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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 10 Recap – Who’s da New King of Hell?


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 10 Recap - Who's da New King of Hell?

[00:00:30] Lucifer is in a pretty good mood as he visits Chloe at the precinct. Chloe checks if he still has traces of his true self, but Lucifer assures her he’s recovered. Chloe tells Lucifer he should get some rest until he feels 100%. Lucifer tells Chloe they should find Father Kinley, but the US Marshalls have taken over the search, so there‘s nothing to do for them. They don’t even have a local case to solve. Lucifer leaves to take a break.

[00:03:00] Eve tries to cover up all the blood in Linda’s house. Maze arrives and tells Eve she needs to bring Kinley back to jail. Maze enters the house and asks Eve where Kinley is. Eve says Kinley escaped after trying to kill her. She lies to Maze and tells her she released Kinley because he wanted to go to the bathroom. Maze wants to track down Kinley, but Eve tries to stop her. Eve tells Maze she finally accepts that Lucifer won’t love her. Maze no longer cares, and she leaves Eve at Linda’s house. At the hospital, Lucifer visits Linda to give her Sigmund Freud’s personal diary as a token of his appreciation. Amenadiel tells Lucifer he plans on taking baby Charlie to heaven, but Lucifer doesn’t let him finish, so he thinks Amenadiel is talking about circumcision.

[00:06:00] Amenadiel plans to leave as soon as possible, but the nurse takes baby Charlie from him. The nurse places a security anklet on Charlie per the hospital’s security protocol. Amenadiel faces a new challenge in getting Charlie out of the hospital. Lucifer tells Linda that he’s cured and no longer needs her services. Linda tells Lucifer that forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight, but he doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, a famous rapper named Holla Bae did a live coverage at his studio. He told everyone he had invited a special guest to come over. The guest was one of his former enemies. He wanted to end their feud and turn it into a business opportunity. Holla heard a knock on his door. He thought it was the special guest, but as he opened the door, someone from the outside stabbed him. Everything was recorded in his live stream.

[00:09:00] Chloe, Dan, and Ella are at the crime scene, but they don’t find Holla’s body. Ella thought the killer brought the body with him. She declares Holla dead because he lost five pints of blood. Chloe doesn’t know Holla Bae, nor does she know who his enemy is. Ella and Dan are updated with the current trends, so they bring her up to speed. Holla had a big fight with a guy named Monopolize. It was a pretty huge deal in the rap industry. Lucifer arrives at the crime scene. He asked Chloe why she didn’t call him. Chloe wants Lucifer to rest because she doesn’t want his true self to get out of control again. Lucifer assures Chloe that she won’t see anything monstrous again, but they are in for another ride. Father Kinley and Holla Bae stand across the street, looking at Lucifer.

[00:10:30] Chloe and Lucifer visit Mo’s manager. Lucifer opens the gate, and someone starts shooting at them. Chloe declares she‘s with the LAPD, so Mo stands down. Mo tells them what he saw that morning as he went to Holla’s studio. He tells Chloe and Lucifer that he and Holla go way back. He wanted to end their feud and announce a joint album and tour. Mo saw a man in a leather outfit standing at Holla’s studio. He saw the bloody hands, so he backed away. He also saw Holla leaving the studio with a knife still stuck on his chest. Things got weird as the two rode a pizza delivery car and left. Mo left and went directly to his manager to tell him what had happened. Chloe invites Mo to the precinct to give a proper statement. Mo goes willingly.

[00:12:30] Ella shows Chloe a picture of Holla Bae and some bald dude. They were also driving a pizza delivery car as Mo claimed. Chloe knows the bald guy is Father Kinley, so she tells Lucifer the case is closed to get him away from the case. Lucifer crosses his fingers for another case the next day. Chloe goes to the church to look for Holla and Father Kinley. Chloe searches the church and finds Maze. She‘s tracking Kinley, but the trail went cold. Chloe tells Maze she was tracking a dead guy who wasn’t dead. Maze knows what was happening once Chloe mentioned the dead then not dead part. Lucifer returns to Lux where Father Kinley greets him with a hug. Kinley kneels at his feet and calls Lucifer his King. Lucifer recognizes Father Kinley as one of his demons from hell named Dromos.

[00:15:00] Dromos is accompanied by Squee in Holla Bae’s body. Dromos tells Lucifer he walks the Earth to help him return to hell. Maze explains to Chloe all about demon possession. She‘s glad Kinley will no longer hurt Lucifer. Maze knows Lucifer will be pissed at the demons who disobeyed his order as he had already banned possession. Dromos explains to Lucifer what had happened. He tells him Father Kinley appeared in hell speaking of the prophecy and how Lucifer needs help. Dromos heard Kinley’s story, so he hopped in his body to help his king. Lucifer tells Dromos he doesn’t need help and doesn’t plan to return to hell. Dromos pleads with Lucifer saying that hell needs a king.

