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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 19 Recap – Orange Is The New Maze


Published 1 year ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 19 Recap - Orange Is The New Maze

[00:00:50] Maze ransacks Chloe’s apartment looking for her dagger, but she can’t find it. Lucifer thinks it‘s one of her hell daggers, but it‘s just a regular dagger. Maze wants to return to hell, but Lucifer won’t take her. Lucifer is worried going on another celestial trip may have consequences and hurt Chloe. Chloe arrives and tries talking to Maze, but she doesn’t want to talk and just leaves. Marcus arrives and tells Lucifer they went to the beach. Chloe makes up an alibi: They went to the beach for a murder case. Marcus tells Chloe he’s all in on their relationship, and they can take it slow.

[00:05:00] Charlotte goes to Linda to tell her about Amenadiel. She tells Linda everything Amenadiel told him. Charlotte knows it‘s crazy, but she feels Amenadiel is telling the truth. Linda advises Charlotte to forget about Amenadiel, but she wants to dig deeper into Amenadiel’s story; Linda somewhat agrees. Chloe and Lucifer go to a new crime scene. Ironically, it‘s a beach murder, so Lucifer asks Chloe if it‘s related to her beach murder a few days earlier. Chloe tells Lucifer there was no beach murder that day; it was just her alibi. Chloe admits she went on a date with Marcus. Ella sees a security camera on the beach deck, so Chloe goes to check. They watch the footage and see Maze killed the victim.

[00:09:00] Chloe and Lucifer are looking for Maze, but they can’t find her. Maze killed an ex-convict named Mike Biltz. Marcus tells them Mike is one of Maze’s bounties, and she already caught him once. Marcus wants Chloe to stay professional on the case. Lucifer is about to leave to look for Maze again, but Chloe and Marcus also need to check the victim’s previous workplace. Lucifer calls off his search for Maze and goes with Chloe instead. Mike works at a winery, so Chloe talks to the owner and his manager. They don’t know that Mike is a convict out on bail. All they know is he‘s a good guy who deserves better. The manager tells Chloe and Lucifer someone came looking for Mike the other day.

[00:12:00] Maze comes looking for Mike, but he isn’t around, so she looks at his trailer. The manager tells Mike and it shakes him. Chloe and Lucifer check out Mike’s trailer and finds a can of Maze’s favorite drink. Chloe takes the can and sends it to the lab for testing. Amenadiel and Linda talk about Charlotte. He apologizes for not keeping the secret to himself. Amenadiel tells Charlotte some of the truth except the part about being celestial beings and whatnot. Linda tells him Charlotte is now looking for more answers, and she won’t stop until she knows the whole truth. Linda tells Amenadiel to think things through before he tells more truths to Charlotte.

[00:15:00] Ella tells Chloe there isn’t any news on the can she sent for testing. Dan also found no leads on Mike’s known associates or living family members. Suddenly, Maze arrives at the precinct and tells them she killed Mike. Maze also surrenders the murder weapon, so they have no choice but to book her for the time being. Chloe defends Maze, so Marcus asks him to bring in the real killer. Chloe and Lucifer question Maze, but her statements don’t match the evidence. Lucifer realizes Maze is innocent, so they must find the real killer to save her.

[00:20:00] Charlotte asks Lucifer the truth. But Lucifer doesn’t know how to lie, so he tells Charlotte everything, including the details on Amenadiel being an angel, him being the devil, and about Charlotte dying and going to hell while the Goddess used her body as a vessel. Charlotte is shocked at what Lucifer tells her. Lucifer adds she can just talk to Amenadiel for more questions she may have. Ella visits Maze in the holding cell and offers her support. She tells Maze she will never forget how she saved her brother and that nothing she ever does will be enough. Maze asks Ella for a hug, and she obliges. Chloe and Lucifer arrive. Ella tells them about the can. There‘s no DNA matching Maze, but there are fingerprints of Chloe. Lucifer and Chloe know someone is framing up Maze.

[00:22:30] Ella tells them Maze is in trouble because she just requested a hug from her, and she felt different. Maze hugged Ella to take her ID from her. She goes to records and takes the bail sheet of Mike Biltz. Maze places the guard on duty on a sleeper hold and escapes. Chloe takes the sheet to Marcus and requests his permission to track down Maze. Chloe and Lucifer go out to find Maze and help her. Maze is looking for Barry Hill. She finds him at a local bowling alley where she roughs him up, so he will cooperate. Meanwhile, Charlotte talks to Amenadiel. She wants to know the truth because she doesn’t know if she‘s going insane. The only thing she is sure of is that she went to hell, which is absurd.

[00:28:00] Maze questions Barry on who‘s trying to frame her. Barry tells her someone from Sebastian Corp paid him to frame her. But before Barry provides more information, a sniper kills him. Ella processes the scene and tells them that Maze didn’t kill Barry. Chloe and Lucifer interview all of Maze’s bounties to find out who framed her. Dan and Marcus watch from the other side of the room. Dan tells Marcus that Chloe and Lucifer are inseparable as partners, so he would need to accept Lucifer if he really likes Chloe. All of Maze‘s bounties adore her. She has helped them one way or another. The last bounty tells them that Maze set his life straight by giving him job advice.

[00:32:00] Maze told the last guy he shouldn’t take the job at the winery. The pay was too much, definitely fishy. Chloe knows the owner of the winery they went to framed Maze. Chloe and Lucifer rush to the winery, betting Maze will also be there. Maze hunts down Margo who blames her for her son’s death. Sebastian was Maze’s bounty a few months ago. Margo tells Maze that Sebastian died in a prison fight, and she blames Maze for putting Sebastian behind bars. Maze nearly kills Margo, but Chloe and Lucifer arrive just in time for Chloe to convince her. Chloe tells Maze they are friends, and no one is perfect. She wants to help Maze, but she is the reason why Maze can’t go back to hell. Maze releases Margo and leaves.

[00:37:00] Lucifer returns to Lux with Amenadiel. They find Charlotte drinking by herself at the bar. Amenadiel tells Lucifer it‘s time to set things straight. Both of them apologize to Charlotte but can’t take back what they said, so Amenadiel allows Lucifer to show Charlotte his wings. Charlotte rejoices she isn’t insane; everything is true. Chloe meets Marcus at the parking lot of the precinct. She tells Marcus that Lucifer is just a good friend. Lucifer goes to his car and sees Chloe with Marcus. He sees pure happiness and knows she really likes Marcus. Chloe rides with Marcus and takes her home while Lucifer returns to Lux alone.

[00:40:00] Lucifer calls Maze to apologize. He still doesn’t want to take her back to hell because there still might be repercussions. But the real reason is he didn’t want her to leave. Lucifer points out that Chloe is already happy with Marcus, and he still has her. Maze doesn’t take it lightly that everyone always takes her for granted. Maze leaves Lucifer and tries to leave LA, but Marcus stops her. Marcus offers to work with Maze to get what they truly want.

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