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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13 Recap – ‘Til Death Do Us Part


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13 Recap - ‘Til Death Do Us Part

[00:00:50] Marcus visits Lucifer at his penthouse. Lucifer got his apron on, ready to cut Marcus into pieces with his chainsaw. Marcus tells Lucifer he already tried everything since he’s been trying to kill himself since the Bronze Age. Marcus adds he even tried to jump into a volcano, but he still survived. Lucifer finds one of Maze‘s blades and tries to kill Marcus with it, but it still didn’t work.

[00:03:30] Chloe and Dan are investigating a new case involving June Lee. Someone threw June into a wood chipper and was discovered the next morning. Chloe asks people within the community if they have any idea who would want to harm or kill June; no one has a clue. Everyone loved June, and she was very active within their community. Lucifer asks Maze for help, so she hauls all of her weapons from the Lux basement. Maze shows Lucifer her collection of things that can kill. Lucifer forgets to mention that he already tried to kill Marcus using one of Maze’s demon blades. Maze tells Lucifer he should find out what makes Marcus vulnerable much like how Chloe makes him vulnerable.

[00:06:30] Lucifer redecorates Marcus’ office in the precinct to make it look like Linda’s office. Marcus is pissed that Lucifer rearranged his office and wants him to get it back to its original look. Marcus leaves Lucifer and talks with Chloe, who is surprised to see Marcus decides to stay. Chloe tells Marcus that June Lee isn’t June Lee; her real name is Sandra Jang, and according to their records, she died three years ago. Marcus tells Chloe to pull up the original death certificate to look for a lead. Lucifer assures Marcus he will kill him; he just needs time.

[00:08:30] Chloe finds out that Sandra faked her death three years ago. Marcus knows Sandra is either running or hiding from someone or something. Dan updates them with what the tech team found in Sandra’s laptop. She was a chemist for a gang named Korean Power. Sandra was cooking drugs and filed everything under a folder named K-Pop. Dan thought it was the music genre, but Lucifer tells him it‘s a brand of ecstasy. Chloe tells Lucifer they need to find a dealer who sells K-Pop. Lucifer goes ahead to establish a buy-bust at Lux.

[00:10:00] Maze goes to the DA’s office to look for more bounties. She gets a case, but she smells something wonderful — Charlotte. She introduces herself to Charlotte and tells her what their relationship was. Charlotte tells Maze she’s already in the process of changing from her old ways. Maze doesn’t mind her change of paths, but the change in her smell attracts Maze — she is turned on. Maze tells Charlotte she will be back for more.

[00:12:00] Chloe meets Lucifer at Lux where he introduces her to his bartender. The bartender also doubles as a drug dealer, and he gives them each a piece of K-Pop. The bartender tells them that the K-Pop used to be the best ecstasy to hit the streets, but everything changed when Korean Power lost their genius chemist because her lab exploded in a freak accident. The bartender gives them the name and location of Korean Power’s boss: Brandon Hong. Lucifer wants to go straight to Brandon, but Chloe needs to approach things the legal way. Still, Lucifer goes to the karaoke bar on his own. He serves a can of whoop-ass to anyone that stands in his way. Eventually, he gets to Brandon and offers him his services.

[00:16:00] Brandon goes straight to Chloe and confesses to extortion and drug dealing as the Boss of Korean Power. He adds that Sandra used to cook their ecstasy, but everything changed when she left. Brandon tells Chloe they lost most of their profits because Sandra died. But after a few years, Sandra reached out to him to pay her debt because she was tired of looking over her shoulder. Chloe can’t believe Brandon is so cooperative. He also promised that his gang will cooperate with whatever the police needed to bring Sandra’s killer to justice. Lucifer explains he offered Brandon a deal: his cooperation for Sandra’s ecstasy recipe. Brandon will spend a few years in jail, but they will regain the recipe for the best ecstasy in LA — a fair trade-off.