[00:18:00] Lucifer names Dromos the new king, but it must be an angel. Lucifer orders Dromos and Squee to return to hell. Dromos wants to stay to torture a live human for a bit, but Lucifer threatens to eviscerate him. Linda takes Charlie home. Amenadiel plans to distract Linda long enough for him to take Charlie to heaven, but Linda doesn’t want to let Charlie go. Amenadiel thinks he has convinced Linda, but she takes Charlie back. Linda doesn’t want to put Charlie down. After a while, Linda gives Charlie to Amenadiel. Linda tells Amenadiel she hired a night nurse, so they can rest.

[00:21:00] Maze and Chloe go to Lucifer’s penthouse to update him on the situation. He says he already knows what’s happening. Lucifer proudly adds he had already sent the demons away. Lucifer wonders how Maze and Chloe got together, so Chloe tells him the truth. Chloe bumped into Maze while following a lead on Kinley. Lucifer gets mad because Chloe kept him out of the case. She explains it‘s for his own good because Chloe isn’t sure if Kinley will bring out his true self. Lucifer tells Chloe to leave because she doesn’t know what could be triggered. Chloe receives a text and wants to rush over to Linda as soon as possible. Everyone went to Linda’s and found out that Charlie was missing. Everyone suspects Amenadiel has taken him.

[00:23:00] Dan questions the night nurse named Kim Fisher, but she never made it to Linda’s as someone called to cancel the appointment. They assumed Amenadiel called to cancel. Linda tells them he wants to spend more time with Charlie. She adds that Amenadiel didn’t want to wake him up, so he could just be taking Charlie for a walk. Lucifer realizes Amenadiel has taken Charlie to heaven. He explains that Amenadiel told him about his plan to take Charlie. Amenadiel arrives without a clue about what happened. Linda tells him to return Charlie, but he didn’t take Charlie. Amenadiel tells them he handed the baby to the night nurse before leaving. Chloe shows Amenadiel a photo of Kim. He says it‘s a different woman who came to the house.

[00:26:00] The person who canceled the call is Lyla Claybourne. Dan sent Lyla’s photo to Chloe for confirmation. Ella feels alone for the first time in her life. She tells Dan she never feels alone because she has God. Dan comforts Ella and tells her he’s always there for her. She shows it to Amenadiel who confirms she’s the one who posed as a night nurse. Lucifer tells Chloe that Lyla was at Lux with Dromos and Squee. Lucifer knows the demons have taken Charlie. Chloe and Lucifer go back to the precinct, waiting for updates from the SWAT team. Dan tells them the SWAT team couldn’t find Lyla, but they found a pool of blood inside her apartment.

[00:29:00] Lucifer tells Chloe another pool of blood without a body means another demon got out of hell. Lucifer invites Chloe back to Lux so they can talk properly. Eve arrives to talk with Dromos. He tells Eve speaking with Lucifer didn’t do anything, so he had a change of plans. Eve tries to command Dromos, but he doesn’t take orders from her. Chloe and Lucifer arrive at his penthouse and find it thrashed. The only thing missing from his penthouse is the vial he took from Chloe. Lucifer realizes Dromos plans to use Charlie to replace him as King of Hell. Eve goes to Lucifer to tell him the truth. Chloe figures out where the demons will do the ceremony. She goes out with Lucifer to stop them.

[00:36:00] Dromos prepares Charlie for the ceremony. Eve follows Lucifer and Chloe to the venue. Lucifer tells Chloe to stay out because she makes him vulnerable. Eve wants to help, so she apologizes to Lucifer and Chloe and wants to make things right. Amenadiel and Maze arrive to help. The four of them enter the concert hall. Dromos pours the vial inside the baby bottle and is about to feed it to Charlie. Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Eve arrive just in time to stop and stall Dromos. A fight ensues between the two parties. They want to distract Dromos long enough for Eve to run out of the hall with Charlie. One of the demons manages to catch up to her, but Chloe is there to back her up. Lucifer is about to kill Dromos when Chloe enters the hall.

[00:43:00] Lucifer tries to convince Chloe to leave, but she doesn’t want to. She’s no longer afraid of Lucifer’s true self. She doesn’t want to lose Lucifer, so she does her best to keep him away from Father Kinley. All of a sudden, a swarm of demons enters the hall. They’re trying to pull Chloe away from Lucifer, so he ends it all by revealing his true self, ordering all the demons to bow down. He sends them all back to hell. Eve returns Charlie to Amenadiel. Maze makes sure she is okay. Maze confesses her feelings for Eve, but she refuses. Eve wants to find her true self first.

[00:48:00] Ella reunites with God by wearing her crucifix again. Dan still mourns the loss of Charlotte. Amenadiel brings Charlie back to Linda. Linda agrees that Amenadiel should take Charlie to heaven, but he refuses. He tells Linda no one can protect Charlie but them. Chloe goes to Lucifer to tell him that Charlie is okay. Chloe thinks their problems are over, but Lucifer knows better. He tells Chloe the demons will continue to defy him since they know he won’t return to hell. Lucifer knows he must return to hell to keep the demons at bay.

[00:52:00] Chloe begs Lucifer not to leave. She confesses her love for him. Lucifer tells her his first love is not Eve — it is her. Lucifer kisses Chloe and bids goodbye. He leaves Chloe at his penthouse and returns to hell.

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