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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 21 Recap – Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 21 Recap - Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

[00:00:50] A ballet dancer goes on stage to perform. Before her performance ends, someone pulls her out of the spotlight and strangles her. Marcus explains to Lucifer that he planned to have Chloe fall in love with him, but he no longer wants to proceed. Chloe was about to confess her love for him, so he stopped him, but it was too late because Chloe already loved him. He adds they are vulnerable to Chloe’s love, but Lucifer doesn’t believe him. Lucifer wants to kill Marcus since he has already lost his mark, but he wants to do it himself. Lucifer leaves his house, but it seems Marcus has changed his heart.

[00:04:00] Chloe asks Ella about the autopsy report of their new case. Ella notices Chloe is wearing shades indoors. She points out that she only wore shades indoors whenever she had a terrible hungover or cried all night long. Ella takes Chloe’s shades off and sees her eyes swollen from all the crying she did. Ella asks what happened; Chloe tells her about the breakup. Ella wants to give Marcus a piece of her mind, but Chloe doesn’t want her to make things complicated. Ella tells Chloe she won’t interfere but she does anyway. She speaks with Marcus, and he realizes that with his mark gone, he can grow old with Chloe. Marcus wants to win Chloe back.

[00:06:30] Lucifer is in a nice mood, thinking Marcus already killed himself, but he shows up at their new case. Marcus tells Lucifer he changed his plans. He doesn’t want to die anymore. Instead, he wants to win Chloe back. He apologizes and confesses his love for her, but Chloe doesn’t trust him anymore; his words are meaningless. The new victim is Reina Markova — prima ballerina for LA West Ballet. Dan tells Chloe the cleaning staff found Reina dead on stage. Ella shows them the murder weapon — lace from a ballerina shoe. Chloe thinks Reina was strangled using her own shoe, but it turns out the shoe belonged to another person. Ella adds that Reina was killed 10 hours ago. Lucifer tells them it‘s a coincidence since 10 hours ago, Marcus broke up with Chloe.

[00:08:00] Dan is shocked upon hearing that Chloe broke up with Marcus. Ella corrects him; it was Marcus who broke up with Chloe. Ella cuts the conversation and returns the shoe to the lab for testing. Dan accompanies Ella; things are getting awkward with Chloe and Lucifer. He tells Lucifer he is rooting for him the whole time. Chloe tells Lucifer he has no business with her relationship with Marcus. She wants Lucifer to stop concerning himself with her relationship issues. Chloe takes the preliminary report from Lucifer. He sees his hand bleed from the papercut. He knew Chloe still loved him.

[00:09:30] Lucifer goes to Linda to tell her the good news. Chloe made Lucifer bleed, so she still cared for him and Marcus. Lucifer tells Linda there’s hope in saving Chloe. He explains that as Chloe’s partner, he must save her from making terrible decisions; one of them is getting back with Marcus. Lucifer realizes he must make Chloe realize the grass is greener on his side. Linda wants to know why Lucifer wants Chloe to choose him. He says he wants things to return to how they were before Marcus arrived. Lucifer leaves Linda’s office and goes straight to Chloe at the precinct. Linda feels she should have stopped Lucifer, but she didn’t. Maze also goes to the precinct to talk with Marcus. She received his text about calling off their plan.

[00:11:30] Maze disagrees with Marcus; she needs the plan to work to get back to hell. Maze wants to pin his death on Lucifer, so he will have no choice but to go back to hell. Marcus doesn’t tell Maze he no longer has the mark. He just tells Maze he doesn’t want to use Chloe any longer. Maze leaves his office, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Lucifer arrives at the precinct and gets Chloe a smoothie and a lemon bar. Dan picks up a lemon bar from Chloe’s desk, but he spats them out when Ella tells him Marcus baked them for Chloe. Ella wants to know how things are for Chloe and Marcus. Lucifer wants to know also, but Chloe tells them to focus on the case.

[00:13:30] The shoes used to kill Reina belongs to her understudy, Amber Fontaine. She used olive oil, Evian, and beeswax on her shoes, giving her away. They suspect Amber got rid of Reina to replace her as Prima Ballerina, or someone is framing her. Chloe and Lucifer interrupt the production practice to speak with Amber. She tells Chloe that Reina was supposed to host America’s Next Prima Ballerina, but a week after leaving, Reina came back. Amber tells them she must’ve left her shoe in Reina’s locker. Amber adds she really wants Reina’s spot, but after getting it, she suddenly knew she wasn’t ready. So she was glad Reina returned. Chloe and Lucifer are convinced Amber no longer had a motive since Reina returns to LA West Ballet.

[00:15:00] Chloe and Lucifer are about to leave when they find a ton of roses inside Chloe’s police car. Marcus left a card on her windshield saying, “No more empty words.” Lucifer asks Amenadiel to meet him at his penthouse. When Lucifer arrives, he wastes no time and tells Amenadiel they need to get rid of Marcus. Lucifer wants Chloe to pick him over Marcus, and he needs Amenadiel’s help to prove that Marcus is a liar. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Marcus is the Sinnerman. Amenadiel didn’t know the whole time. Ella shows Chloe and Lucifer a video of Myles Druker at the precinct. Myles created the show America’s Next Prima Ballerina. They’re now looking at him as the prime suspect for Reina’s death. He knows Reina died the other night, but he doesn’t care.

