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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – The Sinnerman


Published 2 years ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - The Sinnerman

[00:00:50] Joey lines up outside Lux waiting for his turn to get inside. He bribes security with a dollar to get inside. He asks security for a nice guy discount. The security returns his $1 and allows him to go inside. Joey doesn’t waste any moment as he approaches Lucifer. He wants to ask Lucifer for help but he declines; he tells Joey he only grants favors. Joey asks for Lucifer’s favor to which he obliges.

[00:02:50] Linda wants to know how Lucifer and all the other angels got their powers. Lucifer tells Linda they were sorted out in angel school. Linda doesn’t believe Lucifer, but he is joking about angel school. Lucifer tells Linda everyone is born with their own God-given powers. He doesn’t know how it comes to be or whether it has anything to do with their personalities. Linda still has a lot of questions in mind when it comes to Lucifer and the divine.

[00:04:00] Chloe goes to Marcus to request a personal day off. Marcus just got out of the hospital and was catching up on work, so he didn’t grant Chloe’s request. Chloe rants to Lucifer about how Marcus is a jerk despite saving her life. At the crime scene, Lucifer recognizes the victim, Joey Pileggi. He tells Chloe he granted Joey a favor. Someone broke Joey’s legs. Ella explains they broke his legs after they killed him to send a message. Lucifer tells them Joey is a runner for the mob. Back at Linda’s office, she shares a good laugh with Amenadiel because of her story about Lucifer and angel school. Since Lucifer can’t provide the answers, Linda asks Amenadiel instead.

[00:08:00] Linda points out that Amenadiel’s life and obligations are kind of lonely. Amenadiel tells Linda he doesn’t see any point in getting to know humanity until he met them. Maze comes by to visit Linda after getting back from bounty hunting. To her surprise, Amenadiel and Linda are catching up on things. Back at the precinct, Ella shows the team a limited edition sneaker that belongs to Joey. Charlotte walks in to tell them she’s no longer a defense attorney. She now works for the district attorney’s office. Ella continues to show them the evidence they found at Joey’s place. It seems Joey was stealing from the mob which got him killed. Chloe asks Lucifer who he introduced Joey to inside the mob. Lucifer responds and Chloe decides to bring in Frankie for questioning.

[00:10:30] Back at Linda’s office, Amenadiel and Linda start hitting off. Linda knows their relationship will be a mistake but that doesn’t keep her from kissing Amenadiel. Chloe and Lucifer are about to talk to Frankie when Charlotte interferes. She volunteers to speak with Frankie since she defended him once. Lucifer receives an unknown call that he wants to take so he suggests Charlotte go with Chloe. Chloe agrees to give Charlotte a chance. Questioning Frankie leads to nothing so Lucifer uses his powers to find out the truth. Frankie tells him that he wants to find who killed Joey and get payback. Frankie considers Joey as family and so do the rest of his men. He held Joey as a good lad with a bright future within the mob. Chloe wants to know if Joey ever stole from Frankie but he disagrees.

[00:14:00] Dan comes into the interrogation room to inform them that Frankie is innocent. Chloe and Lucifer go to check out another body related to their case. A woman was shot twice in the chest and hanged. Lucifer tells Chloe he also granted the woman a favor a few years ago. Lucifer realizes the killer is sending him a message. Frida Marquez was hanged using her own hair as Ella explained. She wanted to become a stylist for the stars, so Lucifer introduced her to people who would allow her to achieve her dreams. Frida made it to the top as she got her own beauty empire, but she died shortly after. Lucifer tells Chloe the real reason he has been giving out favors again: the Sinnerman.

[00:16:00] Chloe doesn’t want to believe that the Sinnerman is real, but Marcus arrives to confirm it. He tells Chloe how he previously got tangled with the Sinnerman in Chicago, but he couldn’t capture him. Marcus doesn’t support the recent killings had anything to do with the Sinnerman, but Lucifer thinks otherwise. Chloe just wants to solve the killings whether or not the Sinnerman is involved. Lucifer calls Amenadiel asking for help regarding the Sinnerman. Maze tells Lucifer that Amenadiel is busy with Linda at the moment. Maze is about to tell Lucifer something important, but he finally answers the unknown caller that has been hounding him all day. She leaves Lucifer in disbelief because he chooses to answer a phone call instead of listening to her. The caller turns out to be the Sinnerman.

[00:18:30] Ella makes a breakthrough in the case evidences. She discovers the DNA proof of the Sinnerman. DNA samples from skin cells under Frida’s nails and a hair sample from Joey’s place put the killer at both crime scenes. The DNA matched an old case in Chicago a few years back proving that the Sinnerman is really in LA. Chloe notices a tattoo on Marcus’ right arm but she pays no attention to it. Chloe calls Lucifer about the breakthrough, but she can’t reach her. Marcus offers to accompany Chloe to track down the Sinnerman, but she wants to take Charlotte instead.

