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My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – What I Can Do For Now

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - What I Can Do For Now


The practical exam scores are out, with Bakugo earning 77 villain points while having no rescue points. The opposite of Midoriya, who only had the latter. The examiners noticed that using Midoriya’s quirk injured him, like a baby who had only just acquired it.

The night after receiving the results, All Might goes to meet with Midoriya at the beach. The old man congratulates him but wants to keep their relationship a secret at school, as others might suspect it as cheating. While searching for a new heir, UA offered him a position to become a teacher. He also adds that Midoriya’s inability to control the quirk is expected.

His next goal should be to regulate the flow of power so that his body can learn to withstand it. They jog along the beach to discuss it.

Midoriya finally arrives at school for his first day of class. He’s assigned to 1-A, the top class with eighteen students in it. Opening the door, he sees Backugo arguing with Iida, the top two scores from the practical exam. Iida then approaches Midoriya and asks him if he knew the exam setup beforehand; he feels embarrassed not to have noticed it. Suddenly the girl from the exam arrives behind Midoriya and compliments him on how he beat the zero-villain with a punch. Bakugo watches him enviously, mad that he’s not the only person from his school accepted to UA. Midoriya told him before that he earned it fairly and planned to follow through.

Quirk Test

Their teacher appears behind them in a sleeping bag. He’s a pro hero Midoriya has never seen before named Shota Aizawa. The teacher invites them to wear their PE uniform and to enter the field for a quirk assessment test.

Aizawa wants to assess their physical skills while using their quirks. First, he asks Bakugo to throw a ball using his power, which causes the ball to fly up to 700 meters. After showing some excitement, the teacher admonishes them for being too enthusiastic and threatens to expel the one who gets the lowest score in all categories.

This makes it bad for Midoriya, as he can only use 0 or 100 percent of his power. Injuring himself now would be a problem. Aizawa justifies his test as something akin to a calamity or a bad villain; their lives can turn around in just an instant. Going over and beyond, Plus Ultra is the motto of the school.

The next test is the 50-meter dash, which Iida aces easily using his engine legs. Ochako Uraraka manages by making her body lighter. Bakugo uses his exploding arms to blast through, but Midoriya is forced just to run normally. He has to regulate his power or fail. All Might’s tip was for him to feel it out like a microwave setting.

He gets average results on the grip strength test and standing long jump. The next tests aren’t any better until the time comes for him to throw a pitch.

All or Nothing

Bakugo insists he’s quirkless, but Iida refutes him after seeing what he’d done during the exams.

Midoriya thinks of his mother and All Might and uses his power, but the ball falls flat. Mr. Aizawa erased his quirk after seeing him overexert. Midoriya gets found out that he can’t control his quirk. Aizawa lectures him that breaking down after saving someone won’t be sustainable and asks him to throw it again.

Midoriya takes time to think about it and remembers how he needs to work more than the others. He finally throws the ball using one finger’s worth of power and launches the ball to 700 meters.

Our Thoughts

Glad that the overpowered ability granted to our MC has such strong limitations that they’ll have to overcome. 3.8/5

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