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Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 2 Recap – Black Shirt


Published 7 months ago

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 2 Recap - Black Shirt

Tommy arrives with a warm welcome from Ruby, Charles, and Lizzie. Tommy sees the Black Madonna around Ruby’s neck. Lizzie tells Tommy he came home for nothing because Ruby is already doing fine. Tommy invites everyone to go on a drive as they have an appointment with Dr. Robert. Tommy goes outside to vomit while Lizzie follows him to make sure he’s okay. She knows that Tommy hasn’t been sleeping because of Ruby. Lizzie tells Tommy he can finally sleep because Ruby’s results are clear. Tommy disagrees because he has a lot of things to do. Tommy informs Lizzie that the man he’s dealing with is in London.

Later that night, Lizzie wakes up to the sound of glass breaking. She reaches for her pistol and rushes through the mansion. Lizzie finds Tommy having a seizure inside the bathroom. Lizzie attends to his injuries and tells Tommy he must see a doctor. It wasn’t the first time he had experienced seizures, but it was the first time he needed help. Tommy told Lizzie that he needed to keep going until his business in Boston was over. Once everything is done, that’s the only time he can rest.

Tommy appeared before the South Birmingham Labour party, which he represented in Westminster. He told everyone that the government wanted them to stay silent while the rich grew richer and the poor grew poorer. The government didn’t care about the simple folk, but Tommy did. Tommy told them that they would not stay silent. The people loved Tommy, but he needed to end his speech as he saw Captain Swing with Arthur on the sidelines. He knew they supported him, so he urged them to accompany him to a rally to stand for their rights. After his speech, the people went home, but Tommy needed to attend to personal matters.

Captain Swing’s real name is Laura McKee. Laura is worried for her safety in meeting with the Shelbys, but they give her their word. Tommy explains that business is more important than vengeance. Laura had never met Tommy ever since she called him four years ago. She was surprised that Tommy spoke with passion and compassion as he addressed the Labour party earlier. Everyone that knew Tommy spoke of his moral turpitude, but Tommy responded that he’s currently changing both his and the company’s image.

Laura asks Tommy what happened in Boston. Tommy told them that Jack Nelson declined their offer; however, there is still a chance to make him change his mind. He intercepted and duplicated Jack’s letters to know when and where they could meet him and what he’s really up to in London. Tommy gave the letters to Laura, which surprised her even more. Jack is going to London to purchase import licenses, but he’s on a fact-finding mission for the US president regarding fascism. Tommy plans to team up with Laura to assist Jack so that he would find fascist support in London. Tommy hopes their efforts will allow them to ship opium to America and Canada. Ada arrives looking for help to save Arthur from himself.

Tommy knew he needed to end his meeting with Laura, so he looked for her final decision. Laura didn’t expect the turn of events during her first meeting with Tommy. Laura gives a definitive yes to their alliance as Tommy leaves with Ada. He tells Laura that she could deliver a message to her comrades that Tommy is changing for the better. Ada knew that nothing was changing for the better. They used to be happy, but now, their family is falling apart. Polly and John are dead, Tommy is looking for death, and Arthur wants to die. Ada tries her best to be like Polly, but she can’t. She needs to think about her children and their future so that she can’t help Tommy with his plans.

After he met with Laura, Tommy went to see Alfie. Alife’s men informed him not to smoke tobacco in front of Alfie, but Tommy didn’t care. He saw Alfie’s current state and was not impressed. Alfie was listening to opera singers while his Uncle died. Tommy knew Alfie did nothing, but he came in good faith and offered Alfie a solution to get back what was rightfully his. Alfie sat on his chair and listened to what Tommy had to say.

Tommy explains his plan to Alfie. He has 5 tonnes of pure opium in Liverpool. He has a safe house off the coast of Canada which they could use to smuggle the drugs into Canada and America. Tommy has people willing to sell the opium in Toronto, Quebec, New York, and Boston. All he needs is Alfie’s approval and alliance. Tommy is offering Alfie a chance at revenge. Once they’ve sold the opium, the money they will gain will shift the power back to the Solomons and regain control of Boston. Alfie doesn’t need any further convincing as he asks Tommy how much a ton of opium costs.

Gina visits Michael one last time before she flies with Jack to London. Michael tells Gina to stay away from Tommy once they arrive in London. Gina responds that she’s not interested in dead men. She seduces Michael and tells him their souls will be one during the intertwined hours of America and London. Gina wants their souls to fuck until their bodies can. She tells Michael that Jack approves he could kill Tommy once he gets out of prison. Jack has everything planned out, and they will take over the world once Tommy is taken care of.

Tommy and Lizzie attend Mosley’s fascist rally. Everyone wondered why a socialist like Tommy would attend a fascist rally. Tommy told the press that he was attending to be a bridge between both ideologies. Mosley invited Arthur to join the festivities; however, he couldn’t keep himself sober. On top of things, Arthur went to the event in an all-black suit, which made him look like a waiter. Tommy told Johnny Doggs to give Arthur his shirt so that Arthur won’t look like a complete idiot. Arthur couldn’t accept what happened in their life, but Tommy told him that they could make things right again. Tommy wrote a letter to Linda for Arthur. He got a response, and it seems Linda is willing to forgive Arthur. Tommy told him to stay sober for at least two weeks so that they would have something to show for it.

Arthur and Tommy got into a fight before returning to the party. Tommy told Johnny to take Arthur home and keep him off the opium. Lizzie wants to go home, but Tommy tells her they need to stay. Mosley’s mistress introduces him to the crowd, but the security details can’t keep everyone at bay. One of the protestors got in and threw something at the crowd. Mosley made his way down the stairs once everything was under control. He introduced his mistress to Tommy and Lizzie. Mosley’s mistress is Diana Mitford. Tommy tries to speak with Mosley privately, but he responds that Diana will accompany him in any business talk. Tommy couldn’t do anything, so he brought Lizzie along.

[00:44:00] They went to a private room; however, things didn’t go out as planned. Tommy reported to Mosley about Jack Nelson’s plan in London, but they didn’t want to proceed as planned because of Lizzie. Diana asks Tommy to control his wife before they make any move. After his talk with Mosley and Diana, Tommy met with Jack. Tommy and Jack got to know each other better after a few minutes of small talk. He already knew that Jack wanted to meet with fascist party leaders. Tommy offered to help him meet with them, but he wanted to finalize their deal. Jack didn’t give his final word, but he told Tommy he would think about it.

Lizzie went to Tommy’s office to find Ruby. She wasn’t there, but Lizzie saw all her weird drawings about the green-eyed man. Lizzie went to the living room and saw Lizzie staring at the chimney. She told Lizzie that she could hear voices coming from the chimney. Ruby calls him the “Grey man.” Lizzie called the doctor and tried to get hold of Tommy, but he was in session with all the other members of parliament. After the session, Tommy receives a message from his assistant regarding Ruby. Tommy heads straight to his office to call Lizzie and Ruby. He experiences another seizure, and it seems that someone is attacking him.

After the seizure, Tommy picks up the phone and hears Lizzie telling him what’s happening with Ruby. Nothing works for Ruby’s fever as she hits a temperature of 101. Lizzie tells Tommy he needs to come home as she no longer knows what to do. Tommy arrives at the home, but the doctor doesn’t want them to come in contact with Ruby. She keeps coughing up blood, so Tommy calls Esme. He knows that they could only cure Ruby the Gypsy way.

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