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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 15 Recap – High School Poppycock


Published 2 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 15 Recap - High School Poppycock

[00:00:50] Lucifer goes to Linda because he has a nightmare. In his dream, Chloe fell to her death from his penthouse. Lucifer couldn‘t control his wings, so he couldn‘t save Chloe from falling. Linda knows Lucifer’s dream means something about his wings and things to come. Lucifer wants Linda’s help to remove his mental block, so he can think of more ideas to remove Marcus’ curse but removing a mental block doesn’t involve hypnotism or whatever Lucifer thinks. Lucifer leaves Linda because she can’t help him. After Lucifer left, Linda received a call from Amenadiel.

[00:04:00] Chloe and Ella are supposed to go to a party, but Chloe takes a rain check. Lucifer is silent on their way to a new case; he keeps thinking of new ways to kill Marcus. Chloe wants to know why Lucifer is silent, but she can’t relate because she has never had a mental block in her entire life. Their new case is Kathleen Pike: an author. Her body was discovered by her own editor, Vincent Green. Kathleen got hit on the head with her own typewriter. Chloe talks with Vincent, who is worried he might have gotten Kathleen killed. Vincent tweeted Kathleen had already finished the book ahead of time and got fans excited. Vincent explains that Kathleen got writer’s block, and it took her five years to finish the series. Lucifer is curious how Kathleen overcame her writer’s block.

[00:09:00] Vincent tells them Kathleen wrote how she overcame writer’s block in the book’s afterword, but Vincent hasn’t read the finished book because someone stole it, presumably Kathleen’s killer. Lucifer knows they have to find the book, so he can find out how to overcome his own writer’s block. Over at Linda’s office, she is having dinner with Amenadiel. They must do it in her office because they are hiding from Maze. Linda wants to tell Maze about them but doesn’t know how to tell her. Linda wants Amenadiel to check up on Maze to see how she’s doing. Amenadiel agrees to check on Maze; he will do anything for Linda.

[00:11:00] Chloe finds a lead to Kathleen’s possible killer. In an online forum, a fan named “Ashley3001Fan” got into a heated discussion about Kathleen’s third book. Ashley3001Fan was mad about the huge delay of Kathleen’s third book. Kathleen berated her so badly she just went offline after their argument. Chloe and Lucifer leave the precinct to find Ashley. Amenadiel goes to Maze, but Trixie opens the door and tells him she isn’t there. Amenadiel knows Maze doesn’t want to see him, so he tells Trixie to tell Maze he was looking for her. Maze explains to Trixie that Amenadiel and Linda are going behind her back about their relationship, which angers her. Trixie tells Maze that Chloe told her some people have a hard time telling others the truth, so they need help. Maze gets an idea how to help Amenadiel and Linda.

[00:14:00] Chloe and Lucifer enter an ice cream shop; one of the employees is Ashley. When Chloe approaches the counter and flashes her badge, one of the employees tries to make a run for it. Chloe takes out her gun and tells the employee to freeze. The employee‘s name is Claire; her manager is a guy named Ashley. Lucifer immediately threatens Ashley, so he will give up the book. But he doesn’t seem to know what Lucifer is talking about. Chloe and Lucifer bring Ashley in for questioning. He tells them he doesn’t have the book, and the ice cream they found was a special flavor he made especially for Kathleen. Ashley doesn’t know Kathleen is dead. He gives Chloe and Lucifer everything they need to know about Kathleen and her book.

[00:17:00] Kathleen’s inspiration for her book was her high school memories. Ashley tried to help Kathleen finish her book but wanted to go in a different direction when she saw Ashley’s version. Kathleen told Ashley she needed to return to her original inspiration, her high school memories. The book‘s main characters were based on real people from Kathleen’s high school batch. Kathleen was supposed to announce her third and final book at their high school reunion. They pulled up the names and sorted the main characters as the main suspects. Chloe wants Lucifer to go undercover at Kathleen’s high school reunion to find the possible killer. Lucifer would pose as Todd Cornwell, while Maze would distract the real Todd from attending the reunion.

[00:19:30] Maze goes to Linda’s office to surprise Linda. Linda gets surprised as Maze tells her she called her a few times, but she didn’t call back or answer her calls. She has the opportunity to tell Maze the truth, but she just can’t. Linda tells Maze she was busy at work. Maze tells Linda she thought Linda already got a boyfriend. Linda gets another opportunity to tell the truth, but she really can’t, so she lies about still being single. Maze tells Linda she will set up a date for her. Linda refuses but Maze insists, so she doesn’t have any choice. Chloe spends all night reading Kathleen’s book to get to know the main characters for their sting operation.

[00:21:00] Chloe arrives with Lucifer at the reunion. She is starstruck with all the characters in Kathleen’s book. Lucifer tells her to focus; one of the characters she’s drooling about is their killer. Meanwhile, Linda meets Amenadiel at a restaurant. Maze invited Amenadiel, who agreed because he thought Maze wanted to talk. It seems Maze set up a double date for them. Maze arrives with the real Todd Cornwell, who she introduces to Linda. To Amenadiel and Linda’s surprise, Maze was going with Amenadiel for their double date. Back at the reunion, Chloe and Lucifer question all the main characters of Kathleen’s book. They all hated Kathleen as her book ruined their lives. No one had a solid alibi at the time Kathleen died.

[00:26:00] Things go smoothly as Maze planned. Amenadiel isn’t enjoying himself while Todd is having the time of his life with Linda. Linda whispers to Amenadiel that they just have to survive the night. Maze has more in store for both of them. Lucifer finds out everyone broke into the school pool two nights ago to have a pre-party. While Chloe speaks to the other characters, Lucifer tells her none of them killed Kathleen. One of the characters told them Todd was with Kathleen two nights ago. Lucifer and Chloe realize Todd killed Kathleen. Things get out of control at the double date because Maze provokes Linda. She gropes Amenadiel and licks his cheeks. Linda realizes Maze knows about her relationship with Amenadiel, so she’s torturing them. Maze leaves the restaurant after a heated exchange with Linda.

[00:32:30] Lucifer and Chloe arrive exactly as Maze left. They arrest Todd and bring him in for questioning. Todd tells them he visited Kathleen, but he didn’t kill her. Kathleen talked to Todd about being the hero of the final book. Kathleen wanted the ending of her book to be peaceful — the complete opposite of what Vincent expected. Chloe knows Vincent killed Kathleen; she just needs to prove it. Chloe calls Vincent and tells him about Ashley. Vincent tells Chloe he doesn’t know about Ashley, but Chloe knows otherwise. Lucifer and Chloe go to the ice cream shop where Lucifer poses as Ashley to trap Vincent. Vincent falls for it. He goes to the ice cream shop, hoping to tie up loose ends.

[00:36:00] Vincent confesses to killing Kathleen. Lucifer gets angry at Vincent because he destroyed the book Kathleen wrote. He wants to know what Kathleen wrote in her afterword, but what Vincent tells him doesn’t help with his problem. In the end, everything was just business for Vincent. Chloe arrests him and closes the case. Amenadiel and Linda see each other at the park. Linda breaks her relationship with Amenadiel; he agrees with her decision. They agree that what they did to Maze was wrong, and continuing their relationship will only add insult to injury. Lucifer invites Chloe to Lux to fulfill one of the things she missed in life: prom dance.

[00:41:00] Lucifer and Chloe dance in the middle of Lux. She wants to know Lucifer’s problem. Lucifer tells her about his promise to Marcus. Chloe gives a piece of advice and tells Lucifer he should move on; no one can rewrite history. Lucifer gets an idea from Chloe’s advice.

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