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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – Chloe Does Lucifer


Published 4 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 8 Recap - Chloe Does Lucifer

[00:00:50] Lucifer and Chloe enjoy each other’s company in front of a fireplace with what looks to be red wine. Everything is going great, but it’s not what it seems as he’s just playing Monopoly with Chloe and Trixie. Lucifer wants to play as the shot glass, but Chloe tells him it’s a thimble. Lucifer wants to use the top hat instead, so he breaks a deal with Trixie. The night goes on, and Lucifer eventually returns to his penthouse, where Amenadiel waits. He wants to know where Lucifer went, but Lucifer doesn’t like to tell him. Amenadiel notices the unicorn painted on his face. He explains it was part of a deal with Trixie.

[00:02:25] Lucifer doesn’t want to admit he had a boring, normal night; it would ruin his reputation. Amenadiel tells him no one would care, but Lucifer insists his exciting lifestyle is what gives ordinary people hope and aspirations. Amenadiel wants to know what Linda thinks of Lucifer’s lifestyle. Lucifer tells him that Linda is on leave due to a death in her family. Amenadiel isn’t aware of this, so he leaves Lucifer to check on Linda. He tells Lucifer that living a boring life suits him. The next day, Lucifer can’t forget what Amenadiel told him. He points out their current victim is the boring one due to her regular clothes and furniture. The girl’s name is Kim Jones, a computer engineer who explains her everyday life. Dan doesn’t understand what Lucifer is rambling about, so Chloe explains.

[00:04:00] Ella tells them Kim died due to blunt force trauma to the head. Lucifer wants Amenadiel to be with them, so he will know what boring looks like. Dan tells Lucifer he has become pretty standard, pointing out Monopoly. Ella sees Esther taking a selfie with everyone else in the background. Lucifer and Chloe go over to interview her. Esther tells them she didn’t spend much time at the apartment, nor did she know who would want to kill Kim. She remembers that Kim was shouting with someone over the phone, but she just assumed it was food delivery. Esther remembers what picture she was posting, so she checks her phone and shows them the time.

[00:07:00] Chloe and Lucifer go over to Top Meet. It seems Kim was fighting with someone from the dating app company. Mack Slater, the CEO of the company, greets them. He compliments Chloe and says she is very compatible with their dating app. Chloe receives an update on their case, and it seems Kim was fighting with Mack. He tells Chloe that Kim hacked into their app, so they had to kick her out. Kim goes psycho on the phone call but that was it. Mack doesn’t want to cooperate since they have celebrity clients, and he can’t give Chloe a list of clients who complained about Kim. Chloe tells Mack that she’s just going to get a warrant.

[00:10:00] Ella enters the lab where Charlotte is waiting for her. Charlotte wants Ella’s help to steer her life in the right direction but she refuses. Ella creates an alibi to leave just as Dan arrives. Dan is avoiding Charlotte, so he just leaves without even saying a word. Amenadiel goes to Linda, who is planning Reese’s memorial. She asks Amenadiel about his opinion on which urn she should use. Amenadiel points to the black one, but Linda refuses, so he just points to the white one, which Linda really wanted. Linda also wants to know if he has any plans the next day. The team reviews Kim’s Top Meet profile at the precinct to get a lead.

[00:13:00] Kim was supposed to have a date on the night of the murder in a local sushi place. Since they weren’t allowed access to Top Meet and the tech team couldn’t hack the app, they weren’t able to ID the suspect. The only thing Ella provides is that the killer used his credentials to get an RSVP to an upcoming party. Chloe volunteers to go undercover to catch the killer’s attention, hopefully. Lucifer volunteers to train her to fit in. The training doesn’t go according to plan. Back at the precinct, Ella does her best to avoid Charlotte, but she just keeps on coming. Charlotte eventually catches up with her and tells Ella she enrolled herself in the forensic shadow program.

[00:16:40] Chloe arrives at the party, where Lucifer meets up with her to give her an ear bug. He wants in on the action, even if he will just do the talking. Chloe removes her necklace and gives it to Lucifer. She tells him it doesn’t fit her outfit. Chloe does her best to flirt with men, but with Lucifer shouting in her earpiece every time, she decides to ditch the earpiece and go solo. Lucifer thinks she needs back up, so he goes inside the event. Chloe is speaking with Benji, who makes a run for it as soon as he hears Lucifer and Chloe’s conversation. Benji makes it outside the event, but Dan stops him. He thinks Chloe and Lucifer are paparazzi. Chloe formally introduces herself as Detective Decker.

[00:22:00] Benji tells them he dated Kim, but he didn’t kill her. He explains that he really liked Kim, and he dropped her off after their date. He added that Esther was there when he dropped Kim off. Benji is avoiding Esther because they had two dates, but he doesn’t like her. The only reason he went with her on a second date was just to see Kim, but she wasn’t there on their second date. Chloe thinks Esther killed Kim because of jealousy, but Lucifer doesn’t support the idea. Lucifer is browsing Esther’s photos when Chloe notices a possible murder weapon. Chloe saw a dumbbell no longer in the apartment when they took photos.

[00:26:00] Linda and Amenadiel go to the beach to plan Reese’s memorial. Amenadiel applauds Linda for her care and compassion toward her ex-husband, but Linda does everything she can for Reese. In reality, Linda doesn’t care about Reese because she keeps thinking about herself and her brush with death when Goddess nearly burned her alive. Linda tells Amenadiel her world changed when she knew the truth about life. She wished she didn’t meet any celestial being and return to the average dumb person that she was. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucifer interview Esther. Chloe asks her who owns the dumbbell; she answers it was Kim’s. Chloe turns the questioning by mentioning Benji and Kim’s relationship. Lucifer stops Chloe and uses his powers to find out the truth. Esther tells them everything is fake.

[00:29:00] Esther doesn’t travel a lot. All she did was pose in her living room using a fake backdrop. She adds that Kim was waiting for some money to come in, and she mentioned it would be life-changing. Lucifer can’t believe Esther is a fake. He tells Chloe he needs to hang out with interesting people before turning into a shoe like Kim. Chloe returns to the precinct to ask Ella for assistance in finding the missing link and lead on their case, but she comes up short. Charlotte overhears their conversation and decides to help. She gives Chloe a copy of Mack’s contract. Kim hired Mack to be the face of Top Meet because she isn’t beautiful enough to pull off being the CEO of a big company. Chloe goes over to Mack to search for the murder weapon.

[00:35:00] Lucifer comes to Mack, but he wants to invite him for a bachelor party. Mack tells Lucifer that Chloe is also there at his house. Chloe and Lucifer search for the murder weapon. They find it inside Mack’s chimney. Mack points his pistol at them, but Lucifer knows Mack is the arrogant, selfish type, so he throws one of his stuff in the air, hoping Mack will catch it and let the pistol go. Mack does so, allowing Chloe to arrest him. Lucifer talks to Linda about what happened. Linda assures Lucifer she is fine. Charlotte tells Ella she stole the contract, but Ella tells her she did it for the right thing, making it count. Charlotte tells Ella she will accept the job at the DA’s office to practice being good.


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