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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – Everything‘s Okay


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 1 Recap - Everything‘s Okay

[00:00:50] Lucifer plays the piano for his customers at Lux. He only plays “Creep” by Radiohead over a number of days. Suddenly, armed men arrive at Lux. One of them points a pistol at his head. Lucifer thinks he played “Creep” too much, and the men want to request a song. The man reveals himself as the thief who Lucifer thwarted twice. He wants Lucifer to pay up because he lost all the money from the previous heist and nearly died in the desert. The man thinks he was hallucinating the last time he saw Lucifer because he had wings. Lucifer reaches out for the pistol and bends it like a straw. The other men fire at him, but the bullets don’t affect him. A fight ensues; Lucifer beats them all.

[00:05:00] The man begs for his life, and Lucifer has a change of heart. Lucifer takes him to the penthouse and gives him cash as payment for his troubles. The man leaves as Maze arrives. She offers to find Chloe for him, but Lucifer declines. It’s been a month since Chloe and Trixie left. Lucifer points out that Chloe and Trixie are on vacation, but he isn’t sure if they will return. Lucifer goes to the crime scene where Dan and Ella are working. Dan tells Lucifer to go home. Ella tells Lucifer that Dan has difficulty moving on from Charlotte’s death. Lucifer tells Ella he won’t be coming to check on Chloe anymore; he lost faith she would return. Chloe suddenly shows up and asks Ella about the details of the crime scene.

[00:08:30] The victim’s name is Bob Goldbach. He works as a beekeeper. Someone killed Bob using a honey scraper. Chloe goes to speak to Bob’s wife, Lenore. But she doesn’t know who would want to hurt Bob. Lucifer goes over to Chloe and stares at her. Lenore can’t continue with her statement as Lucifer distracts her. Chloe excuses herself to speak to Lucifer. Chloe went to Europe with Trixie, and she didn’t have a problem with Lucifer being the devil. She tells him she was already used to it because he told her the truth even though she didn’t believe him. Lucifer feels flabbergasted by Chloe’s reaction. Lucifer goes to Linda to get help like he always does.

[00:11:00] Linda tells Lucifer he’s punishing himself for killing a human. Linda sides with Amenadiel’s theory of actualization. Lucifer realizes his evil face has returned because he did something evil. It’s also why he wants Chloe to reject him — a normal reaction. Linda adds that the truth is difficult to digest, and Chloe is just simply accepting the truth. Lucifer doesn’t believe Linda and still implies Chloe is in denial. Linda knows she won’t be able to stop Lucifer. She advises Lucifer to go slowly on Chloe to not break her. Lucifer does as advised and shows Chloe how ridiculous she was when she didn’t believe him. Lucifer tells Ella he is the devil and has led a rebellion against God. Ella tries to keep a straight face, but she can’t hold it.

[00:13:30] Ella laughs her ass off with Chloe looking on. Chloe tells Lucifer to stop messing around as she wants to get back on the case. Ella tells them the murder weapon belongs to someone else. Bob and Lenore are selling varietals which are different flavored honey. The honey on the scraper was plain old honey. Chloe and Lucifer go to the farmer’s market where Lucifer shows off his devilish skills. Lucifer uses his powers on Glenn Dobbs who owns a rival honey stand at the market. The theory was someone killed Bob because of the honey business. At first, Glenn doesn’t respond to Lucifer’s power, but he is just messing around. Lucifer tries again, and Glenn tells them his greatest desire: for Bob to die.

[00:17:00] Glenn is terrified of Bob. He admits to destroying Bob’s beehive, but it‘s because he was losing business. The gimmicky honey was popping off, and his pure honey was falling off the shelves. Glenn went home, but Bob visited him and attacked him with a bag of doorknobs. Glenn went to the hospital afterward. Chloe gets confirmation that Glenn’s story checks out. He was at the hospital when Bob was killed. While walking through the market, Chloe notices someone following them. They enter a barn. Chloe is about to take her pistol out, but Lucifer volunteers to show her his devilish strength. Chloe doesn’t want to, but her curiosity allows it. Lucifer grabs the man and chokes him against the wall. Chloe sees the badge on the man’s belt and tells Lucifer to let go. The man is US Marshall Luke Reynolds.

[00:20:00] Luke tells them Bob is in witness protection. He‘s looking out for Bob but he fails. Bob is part of a syndicate known as Paradisos. Luke thinks the syndicate killed Bob. Bob is known as Bob the Knob. His specialty is beating people with a bag full of doorknobs. Luke apologizes for not approaching the LAPD properly, but he doesn’t know who to trust. The Paradisos arrived in LA a few weeks ago, and Luke knew they weren’t there for a vacation. Luke doesn’t bother asking questions about the syndicate because he knows they won’t answer to law enforcement. Lucifer begs to differ as he points out Chloe has the devil by her side. Chloe laughs since she now knows the truth.

[00:22:00] Chloe goes home to find Maze waiting for her. She confronts Chloe and handcuffs herself to a chair as a sign of good faith. She assures Chloe she won’t hurt her, even if she‘s a demon. Chloe tries to console Maze. After all their talk, Maze frees herself from the handcuffs. Maze tells Chloe what matters is she feels safe. She wanted to see Trixie, but she‘s at Dan’s. Maze wants to swing by, but Chloe stops her. Trixie is still mad at Maze and isn’t getting over it anytime soon. Meanwhile, Lucifer gets a visit from Amenadiel. He wants to tell him the truth that they do have control over themselves. Amenadiel also wants to gloat about regaining his powers. Lucifer praises him for taking Charlotte to heaven as she deserved. Lucifer adds that Chloe knows the truth about him.