[00:18:30] Chloe double-checks Sandra’s belongings to check if she resumed her ecstasy cooking skills while being a chemistry teacher in her new life. She tries accessing Sandra’s hard drive, but the laptop can’t detect it. Lucifer shakes the hard drive and breaks it in two. The hard drive isn’t a real hard drive, but a small container with a note and a packet of drugs. Chloe and Lucifer present the new evidence to Marcus, who agrees for them to go undercover to snuff out the killer. Chloe tells Marcus they can’t go undercover; everyone already knows them as police officers. Marcus wants them to look for another set of police officers to go undercover. Lucifer already knows who should go undercover.

[00:21:00] Brian and Anya welcome the new couple on the block. Lucifer and Marcus go undercover as a gay couple. They have dinner with Brian and Anya as Lucifer engages them in small talk to gain their trust. Meanwhile, Maze arrives while Dan and Charlotte are having dinner. She invites Dan and Charlotte for a threesome. Charlotte asks Dan if he wants to, but he just returns the question to her. Charlotte goes to the bar to grab a drink. Maze follows and talks to her. Maze realizes she just smelled the stench of hell from Charlotte. As soon as she finds out the truth, Maze no longer has any interest in her. She tells Charlotte that Dan will definitely still be interested.

[00:27:30] Lucifer establishes themselves as the worst neighbor in the neighborhood. He throws a party on his front lawn, disturbing the peaceful neighborhood. After a few days, a guy approaches the house in the middle of the night and places something in their mailbox. Chloe radios Lucifer, but he is busy arguing with Marcus he doesn’t hear Chloe’s message. She has no choice but to apprehend the guy before he escapes. Brian tries to keep their neighborhood straight and up to standards, but he didn’t kill Sandra. Brian is one of Sandra’s best customers as he bought her homemade Adderall with half of their block. Chloe has no choice but to release Brian, but he doesn’t compromise Lucifer and Marcus‘ cover. Chloe wants them to go back. She has a new plan.

[00:31:30] Lucifer and Marcus set up a party for their neighbors. Lucifer installs cameras near the guest log for Chloe to view everyone attending the party. Marcus and Lucifer fight in front of the whole neighborhood. Marcus knows that Lucifer doesn’t know how to kill him permanently. Lucifer walks out, and Chloe has to chase him out on the street. She begs Lucifer to go back to the party for them to solve the case. Lucifer goes back and sees Marcus moved the salsa. He explains he doesn’t want anyone spilling salsa on the macaroni. Lucifer understands, so they apologize to each other. After reconciling with Marcus, Lucifer continues as planned and collects the handwriting of everyone in the neighborhood. He finally gets to Anya, but Brian stops her from writing a message for Lucifer and Marcus.

[00:36:30] Brian tries to leave with Anya, but Marcus and Lucifer stop them. He has no choice but to retaliate, so he grabs the garden scissors and defends his wife. Chloe realizes what‘s happening, so she goes outside to stop Brian. She knew that Brian recognized Anya’s handwriting, so he was just protecting his wife. Anya thinks that Brian is having an affair with Sandra, so she wrote the threatening letter. One night, Anya confronted Sandra, but she denied she was having an affair with Brian. Anya lost control and pushed Sandra; she hit her head and died. Anya didn’t know what to do, so she shoved June’s body in the wood chipper. Chloe arrests Anya on the spot as she confesses to murder.

[00:38:30] Charlotte approaches Dan to apologize about their failed dinner, but Dan blames Maze for what happened. Dan finally confesses his feelings for Charlotte and tells her he will wait if she still had to sort out things in her life. Chloe asks Marcus out but he refuses. Marcus doesn’t want to spend time or commit to a relationship with Chloe because he knew that at some point he will outlive Chloe and end up alone again. He goes to Lucifer’s penthouse where they get to talk about his true desire. Marcus grew tired of living alone. He tells Lucifer he wants to die. Marcus tells Lucifer that he only partially understood the feeling because he is still new on Earth, unlike him who has spent a millennium being alone. Lucifer tells Marcus they need to stay committed if they want to get revenge on God.

[00:42:00] Marcus finally allows Lucifer to use his chainsaw on him since they’re friends now. Lucifer couldn’t be happier as he goes to his room to get his chainsaw.

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