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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 13 Recap – A Little Harmless Stalking


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 13 Recap - A Little Harmless Stalking

[00:00:50] Linda is driving while speaking with Maze. She tells Linda all about growing a soul and her conversation with God. Linda can’t respond to Maze properly because she’s tailing someone. Linda runs a red light just to catch up with the person she’s following. The car arrives at a fancy house. Linda parks just outside the gate. Maze knows what Linda is up to, so she warns her about the dangers of her decisions. Linda assures Maze she knows what she’s doing. She ends her conversation with Maze, takes a pistol from her glove compartment, and gets out of her car. The next day, Amenadiel visits Lucifer to discuss their father’s retirement. Lucifer assures Amenadiel there’s nothing to worry about because he could replace their father as God.

[00:04:00] Amenadiel denies wanting to be God, but Lucifer knows he does. Lucifer tells Amenadiel to just follow his heart and instincts. Amenadiel knows Lucifer has changed because of therapy. Lucifer misinterprets Amenadiel and thinks about how therapy ruined him. Lucifer wants to return to the simpler days when he didn’t overthink his decisions. Amenadiel knows nothing good will come out of Lucifer’s decisions. Lucifer takes his French horn and goes downstairs. He sees Chloe by the bar and approaches her. Chloe wants to talk about their relationship as she can’t wait any longer for Lucifer’s decision. Chloe explains she doesn’t want Trixie to be caught in between.

[00:06:00] Lucifer tells Chloe they should just continue their relationship and not overthink their decisions. Chloe agrees with Lucifer as they kiss each other in the middle of Lux. They visit the crime scene together and tell Ella they are officially a couple. Dan comes out and tells everyone to brace themselves for the case. Chloe reads the case file. Lucifer thinks Dan is overthinking. Dan tells them to come inside so they can see what he means. Everyone sees Linda sitting inside the house as police are processing the crime scene. Linda confesses to killing Arthur Sterling, but no one believes her. Lucifer uses his powers on Linda to find out the truth. She tells them she just wants to protect Charlie.

[00:09:00] Linda won’t tell them the truth, so Chloe has no choice but to arrest her since she confessed. Lucifer and Chloe bring Linda to the precinct where Maze is waiting. She wants to know if they actually believe Linda killed someone. Chloe tells Maze she confessed. Maze asks Linda who she killed, but she can’t even give her the victim’s name. Maze remembers she was speaking with Linda the night before, so she knows it’s related to their conversation. Linda tells Maze to zip her mouth, but she tells Linda that if she doesn’t tell Chloe and Lucifer, she will do it herself. Linda tells them about Adriana. She’s waiting for Adriana to discover that she is her biological mother, but she grows impatient. Linda starts stalking Adriana, so she knows she’s mixed with some bad people.

[00:12:00] Linda follows Adriana to the house. By the time she enters the house, Arthur is already dead. She confesses to murder to buy Adriana some time and escapes before the cops find the truth. Linda’s plan backfires as she sees Adriana enter the precinct. She tells Lucifer and Chloe they cannot tell Adriana about her. Chloe speaks with Adriana, and she confesses to killing Arthur. Adriana’s firsthand account of the murder seems legit. Linda defends her and tells Chloe she’s lying. Linda tells them about a scary dude she saw arguing with Adriana the other day. She gives Chloe the guy’s license plate in case something goes bad. Chloe tells Linda that Adriana needs to stay at the precinct until they get a new lead.

[00:15:00] Maze visits the address where the license plate is registered. She enters the house to look for a guy named Clive. A masked assailant shoots Maze from behind with a bean bag round. She attacks the masked woman and throws her through a glass door. Maze takes the mask off and sees Eve. She tells Maze she tried a bunch of stuff when she left but nothing worked for her. Eve was happy when they teamed up for bounty hunting, so she also thought of becoming a bounty hunter. She wants to work with Maze this time to catch Clive, but Maze declines. Eve begs Maze. She can’t resist, so she eventually agrees. She had already scoped out Clive’s place and found nothing except for a pricey painting. Eve and Maze know that it’s a clue to Clive’s location.

[00:20:00] At the precinct, someone shouts about Adriana, so Chloe checks it out. The man claims to be Adriana’s boyfriend. He tells Chloe that Adriana is innocent. Chloe asks for proof, but he doesn’t have any. He tells Chloe that Adriana got mixed with some bad people because of money. He thinks Adriana is afraid to tell Chloe the truth. Chloe asks the guy about Clive, but he doesn’t know him. Adriana’s boyfriend mentions a woman named Jamie. Back at Lux, Amenadiel is talking to a group of priests from different religions. Dan is at the bar looking at Amenadiel, and he wants to know why he’s talking to priests. Amenadiel doesn’t want to tell him, but Dan insists. He tells Dan he’s about to become God.

[00:22:00] Amenadiel explains the situation with his father and his retirement. He’s doing a bit of research. Dan congratulates Amenadiel and tells him he’s right for the job. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucifer follow a lead about the painting Maze and Eve found at Clive’s house. They visit a local gallery to get more information. Linda wants to go into the gallery guns blazing, but Chloe stops her. He leaves Lucifer with Linda in the car to keep an eye on her. After a few minutes, a flower truck stops in front of the art gallery and unloads boxes of art pieces. Lucifer wonders why they are using a flower truck to transport art. Linda tells him it could be stolen pieces of art. She wants to help Chloe, but Lucifer tells her to stay put. Linda tells Lucifer to follow his gut.

