was just to get the insurance money, then Fahrid would resell the diamonds when they were clean. Tiffany is devastated to know Fahrid is dead. Meanwhile, Maze and Ella go to a motel looking for Jay. Maze threatens the receptionist, who gives them the guest list. Ella looks for her brother’s name but doesn’t find it. But she finds a Michael Knight listed. Ella tells Maze that Michael Knight is a character from her brother’s favorite TV show.

[00:18:15] Linda calls on Lucifer, who rushes to her office. Linda tells Lucifer that Charlotte Richards came to see her. Lucifer responds that he sent Charlotte to her because she’s the best. Linda remembered all the bad things Charlotte did to her. Lucifer assures her that the Goddess is no more, and Charlotte is an innocent woman looking for help. Dan introduces Don Zeikel to Chloe. He’s the insurance adjustor for Tiffany’s jewelry store. He tells Chloe that insurance fraud is hard to uncover in the diamond business because of so-called cleaners. Cleaners can change the serial numbers on diamonds making stolen diamonds look clean. Chloe asks Don if a diamond authenticator could do such a thing, and he confirms it. Chloe now knows what Ella’s brother was doing inside Fahrid’s office.

[00:20:00] Ella and Maze follow their lead and eventually find Jay. Marcus meets Amenadiel at Lux. He knows Amenadiel was the one who put the mark on him, but Amenadiel refuses to help him remove it. Marcus takes out his gun and threatens to kill innocent people if Amenadiel doesn’t help him. Amenadiel tells Marcus he doesn’t know how to remove the mark as he was sent only as a messenger. Jay tells Ella he didn’t kill Fahrid. He was in the bathroom when he heard someone arguing with him. After that, he heard gunshots. By the time he got out, he saw Fahrid dead. Jay panicked and got out as fast as he could. Maze isn’t convinced. Jay tried to smash her face with a baseball bat, but he was just trying to defend himself as he thought they were trying to kill him.

[00:23:30] Chloe calls Ella to inform her about the evidence against Jay. She wants to know if Ella has found Jay, but Ella lies to protect her brother. Chloe and Dan know Ella is lying. They conclude that Ella will try to prove her brother’s innocence, so she will return to the crime scene. Marcus fires his weapon to get everyone out of Lux. He wants revenge, so he challenges Amenadiel to a brawl. Things don’t end well for Marcus as Amenadiel shoots him in the stomach. Marcus gets up after a few seconds to resume the fight.

[00:27:50] Ella takes Jay back to the crime scene so that he can show her what happened, but Jay’s statements don’t add up. Jay tells Ella he saw the killer standing over Fahrid’s body, but the door from the bathroom opened outward, so he couldn’t see the killer from his vantage point. Maze finds Fahrid’s stash room, where Ella sees the laser engraving equipment used to clean diamonds. Chloe arrives along with Lucifer. Jay takes a gun from the stash room and points it at Chloe. Ella tries to save his brother, but Jay takes the opportunity to escape. She stares at the stash room in disbelief. Ella begs Maze to help save her brother, but she refuses and leaves. Chloe and Lucifer can‘t find Jay, so they return to Fahrid’s office instead.

[00:31:50] Chloe sees a security camera directly facing Fahrid’s office table. She tells Ella that Jay may have seen the killer through the security camera. Ella tells Chloe the killer wore a black ski mask and red wingtip shoes. Lucifer comments the wingtip shoes are too stylish for a common killer. Chloe has an idea who killed Fahrid. Jay confronts the killer — Don. Don distracts Jay and disarms him. He knows Jay doesn’t know how to handle a gun. He wanted Jay to clean the diamonds Fahrid stole before he killed Jay. Chloe and Lucifer go to see Don, but she doesn’t want Ella to tag along. Chloe promises Ella she will handle it for her. Back at Lux, Amenadiel and Marcus are still beating each other up.

[00:33:50] Amenadiel wins the fight as he impales Marcus on some metal decorations within Lux. He tells Marcus he should accept the punishment he deserves. Marcus points out he isn’t the only one who plotted to kill his brother. Amenadiel tells him his case is different. The only difference is that Amenadiel failed and used other people to do his dirty work. Amenadiel knows Marcus is correct; he did plot against Lucifer, and the punishment was his loss of power. Marcus asks Amenadiel for help to get off his impalement. Meanwhile, Ella sees Don bringing Jay out of the building. She confronts them, but Don points the gun at her.

[00:36:00] Don is about to shoot Ella when a dagger hits his heart. Ella turns around and sees Maze, but she leaves as soon as Ella looks away. Chloe knows Maze killed Don, but everything’s fine. The DA won’t press charges against Jay because he did nothing wrong. Lucifer follows Jay; he knows Jay isn’t telling the truth. Jay goes back and takes the stash of diamonds he hid. Lucifer tells Jay that Ella put so much faith in him, and he would do anything not to hurt Ella. He tells Jay he will be watching him and will be back if he does something stupid again. Lucifer goes back to Lux and sees the mess Amenadiel and Marcus made.

[00:42:00] Amenadiel tells Lucifer he placed the mark on Marcus. He adds that Lucifer’s partnership with Marcus won’t end well, but Lucifer already knew that. Lucifer wants to incur God’s wrath, but Amenadiel wants to protect him. Lucifer doesn’t want his help and protection. He tells Amenadiel that if he keeps meddling with his plans, he will consider him his enemy. Amenadiel has no choice but to keep meddling with Lucifer’s plan. He accepts Lucifer would see him as his enemy.

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