[00:18:00] Myles wants to leave the precinct, but Lucifer uses his powers on him. Myles isn’t really a cripple; he faked his disability and built his career around it. Myles received an email from Reina that contained video proof he wasn’t a cripple. Myles thought Reina blackmailed him, so she can host his show. He hired Reina to become the host and confronted her, but she didn’t send him the video. Someone used Reina’s email to send him the video, but he didn’t know who nor did he care. After the interview, Lucifer shows Chloe the car he got her. Lucifer tells Chloe anything Marcus can do, he can do better. Chloe refuses the gift and tells him it’s not about material things. Amenadiel visits Charlotte to check how she’s doing. He asks Charlotte to help him prove Marcus is the Sinnerman.

[00:23:30] Chloe comes downstairs to find Maze sipping a cup of coffee or tea. She greets Chloe, but Maze moved out of the house the last time she checked. Maze returns to work on the way to move back into the house. She tells Chloe the news got to her about the breakup, and she wants to know how Chloe is doing. Maze tells Chloe she beat Marcus up for what he did to her; she also adds that Marcus is hurting after their breakup. Trixie comes out of her room to ask what’s for breakfast, but she returns inside after seeing Maze. Chloe tells her Trixie needs time to heal after what happened between them. Dan calls Chloe to tell her about a lead on their case.

[00:26:00] Someone sent the email to Myles from William Sterling’s apartment. Chloe goes to William’s apartment, but Lucifer is already there. Chloe thinks he broke into the apartment, but the next-door neighbor lets him inside. Lucifer wants to help Chloe to show her he’s better than Marcus. Lucifer deducts that William is a creepy stalker. Chloe realizes William was having an affair with Reina. He confirms Chloe’s theory, but he denies hurting Reina. William thinks someone used Reina’s computer without his knowledge. Chloe takes the laptop as evidence. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Charlotte follow Marcus to a meetup. Charlotte agrees to help Amenadiel to get in the good graces of God. Amenadiel doesn’t give Charlotte any assurance, but it‘s a good enough deal for her. Marcus meets with a known fence in LA. Amenadiel takes pictures of Marcus with the fence.

[00:29:00] Amenadiel applauds the LAPD for being helpful. He thinks Charlotte got the info from someone inside the precinct, but Charlotte got her info illegally, meaning their mission is illegal. Amenadiel disapproves of her tactics, but they‘re getting results and technically working for God. Marcus parts ways with the fence, goes to his motorcycle, and leaves. Charlotte sucker-punched a civilian to borrow his motorcycle. Charlotte tails Marcus through the streets of LA, but he knows she is following him. Marcus enters a parking lot and pulls his gun on Charlotte. She uses the breakup news as an alibi and tries to seduce Marcus, but he refuses. Marcus tells Charlotte he’s in love with Chloe and leaves.

[00:31:40] Back at the precinct, the team views the blackmail video sent to Myles from Reina’s laptop. Ella is waiting on the fingerprint results from the laptop’s keyboard, but they can’t get any leads who filmed Myles removing his prosthetic leg. Marcus calls Chloe. Lucifer tries to decline the call, but Chloe takes it anyway. Dan and Ella eavesdrop on the conversation with Lucifer. Marcus invites Chloe for dinner at his house so he can prove he’s still trustworthy. Chloe doesn’t want to go at first, but Marcus persuades her. Lucifer overhears the conversation and asks for a chance to speak to her before going to Marcus. Lucifer invites Chloe over to his penthouse so they can talk in private.

[00:33:00] Chloe arrives at Lucifer’s penthouse where he sets up a dinner date. Lucifer does everything to trump Marcus. Chloe wants to know why Lucifer is doing such things. He responds Marcus doesn’t deserve to be with her. She wants to know who deserves her. Lucifer can’t tell her straight that he wants it to be him. Chloe is about to leave when Dan calls. He is with Ella at the precinct, and they got a lead on the case. It‘s Miguel from the LA West Ballet who shot the video. Chloe and Lucifer go to the theater to confront Miguel. Chloe wonders why Miguel killed Reina, but Lucifer already knows the answer. Miguel wants to be with Amber. William appears from the audience and fires a warning shot, causing people to run out in panic before they can speak to Miguel.

[00:36:00] Miguel blackmailed Myles to get rid of Reina and be with Amber. He killed Reina because she discovered the truth. Miguel couldn’t tell Amber the truth, fearing she would reject him. Amber confesses her love for Miguel as Chloe uses the heat of the moment to disarm William and arrest him. Lucifer tells Miguel he could’ve had everything he ever wanted with Amber if only he had told her. Amber chases Miguel as the police arrest him. Lucifer knows Miguel’s mistake is also his mistake as he watches Chloe walk away.

[00:38:00] Marcus waits for Chloe, but she doesn’t show up, so he decides to leave. Amenadiel and Charlotte enter his house to find the envelope he accepted from the fence. They see the envelope on the table, but it‘s empty. Amenadiel is ready to call it quits, but Charlotte isn’t, especially since they‘re doing the work of God, or so she believes. Lucifer is drinking in his penthouse when Linda arrives. He tells Linda he messed up big time. Lucifer tries to get Marcus out of the picture instead of telling Chloe his feelings. Lucifer is afraid to tell Chloe about his feelings; he knows she has no choice, and God is toying with them. Linda thinks otherwise. She knows by not telling the truth, Lucifer is taking Chloe’s choice away from her.

[00:41:30] Linda asks Lucifer what he truly desires. He responds he wants Chloe to choose him. Lucifer realizes all he needs to do is tell her the truth, something he’s very good at. He leaves his penthouse to tell Chloe the truth. Lucifer arrives at Chloe’s, but Marcus beats him to her. Marcus proposes to Chloe, and she says yes.

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