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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17 Recap – Let Pinhead Sing!


Published 2 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17 Recap - Let Pinhead Sing!

[00:00:50] Axara is doing a concert when someone shoots a rocket at her. The real Axara rushes out the stage and calls for help for her friend, Jill. Lucifer goes to Linda and tells her he will stop his defiance against God for a bit. He also tells Linda he will no longer try and kill Marcus. Meanwhile, Ella tries to cheer Marcus up, but her plans don’t turn out as they are supposed to. She reaches out to Dan for help; she looks up to him as a very positive dude.

[00:06:00] Chloe and Lucifer investigate the Axara case with Ella. Chloe speaks with Rohan Donahue, Axara’s manager. No one knew why Axara changed places with Jill; it was the first time they had ever switched places. Everyone was in panic and shock that someone was trying to kill Axara, but Rohan didn’t want to panic or cancel shows until they were sure about what happened. Ella shines a light on their predicament and tells them that the fireworks used to kill Jill were professional-grade and intentional. Lucifer realizes something about him and Chloe. He leaves the crime scene and tells Chloe she will thank him later on.

[00:08:00] Lucifer tries to take his focus out of Chloe to remove her from his spotlight. He thinks if he lessens his attention to Chloe, she won’t incur God’s wrath. Chloe speaks with Axara, who tells her one of their ex-backup singers threatened her recently. Lucifer tells Chloe it is worth checking out. Meanwhile, Linda goes to make amends with Maze, but she doesn’t open the door for her. Linda pleads with Maze, but she doesn’t budge. Linda has no choice but to leave the battle axe she got for Maze on the doorstep, then leaves. Chloe and Lucifer ask Patrick to come in for questioning. Patrick or Patty hates Axara, but he doesn’t want her dead. Instead, he wants to compete against her. Patty rolls as Axara version 2.0, so her act will be useless if Axara is dead.

[00:12:00] Ella shows Chloe and Lucifer Axara’s social media accounts; people are head over heels for her. Axara’s assistant ran an online contest a few weeks ago, and the winner would get an all-access pass to her concert. Benny Parker won the contest. Chloe and Lucifer visit Benny for questioning. She knew Lucifer was avoiding her because of what happened in the previous case, but Lucifer declined all allegations. Chloe and Lucifer arrive at Benny’s and find his lifeless body. Benny seems to have committed suicide, complete with a suicide note and a half-empty bottle of sleeping pills. Chloe isn’t convinced. Ella is still waiting on the autopsy report to see if Benny really committed suicide, but Axara is set to resume her show.

[00:17:00] Charlotte continues her therapy with Linda, but Linda does the sharing this time. Charlotte wants to listen to Linda because she‘s acting weird that day. Linda explains she was having issues with a friend. Charlotte is great at mediating conflict and issues, so she volunteers to help Linda. Linda wants to say no, but she has no choice. Back at the precinct, Ella finally gets the autopsy report which shows Benny died a day before Axara was attacked. Axara is still in danger. Dan tries to console Marcus and be a shoulder to cry on. Marcus isn’t interested, so he just gives Dan the deepest explanation of his life. Dan can’t react or give Marcus a sufficient response.

[00:20:50] Chloe and Lucifer plead with Axara to cancel her show, but she won’t budge. Axara wants to continue with her show. Someone makes another attempt to kill her while she speaks to them. Chloe stands in the line of fire to save Axara, but the bullets miss. Ella recovers the gun and returns to the precinct to run ballistics. Chloe places Axara on 24-hour surveillance, but she refuses. Lucifer volunteers his penthouse for Axara to stay in. Axara agrees to stay at Lux until Chloe solves the case. Lucifer finds out Axara is too much for him to handle.

[00:25:00] Chloe talks to Rohan; he owns the gun. Rohan denies all the allegations, but evidence proves otherwise. Rohan tries to leave, but Chloe arrests him for the murder of Jill, Benny, and the attempted murder of Axara. Charlotte mediates a meeting between Linda and Maze to get their friendship back on track. Maze and Linda air their grievances. Linda decides to leave as things get out of hand. At the penthouse, Axara wants to have sex with Lucifer, but he isn’t in the mood. Instead, they have a bit of talk about Lucifer’s problem. Axara tells Lucifer he shouldn’t let anything get in the way of the things he loves and cares about. Lucifer takes Axara’s advice, but Axara leaves before they can share a drink.

[00:31:30] Ella updates Chloe on the toxicology report they had on Benny. Someone tortured Benny before he died. The report showed turmeric, kale, and spirulina. Chloe notices everything is a smoothie ingredient. Chloe realizes Rohan didn’t kill Benny or Jill. Dan continues to do his best to help Marcus, but nothing works. He sees Amenadiel and offers to introduce him, but Marcus and Amenadiel already know each other. Dan sees the opportunity to get a breather. He leaves Marcus with Amenadiel for a while. Amenadiel tells Marcus his plans to get rid of his mark end that day, but Marcus has already given up ahead of time. Amenadiel thinks he passed his test but still doesn’t regain his powers. He has faith in God and remains positive, but Marcus can’t see anything positive with his immortality.

[00:35:00] Axara escapes Lucifer to sing at Lux. Lucifer tries to get her back to the penthouse, but they end up in a duet singing “I Will Survive.” After their number, Axara’s assistant, CeCe, appears with a knife in hand. CeCe confesses to everything, even her love for Axara. She longs for the private moments she used to share with her. Axara tells her music means more to her than anything, even her love. Chloe arrives to try and stop CeCe. She attacks Chloe, forcing Lucifer to tackle her down. CeCe stabs Lucifer while he takes her down. Amenadiel and Marcus see what Lucifer does for Chloe. He points out that if the devil can have it, then maybe he also can.

[00:39:00] Marcus approaches Chloe to congratulate her on another solved case. Axara sends her tickets to the concert, so Marcus decides to go with Chloe. Lucifer arrives and sees the tickets. Chloe tells him she is already going to the concert with Marcus. Lucifer feels heartbroken for the first time. Maze unwraps the battle axe Linda gave her. It seems she wants to forgive Linda, but she breaks the battle axe in half. Lucifer goes to Linda to have someone to talk to.

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