[00:25:00] Chloe goes inside the gallery to talk with Jamie, but she fails to get any information from her. Linda and Lucifer enter the gallery and pose as a couple interested in art. They look at a few pieces and get Jamie’s attention. Lucifer asks Jamie about exclusive art. She doesn’t want to tell Lucifer, but he shows her a wad of cash to get things rolling. Lucifer also offers to buy the art piece they were already looking at. Jamie agrees and tells Lucifer she will keep in touch. They exit the gallery. Lucifer gives Chloe the painting. Linda is mad they couldn’t get any information, but Lucifer is one step ahead of Jamie. He had already called Chloe while talking with Jamie, so she heard the whole conversation.

[00:29:00] Chloe already knows about illegal art and everything else, so she called it in for a phone tap warrant. Linda is relieved Adriana is off the hook, or so she thought. Chloe tells Linda that Adriana could still be involved in the illegal art trade which means she’s still not off the hook. Lucifer tells Linda to just leave everything to the professionals. Back at Linda’s house, Ella is babysitting Charlie for Linda. Amenadiel arrives to take over, so Ella leaves. Before she leaves, Amenadiel asks her what she wants to change with God. Ella tells him she won’t change anything. Ella tells Amenadiel about her darkness, but God is okay with it. Amenadiel tells Ella she should put some of her faith in herself.

[00:33:00] Maze and Eve visit Clive’s location. Maze isn’t buying Eve’s newbie act, so she wants her to tell the truth. Eve tells Maze she isn’t happy with bounty hunting. She’s happy to be with her while bounty hunting. Eve devised the plan to bump into her while hunting down Clive. She thought Maze would be happy to see her, but she wasn’t. Maze tells Eve she broke her heart, so it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies when they saw each other again. Clive enters the warehouse, so Maze and Eve follow him. They get into a fight with him. Eve gets shot. Maze destroys Clive as Eve fights for her life. Maze carries Eve out of the warehouse.

[00:39:00] Back at the precinct, Lucifer volunteers to talk to Linda about the case. He tells her Eve is currently in surgery for the gunshot wound. Lucifer brings Linda the bad news. Chloe can’t release Adriana because she’s part of the illegal arts trade. They found her fingerprints on the murder weapon. Adriana tells Jamie and Clive which houses are full of loot. Linda blames herself for what happened to Adriana. She knows that if she didn’t abandon her, she wouldn’t have turned out as a criminal. Linda tells Lucifer he’s selfish. She thought he wanted her opinion on his relationship with Chloe. Before Lucifer can speak, Linda sees Chloe bringing Adriana in again for questioning. Lucifer tells Linda they will talk to Adriana again because she believes in her, so they aren’t giving up.

[00:42:00] Lucifer uses his powers on Adriana, so they get the truth out of her. Adriana tells them she’s just protecting her mother. Adriana’s mother is sick, and she’s running out of money, so she accepts the job with Jamie. Clive wasn’t at Arthur’s the night he died. Adriana tells them she didn’t text Clive. She called him, but he wasn’t answering. Chloe knows someone else killed Arthur and tried to frame Adriana. Ella confirms her theory as she reexamined the murder weapon. Someone transferred Adriana’s prints to the murder weapon. They can’t find Linda within the precinct. Chloe knows she figured out who killed Arthur. Chloe and Lucifer rush out of the precinct to find the real killer.

[00:46:00] Linda finds Owen while he’s leaving his apartment. She knows Owen framed Adriana for the death of Arthur. She isn’t going to let him get away easily. Linda and Lucifer arrive just before Linda starts shooting. Chloe arrests Owen while Lucifer talks to Linda and takes her gun. The police release Adriana. She sees Linda and recognizes her. Linda tells Adriana she’s at the station because Chloe and Lucifer are her friends. Adriana tells Linda that Chloe and Lucifer helped her as well. Linda has the opportunity to tell Adriana the truth, but she doesn’t. Lucifer asks Linda if she has told Adriana. She can’t tell Adriana because she’s afraid. Lucifer understands Linda. He’s also afraid of rejection. Lucifer knows he’s unworthy of Chloe’s love.

[00:51:00] Maze visits Eve at the hospital. Maze wants to be with Eve. She gets Lilith’s ring back from Lucifer and gives it to Eve. Maze wants to protect Eve, but she can’t accept it. She doesn’t want to live forever because she saw what it did to Cain. Maze loves Eve, but she can’t continue their relationship if she can’t protect her. Back at Linda’s place, Adriana knocks on her door. She knows Linda is helping them with her case. Adriana comes to her and thanks her in person. Linda invites Adriana to come in and tell her the truth, but she already knows. Adriana tells Linda she would always check people resembling her.

[00:56:00] Linda couldn’t tell Adriana the first time they met. She wanted Adriana to come on her own free will. Linda introduces Adriana to her baby brother, Charlie. Back at Lux, Amenadiel has second thoughts about becoming God’s successor. He tells Lucifer he doesn’t want anything to change with his current life on Earth, but he can’t be selfish and turn his back on his celestial duty. Lucifer tells Amenadiel he doesn’t need to choose the celestial duty as long as someone worthy is willing to take his place. Amenadiel asks him who he has in mind. Lucifer expresses his eagerness to become God.

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