[00:24:50] Amenadiel wants to stay and help Lucifer, but he doesn’t need help. Chloe seems okay with knowing he’s the devil. Lucifer was skeptical at first, but he started to believe Chloe. He tells Amenadiel he can go back to where he wants to be. Chloe and Lucifer visit the Paradisos on vacation. Chloe talks to Frank Paradiso about Bob. Frank doesn’t want to talk to her, but Lucifer finds a jar of avocado honey. Frank tells Chloe he last saw Bob testifying against his uncle on a stand. Lucifer approaches them with the honey jar and tells them it tastes great. Frank seconds his statement and realizes his mistake. Frank confesses he went to LA to visit Bob and warned him. He also got the honey from Bob and his wife, Lenore.

[00:27:30] Chloe calls Dan to check the security footage at the market. Lucifer reaches out to Chloe’s shoulder which startles her. She clearly hasn’t accepted Lucifer for what he truly is. Lucifer tries to ask Dan for help but doesn’t want to help. Dan doesn’t even consider Lucifer as his friend. Dan does answer Lucifer’s question about Chloe’s reaction. He tells Lucifer someone recoils in disgust when they hate the person and can’t stand being with them. Lucifer goes back to Linda to understand Chloe’s reaction. Linda uses a metaphor to help Lucifer understand that Chloe isn’t facing her problems and projecting them elsewhere. Lucifer uses the case to understand Chloe. Chloe and Dan go to Lenore’s house since Lucifer isn’t available to assist Chloe.

[00:31:00] Chloe offers Dan a shoulder to cry on, but he tells Chloe work served as therapy in his grieving process. The two walk over to Lenore’s house and see the front door open. They enter the house and barely recognize it. Ella arrives to process the scene and so does Lucifer. He tells Chloe they will understand Lenore’s actions if they understand her feelings. Chloe tells Lucifer that Lenore is probably scared of her husband and finding out the truth about him must have felt like being betrayed. Lucifer is getting into it when Chloe realizes something and asks Ella about the things Lenore took with her. Lenore took her wedding album along with the necessities. Dan informs Chloe that Bob got a visit from Frank and Luke at the market. Luke also talked to Lenore despite denying meeting her before.

[00:34:00] Maze visits Linda, seeking help to make amends with Trixie. Linda paces the room. Maze grows worried, but she insists everything is just an exercise. She wants to discuss Maze’s feelings, but she doesn’t want to. Linda offers to discuss her feelings in her own language. Maze actually thought about her demon language, Lilim. Maze speaks in Lilim, but Linda doesn’t understand a word. Linda means violence and shows Maze a little kickboxing. Maze offers Linda a free hit, and she punches her in the face. Amenadiel enters Linda’s office and sees the whole thing. He thinks they are still fighting over him. He quickly realizes they aren’t. Amenadiel tells them he went back to heaven, but it didn’t feel like home anymore. Maze tells him his home is in LA with them.

[00:36:00] Luke is now the primary suspect in the case. Luke’s previous witnesses died under his own protection, making it very suspicious Bob also died. They suspect Luke sent the anonymous note to the Paradisos, thinking they would want to get revenge on Bob, but they didn’t. Chloe thinks Lenore found out about the truth and reached out to Luke. But he’s the mastermind, and she only got into deeper trouble. Ella traces Luke’s phone, so Lucifer and Chloe rush over immediately. Luke was trying to get rid of Lenore to tie up loose ends. He grew tired of seeing criminals get a better life after their glory days. Chloe and Lucifer arrive just in time to save Lenore. Lucifer approaches Luke, but he reacts and shoots Lucifer in his right hand.

[00:38:00] Luke kicks Lenore to the pool. Chloe has no choice but to save Lenore, so she lets Lucifer chase after Luke. Luke gets to his car and tries to escape, but Lucifer uses his devilish strength and holds him long enough for Chloe to arrest him. Lucifer vanishes before Chloe arrests Luke. At the precinct, Maze turns her bounty over and sees Trixie sitting at Dan’s desk. She wants to talk to her, but she knows to just stay away. Trixie makes the first move, so Maze apologizes to her. Trixie runs to Maze and hugs her, saying she can’t stay mad at her. Maze is confused because Chloe told her Trixie is still mad at her. Amenadiel swoops in to visit Dan. He asks him why he decided to stay in LA.

[00:41:30] Dan tells Amenadiel he likes the food and the ocean. Dan adds he met people along the way who he truly cares about. Amenadiel tells Dan that Charlotte is now in heaven. Dan gets angry. He doesn’t like people telling him that Charlotte is in heaven. Amenadiel places his hand on Dan’s chest to tell him that Charlotte is in heaven. Dan confusingly hugs Amenadiel and tells him he believes. Chloe visits Lucifer at Lux. She tells him she‘s ready to accept him for what he really is. After talking with Lucifer, Chloe goes to a church where she sits and cries.

[00:46:00] A priest approaches Chloe to console her. He consoles Chloe for her hardships and that their plan is difficult, but it would be the best for everyone on Earth and Lucifer. The priest asks Chloe if she’s ready for the next step, to which she agrees.

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