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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – Somebody‘s Been Reading Dante‘s Inferno


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 2 Recap - Somebody‘s Been Reading Dante‘s Inferno

[00:00:50] Chloe is at a library researching about Lucifer. Father Kinley approaches her to help with the research. Chloe thinks she‘s going crazy, but Kinley disagrees. He‘s part of a special division of the church handling exorcisms. The church has been aware of Lucifer’s existence for over seven years. At first, they thought he‘s just benign, but after observing Lucifer, they found more and more proof of his authenticity. The church can’t help Chloe, but Kinley suggests something she can do. Chloe isn’t sure if she should go through with their plan. Ella takes Chloe off her trance by distracting her with an egg. The egg came from Ella’s chicken; she’s exploring new hobbies since she doesn’t attend church anymore. Chloe receives a text about their next case. Ella is ecstatic about it.

[00:04:00] Amenadiel decided to stay on Earth and frolic with humans. He wasted so much time watching humans from heaven that he wanted to stay and savor what they had to offer. Lucifer is worried Chloe only wants to remain partners after discovering he’s the devil. Amenadiel tells Lucifer to make the first move and asks Chloe out on a date. Lucifer tries to ask Chloe out on a date, but things don’t go smoothly on his first attempt. Their new victim is Melinda Hagey, a contestant on a reality show named The Cabin. Ella explains she’s a kindergarten teacher and the fan-favorite to win it all. Lucifer grows impatient and asks Ella to hurry up on the details of the case. Ella explains their case is definitely murder.

[00:07:30] Chloe wants to know if any of the cameras filmed the murder. The executive producer arrives to answer her question. Maury Novak tells them none of the cameras were filmed during the evening, so there is no footage. Chloe tells him the location is now an active crime scene, and their show would have to be put on hold. Ella volunteers to review the unaired footage of the show to look for evidence. Lucifer tries to ask Chloe out again, and she agrees. Chloe remembers her conversation with Father Kinley. He tells Chloe she’s the only one who could send the devil back to hell. Father Kinley told Chloe that Lucifer is a danger to humanity the longer he stays on Earth.

[00:09:00] Chloe catches up with Dan who moves his desk away from Lucifer. She thought Lucifer stole Dan’s pudding, but he still blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death. Chloe defends Lucifer, but Dan is at his limit. He tells Chloe that after everything, he didn’t tell them about Marcus, so who knows what other secrets Lucifer has. Chloe remembers the things Father Kinley showed her. The moments Lucifer visited Earth back in the past, the death and destruction he caused on the world with his rash decisions. Chloe told Kinley all they have is circumstantial evidence. Kinley reiterated the devil didn’t belong on Earth. Father Kinley gave a vial to Chloe which seems to contain poison or whatever could get Lucifer back to hell.

[00:12:00] Ella found the Teflon totem inside Melinda’s pocket. There is only one totem on the show per season, and Judd found it under a tree. Ella tells Chloe that Melinda must have stolen the totem, which got her killed. Chloe is skeptical but goes to the set to arrest Judd after finding video evidence. Chloe talks to Judd and wants him to confess. Judd confesses his hate for Melinda, but he didn’t kill her. Chloe finds a cameraman filming their investigation, so she sends the guy out. Once the cameras are gone, Judd tells them he’s just acting like an asshole for the money. Judd adds everyone had a possible grudge against Melinda because she was competitive, and the show is all about competition.

[00:15:30] Maze invites Linda over at Lux to hangout. She doesn’t feel welcome at Chloe’s apartment because Chloe doesn’t want her around Trixie. Linda tells Maze not to take things personally. She went through the same phase when she learned about the truth. Linda was also taking precautions because she’s had her fair share of near-death experiences alongside Lucifer and the gang. Linda goes too far and faints after hours of training. Maze rushes to her side to help. Chloe and Lucifer interview the rest of the cast but get nowhere. Chloe agrees with Judd; no one shows their true self on the show. She asks Lucifer a couple of questions about being the devil and hell. Lucifer tells Chloe that Cain is the first person he killed. Chloe researched Lucifer, but some of the facts were off.

[00:20:00] Linda wakes up to a worried Maze. She isn’t an expert, but she knows there‘s something off with Linda. She wants Linda to see a doctor, and she isn’t taking no for an answer. At the precinct, Lucifer shows Ella the dress he got for Chloe and their date night. They are talking about the details in the lab as Chloe sits on her desk, contemplating if she wants to proceed with her plan. She decides to cancel date night until their case is solved. Ella hugs Lucifer, but he seems fine with Chloe canceling their date. Chloe meets with Father Kinley to tell him she has postponed the plan. Father Kinley knows Chloe is stalling. Chloe tells him everything he knows about Lucifer is wrong, but Kinley assures Chloe everything is just an act for Lucifer.

