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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – The Majestic 12


Published 2 weeks ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - The Majestic 12

Back in 1993, it was The Handler who ordered Lila’s real parents to be killed. She discovers Lila hiding in a secret room and takes her. The Handler personally took care of Lila as her daughter, and she even trained her to become an assassin for The Commission. By the time Lila was of legal age, she had already killed many people.

The Handler tells Lila that she needs Five alive. Lila wants to kill someone, and she is hoping to kill Five. The Handler responds that Five is worth more to her alive than dead, even though he caused her so much misery. She tells Lila that she could kill Diego, but it seems that she has already grown attached to him. Lila tells The Handler about The Swedes. She informs Lila that she sent them to find Five’s siblings and that they also know about her. The Handler reminds Lila to protect Five at all costs before leaving.

All that Luther could think about was Allison. He was living a good life, but that’s when he thought all his siblings were dead. Now that they’re alive and Allison is alive, he no longer wants to keep living his basic life. Luther wakes up to find Vanya beside his bed. She told Luther that Five was waiting downstairs by the car. Vanya agrees with Luther that Five is an asshole and end up discussing what Vanya already knew. Five told her the basics; he left out that she was the cause of the last apocalypse and that things weren’t going great between them in their timeline.

Luther told Vanya the truth about her. He told Vanya that she caused the apocalypse but not on her own. Luther told Vanya that she got angry, lost control, and blew up the moon. Vanya didn’t understand how she could destroy the world. Luther explains that she had a bad childhood, but he can’t finish his explanation as Jack walks in. Jack is furious at Luther because he lost a lot of money in Luther’s last fight. Luther told Jack he could make it up to him, but he ended their relationship right then. Luther told Vanya to get out, but she didn’t want to leave. He had to punch a hole in the wall to prove his point that he was not in the mood to talk. Vanya decides to leave as Five laughs at Luther for punching a hole in the wall.

Things didn’t work out with Vanya and Luther. Five tries to convince Vanya to come with him, but she refuses. Vanya wants to return to the farm because that’s her new life. She doesn’t want to help Five because he didn’t tell her the truth. Five tells Vanya that shit blows up when she loses control of her emotions, so he left out the apocalypse part, but that didn’t stick with Vanya. She decided to drive away, so Five left, searching for a new plan to save the world. Meanwhile, Allison didn’t know what to do as Raymond didn’t come home after the riot.

Klaus woke up and found Allison in a state of worry. She didn’t know where Ray was, and she blamed herself for what happened between them. She didn’t want to use her powers, but that was the only way to stop Ray from dying. Klaus tries to help Allison, but his wisdom doesn’t make sense and only angers Allison. She decided not to deal with Klaus and look for Ray.

Five and Diego discuss the next step of their plan. He knew letting Vanya go was a setback, but she had a lot to process. Five had faith in Vanya that she would come back when they needed her the most. Five tells Diego they need to find Reginald and shows him the address of the event that Reginald will be attending. The name on the invitation is Hoyt Hillenkoetter. Elliott recognized the name and told them about the Majestic Twelve. Hoyt was part of the twelve, and they were a group of men that were regarded as a shadow government. Kennedy is the first president to try to expose the group and bring them out of the shadows. Elliott showed them a picture, but there were only 11 men. Five and Diego knew that Reginald was the twelfth member of the group.

Vanya returns to the farm, and Sissy is delighted to see her. Sissy invited Vanya for breakfast so that she could tell her everything that happened to her while she was gone. Meanwhile, Klaus continues stalking Dave as part of his elaborate plan to save his life. Klaus didn’t have a complete plan, so he went head-on and told Dave everything. Dave didn’t believe him, and Klaus didn’t have time to explain things to Dave because his Uncle Brian interrupted their conversation. Uncle Brian didn’t like queers, and he didn’t want to have anything to do with queers. He pulls Klaus out of his seat and pushes him away from Dave. Klaus asks Dave for a few minutes of his time so he can explain things. Uncle Brian told Dave not to listen to Klaus and just hit him in the face.

The pressure got to Dave, and he stood up and punched Klaus. Klaus couldn’t believe that Dave would hit him, so he left the diner. Ben watched as Klaus felt embarrassed in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Allison found Ray having a meeting with the civil rights group. Allison stormed inside the parlor and confronted Ray in front of everyone. She felt discarded that they were having a meeting without her. Ray no longer trusts Allison after what happened last night. He suspected the police paid off Allison to spy on them. Allison felt offended, but even then, she couldn’t tell Ray the truth about her past. Allison allows Ray to walk back inside the parlor without saying anything.

Klaus has been sober for three years, but it’s time to call it quits. Ben tries to talk Klaus out of his plan to get fucked up, but he doesn’t listen. He wanted to drown the pain of being hit on the face by Dave. Klaus bought all the liquor he could and returned to his mansion. He arrived and saw that his followers had returned. Klaus tries to tell them to stay in the house, but they chase after him like a pack of wolves. Klaus didn’t have a choice but to throw away all his booze so that he could escape them. Meanwhile, Diego, Lila, and Five arrive at the dinner party organized by the Majestic Twelve. Lila keeps to her duty of protecting Five, but he doesn’t trust Lila one bit.