[00:20:30] Lucifer goes to a slaughterhouse to find the Sinnerman. He follows the Sinnerman’s voice into a room. The Sinnerman talks to Lucifer using an old television set with a camera booted on top of it. He explains to Lucifer that Joey and Frida were just bait to lure him out. Lucifer is trapped in a building abandoned for 10 years. The Sinnerman knew no one was going to find him anytime soon. He uses his powers on him, but the Sinnerman already knew about it. Lucifer is running out of options; he’s unable to use brute force to escape. The Sinnerman tells Lucifer he will soon find out what he’s up to as the live feed ends.

[00:24:30] Chloe tells Charlotte that she brought her along because she and Frankie had a connection. She tells Chloe she won’t let her down. Charlotte and Chloe talk to Frankie but they still leave empty-handed. Charlotte apologizes to Chloe for what happened but she tells her the truth. Chloe knew Frankie cared for Joey so she allowed Charlotte to tell Frankie about the Sinnerman. Charlotte doesn’t understand why Chloe doesn’t trust her with the truth in the first place. Chloe explains Charlotte needs to earn her trust back since they know what she did in the past. She offers Charlotte a ride home, but she leaves to find her own way home. Chloe receives a call from Marcus offering her food to tag along as she stakes Frankie out.

[00:27:00] Lucifer doesn’t know what to do or how to get out of the freezer. He suddenly hears Maze outside. She opens up the door thinking he is hiding from her. Lucifer explains that Sinnerman trapped him inside the freezer. Maze locks the door again forcing Lucifer to hear her out. Maze has issues with Amenadiel and Linda hooking up. Lucifer tells her there aren’t any issues unless she still desires Amenadiel. She tells Lucifer that Linda is her best friend, and she doesn’t want her to go out with her ex. Lucifer tells Maze she needs to find out what she truly desires so she could move forward. Maze opens the door and lets Lucifer go.

[00:31:00] Marcus and Chloe continue to stake out Frankie. Marcus notices something is bothering Chloe. He asks Chloe what she wants to say to him. Chloe knows the Sinnerman case is personal to Marcus. He tries to deny it but in the end, he tells her the truth. It turns out the Sinnerman killed his brother in Chicago. Chloe tells Marcus she requested the day off to celebrate her father’s death anniversary. She knows what it feels when a case gets personal. Chloe does the right thing by arresting the man that caused her pain instead of killing him in cold blood. Chloe advises Marcus to also do the right thing, so he won’t do something he will regret for the rest of his life.

[00:33:00] Someone arrives at Frankie’s place, but they can’t recognize him. Lucifer calls Chloe and tells her he had a brush up with the Sinnerman. Lucifer describes the Sinnerman to Chloe and it just happens to be the man who arrived at Frankie’s place. Marcus and Chloe get out of the car and go inside. Lucifer hears gunshots and rushes to Frankie’s. The Sinnerman shoots Frankie and his men before shooting at Chloe. He runs but Chloe follows him. Marcus goes outside to cut the Sinnerman off. Chloe exchanges gunfire with the Sinnerman, but Marcus gets to him before he could escape. Marcus wants to finish the Sinnerman off, but Chloe talks him out of it.

[00:35:30] Marcus arrests the Sinnerman. Lucifer arrives at the scene and wants to talk to the Sinnerman, but Chloe stops him. The Sinnerman gets a pen into his sleeve before the other officers take him to the precinct. Chloe tells Lucifer he will get his chance to speak with the Sinnerman later on. Maze visits Linda to talk about Amenadiel. She wants to know if Linda is alone because she is acting like she’s hiding something. Maze tells Linda how she feels about her relationship with Amenadiel. Maze feels left out so she tells Linda she doesn’t want her to continue her relationship with Amenadiel. Linda tells Maze she has nothing to worry about. Maze shares her sexual exploits of Amenadiel with Linda before she leaves.

[00:39:00] Charlotte is crying inside the precinct bathroom when Dan enters. He asks Charlotte if she is doing alright but she declines. Charlotte is trying to change for the better, but she isn’t good at it. She tells Dan she is the best at being the lawyer for the bad guys, so she really wants to change. Dan consoles Charlotte and tells her it’s tough being one of the good guys. He adds he made a ton of mistakes in his life, but he knew he just needs to keep going and do his best. Charlotte comes out of the stall just as another male officer enters the bathroom. Charlotte realizes she is in the men’s bathroom. Lucifer slowly makes his way inside the interrogation room. He finally has a chance to find out the truth about the Sinnerman.

[00:42:00] Lucifer thinks he can use his powers against him, but he had everything planned out. The Sinnerman gouges his eyes out to stop Lucifer from finding out the truth. Dan and the other officers rush inside the room and call for help. Lucifer stares at the Sinnerman in disbelief.

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