[00:24:30] The devil has been manipulating humans since the beginning. Father Kinley tells Chloe that Lucifer will do everything to get what he wants. Father Kinley is hell-bent on getting Chloe to contain Lucifer one way or another. At the precinct, Lucifer is his usual self, handing out pleasant things to everyone. Melinda ate Hungarian rum balls before she died. Chloe wants Ella to check if rum balls are on the menu at the set of The Cabin. Lucifer wants to solve the case ASAP so he can go out on a date with Chloe. Meanwhile, Amenadiel tries to reach out to Dan and offers him to also go on a date. Dan takes a rain check as he’s busy with work. Amenadiel does his best to get along with humans, but he still hasn’t gotten the hang of the culture yet.

[00:29:00] Amenadiel tries to help a cripple, but the lady isn’t a cripple, so his wallet gets stolen. Nothing has gone his way, and Amenadiel is lost without a purpose. Chloe and Lucifer speak with Maury about his Hungarian rum balls. Maury gave Melinda a few balls in exchange for a favor. He wanted to boost their ratings, but he didn’t want to disclose his plan. Lucifer wants to solve the case, so they can go on their date. This irritates Chloe which leads to an argument. Lucifer leaves Chloe to continue her investigation. Maury shows Chloe who was having an affair with Melinda — Kylie. She denies having any sort of relationship with Melinda. Chloe and Maury are looking for Kylie on the cameras. They find her about to blow up the cabin.

[00:32:00] Maury sees Lucifer enter the cabin just as Kylie is about to throw her lighter inside. After a split second, the cabin blows up with Lucifer inside. He calmly walks out of the blazing cabin unscathed. Chloe runs out to Lucifer to check on him. She can’t believe Lucifer survived the huge explosion. Kylie approaches Lucifer and Chloe to apologize for what she has done. Kylie slips and tells them she almost does it again. Chloe and Lucifer ask Kylie what she previously did. Kylie saw Melinda enter Maury’s cabin, and she assumed they were sleeping together. Melinda denied the allegations, but she didn’t tell Kylie her plan. Kylie knew Melinda was hiding something, so she got upset. Kylie admitted she pushed Melinda into the lagoon. She assumed Melinda hit her head and drowned because of her.

[00:35:30] With the case solved, Lucifer invites Chloe out for a date again. Lucifer is having second thoughts about their date because Chloe doesn’t seem like she wants to go. Chloe assures Lucifer she wants to go on a date and even volunteers to meet him at Lux. Lucifer sets up their date, and Chloe arrives. Chloe is about to put the roofie inside Lucifer’s wine glass when she accidentally breaks it. Lucifer gets wounded while picking up the glass shards. Chloe finally asks Lucifer the question of why he‘s sometimes vulnerable and why he‘s sometimes invulnerable. Lucifer tells Chloe he doesn’t fully understand what‘s happening, but because of Chloe, he’s vulnerable. He adds he’s vulnerable when he’s with Chloe. She receives a text from Ella and immediately calls her. Ella got an update on the case.

[00:40:00] Ella tells Chloe someone hit Melinda on the head three times with something square like a brick. Chloe gets an idea of their killer and returns on the set. Lucifer wants to accompany her, but Chloe stops him. She tells Lucifer she wants to go alone. Lucifer is confused as Chloe leaves. Chloe goes to interview the cameraman. She found a battery pack with blood marks on it. The cameraman takes an axe while Chloe searches through his equipment. Lucifer follows Chloe to the set to look out for her. Chloe turns around and sees the cameraman holding up the axe. The cameraman allied with Melinda, hoping she would split the earnings with him when she won. Melinda bailed on their plan as she fell in love with Kylie.

[00:42:00] When Kylie and Melinda had a big fight, he thought she might crawl back to him, but he was wrong. The cameraman was frustrated that idiots win a ton of money while he has to work 24/7. He tries to kill Chloe, but Lucifer comes running in. He uses himself as a human shield to block the axe. Chloe shoots the cameraman and arrests him. The axe barely misses Lucifer, but it ruins his jacket. Chloe asks Lucifer if he would die if she pushed the axe into his chest. Lucifer confirms. Chloe doesn’t understand why he jumped in front of it. Lucifer tells her he will do it again in a heartbeat.

[00:45:00] Back at Lux, Amenadiel sulks because he failed at getting to know humans. Linda appears to tell him she’s pregnant with their child. He smiles and approaches Linda to assure her. Chloe meets with Father Kinley again. She backs out of their plan. Chloe defends Lucifer and leaves Kinley. Given that his plan failed, Father Kinley goes to Lux to rat out Chloe.

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