Luther decides to eat his woes away. He went to an African American cookout and ate non-stop. He was about to chow down on another plate when he saw Allison approaching the tables. Allison gave Luther a big hug after seeing him, and Luther felt like they were the only persons left in the world. Luther congratulates Allison on getting married, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Everything was okay with Luther. He was happy that Allison found someone to spend her life with, stuck in the 60s. He understood that Allison was worried that years would pass by without seeing anyone or finding out if anyone was still alive.

Allison told Luther that she needed someone or something to hold on to, to keep her sane. She told Luther that she had found what she needed in Ray. Luther tells Allison that they cause the end of the world again. Allison couldn’t believe that the world was ending again. Luther tells Allison that the world is going to end in 7 days.

Meanwhile, Five, Lila, and Diego, successfully infiltrated the event. They couldn’t find Reginald, but Five told them to keep an eye out for him. Five reminded Diego not to do anything stupid as he set out to find Reginald. Lila tries to follow Five but Diego pulls her back.

Diego knew that Lila had left him last night. Lila came up with an excuse that she went out to buy gauze for his stab wound. Diego doesn’t doubt Lila as she pulls him to the dance floor to dance. Lila and Diego were having fun until Diego saw Grace among the crowd. Since Diego is distracted, Lila goes out looking for Five. Five was following the Majestic Twelve. He hesitated to enter the room, but he knew he needed to, so he teleported inside.

Meanwhile, Diego approached the real Grace and called her mom. Grace didn’t understand what Diego meant and thought he was hitting on her. Diego changed the topic and asked about Reginald, and Grace responded that Reginald was her date for the event. Reginald told Grace that he would only be gone for a quick meeting, but he hadn’t returned.

After speaking with Grace, Diego remembers that he left Lila on the dance floor. He went over to find Lila while The Swedes arrived at the venue. They disguised themselves as waiters to find their target. Meanwhile, Vanya tells Sissy that she can’t stay with them any longer because it would threaten their lives. Sissy insists they take a vacation for a few days, but Vanya refuses. While they were arguing, Harlan heard their conversation. He took off because he didn’t want Vanya to leave. Sissy and Vanya chased after Harlan, but they lost him on the way out. They decided to split up to find him, but they didn’t know where he went. Sissy went to the barn, but Harlan wasn’t there. Vanya went through the forest and found Harlan’s wooden bird floating in a pond.

Vanya knew that Harlan was at the bottom of the pond. She kept herself calm and focused on using her powers. Somehow her strategy worked, and she was able to lift the water. Vanya found Harlan at the bottom of the pond and carried him to shore. Vanya did her best to revive Harlan, and she succeeded. Sissy found them, and Vanya told her that Harlan was okay. Vanya was amazed that she could save Harlan, which would be the deciding point of whether she will rejoin the academy or not.

Things weren’t going great for Luther. He got back from his date with Allison and found Phil fixing the hole on his wall. Luther told Phil that he was going to pay for the damages, but Phil wanted him to leave. Phil knew that Luther was on Jack’s list because of last night’s fight. He didn’t want to be on the same list, so he couldn’t keep Luther as his tenant any longer. Luther had no choice but to join his siblings, so he went to Elliott’s place. Elliott was surprised to see Luther on his doorstep. He allowed Luther in and continued to stare at his huge body.

Sissy doesn’t want Vanya to leave. Her life has been a complete mess, and she needs a friend in Vanya. Carl doesn’t treat Sissy as a loving husband would, and Harlan has Autism which makes life difficult for him. Sissy fell for Vanya because she let her out of her box. She felt alive when Vanya came along, so she didn’t have any difficulty allowing her into their home. Sissy lost control of herself and started kissing Vanya. Vanya couldn’t tell Sissy to stop, so she kissed her back.

Meanwhile, Allison kept on waiting for Ray to come back. She heard a knock on her door and expected it to be Ray, but it was Klaus. He was drunk and needed a place to stay for the night.

Allison offered her couch for the night, and Klaus immediately fell asleep as soon as he lay down. Meanwhile, Luther and Elliott got high on a tank of nitrous. Elliott reveals that his father was a dentist, and he inherited the place when his father died. They kept on laughing as they got to know each other. They both poured out their problems, but instead of crying, they kept on laughing because of the nitrous. Luther and Elliott both lost the love of their lives, but they just kept on laughing. Luther told Elliott not to worry because they would all die in 7 days.

Five teleported into a closet inside the meeting room. The Majestic Twelve were planning to assassinate JFK upon his arrival in Dallas. Five kept silent inside the closet, but somehow Reginald heard him. Reginald took an iron poker and poked through the closet door. He opened the door, but Five was no longer there. Five teleported out of the room, but he found himself face to face with one of the Swedes. The Majestic Twelve heard the commotion outside the room, and they knew someone was looking for them. They decided to leave the event and convey it to another location.

Diego saw that Five was in trouble, but he soon got into trouble as well. One of the Swedes placed a belt over his neck and strangled him. Lila arrived, but she chose to help Five instead of Diego. As soon as Five got free, he threw one of the Swedes out the window. He looked out on the parking lot and saw Reginald with Grace. He teleported away from the fight to follow them and Lila followed Five to protect him. Diego was left to fend for himself, so he released his anger on the two remaining Swedes. After his fight, Diego saw Reginald and Grace were about to leave.

Five managed to reach the parking lot before Reginald got in his car. Five told Reginald something in ancient greek which made him look back. Grace told Reginald they needed to leave, so he got in the car without confronting Five. Diego and Lila arrive soon after, but Reginald has already left. Five knew that Reginald understood his message, and only time would tell what would happen next.

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