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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 14 Recap – Nothing Lasts Forever


Published 4 months ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 14 Recap - Nothing Lasts Forever

[00:00:30] Chloe can’t believe Lucifer will be God’s replacement. She asks Lucifer why God chose him. Lucifer tells her it hasn’t been finalized, but only he and Amenadiel knows about his retirement. She asks what the other angels and Amenadiel will think about the decision. Lucifer assures her that Amenadiel doesn’t want the position, and none of the other angels can do anything about it. Lucifer tells Chloe he will do better than his father. He will end wars, hunger, and hangovers. Lucifer thinks Chloe will be thrilled about the news, but she isn’t. Chloe is afraid things will change once Lucifer becomes God. Lucifer assures Chloe that nothing will change. He adds that things will improve because he will always be there for her.

[00:02:30] Lucifer knows Chloe needs some time to think about it, so he just invites her to their latest case to take her mind off things. Chloe agrees. They enter the aquarium. Ella and Dan are already on the scene. They tell them about the victim: Bruna Lorenzoni. Ella tells them she died before her body was dumped in the shark tank. The owner of the aquarium found Bruna inside the shark tank. Elizabeth explains Bruna wasn’t answering her calls, so she came to look for her. She doesn’t know who would want to kill Bruna, and she has no idea how the aquarium operates because Bruna controls everything. Lucifer sees Amenadiel inside the aquarium, so he excuses himself from the investigation. He tells Lucifer about God’s return. Lucifer wants to talk to his father to get his blessing before any of the other angels do.

[00:05:30] Amenadiel takes Lucifer to God’s barbeque party. He had already told everyone about his retirement. Lucifer can’t believe he told everyone when they were keeping it a secret. Gabriel approaches and tells them they found out about everything from Michael. Lucifer and Amenadiel speak with God about his retirement. Gabriel asks him who would be his replacement, so the other angels gather around him for the big reveal. Remiel tells everyone that the obvious successor would be Amenadiel. Everyone is ecstatic that Amenadiel would be the successor, but Lucifer tells them otherwise. He tells everyone he will be the successor. Amenadiel tells them he supports Lucifer as the successor. Everyone refuses. They tell God that Lucifer isn’t worthy. Lucifer thinks otherwise as no one ever ran their own kingdom except for him.

[00:09:00] Zadkiel asks God what his decision would be. God stops the commotion and tells everyone that his retirement plan will come first before the announcement of his successor. Lucifer returns to the precinct with his mind on God’s retirement plan. Chloe updates him on their case, but Lucifer isn’t listening. They question Bruna’s husband about her death. He tells them that Bruna no longer had time for him or their family. The aquarium means everything to Bruna. He got angry at Bruna because he thought she was having an affair with a restaurant owner named Jeremy. It turns out Bruna was just selling Jeremy some exotic fish. In the end, it‘s still about the fish. Bruna’s husband threatened to leave her because she loved the aquarium more than her own family. He was at home taking care of their kids when Bruna died.

[00:12:00] Lucifer asks Bruna’s husband for ideas about his father’s retirement. The man doesn’t care about Lucifer’s plan because he can’t think about retirement without his wife by his side. Lucifer thinks he needs to find God a new wife—the best retirement gift ever. Chloe gets mad because Lucifer isn’t paying attention on their case. Lucifer tells her he’s listening. He even tells her the conversation details just to prove his points. Lucifer realizes Bruna’s husband is talking about Jeremy who owns Jeremy’s Fine Food. He tells Chloe that Jeremy is known for selling exotic food in his restaurant. Meanwhile, Maze goes to Linda about her problem. She no longer wishes to continue existing with a soul. Maze doesn’t want to commit to a relationship with Eve, knowing she will eventually die at any moment.

[00:14:00] Maze tells Linda she can’t bear the thought of Eve going to heaven when she dies, knowing she‘ll end up in hell. She wants to return to hell as a torturer but not as a tortured soul. Maze realizes she will get tortured in hell because she already has a soul. She leaves Linda to change her hell loop. Chloe and Lucifer go to Jeremy’s for a date and sting operation. Lucifer tells Chloe they don’t need a warrant to prove Jeremy is serving exotic animals as food in his restaurant. Chloe is happy she could spend some alone time with Lucifer, but God suddenly arrives followed by Penelope. Lucifer didn’t tell Chloe he set up a double “Decker” date. He’s trying to hook his father with Penelope as part of his retirement plan.

[00:17:00] Maze returns home and takes a bunch of dogs inside Charlie’s playpen. Amenadiel enters the house and sees Maze trying to kill one of the dogs. She explains it‘s part of her plan to change her hell loop. Maze knows her hell loop will be walking out on Eve at the hospital. Amenadiel tells Maze she no longer needs to do drastic things such as killing dogs because she could just request Lucifer to change the rules once he becomes God. Maze is so happy with what she heard. She leaves Amenadiel with the dogs. At the restaurant, Penelope and God share their children’s embarrassing moments. Chloe asks God about his work-life balance to know more about being God. He tells Chloe he doesn’t have much of a life because everything is work.

[00:20:00] It came to a point where the Goddess told her he no longer had time for her. God agrees with the Goddess that he puts work first before her — the breaking point of their relationship. The waiter approaches the table to ask for their orders. Lucifer wants to order exotic foods, but the waiter tells him they don’t serve those types of foods. Jeremy sees Penelope and approaches the table. He apologizes for how the waiter treated them. He knows Penelope is a famous actress and serves her a plate of Ailuropoda melanoleuca tartare. Penelope thinks it‘s European cuisine, but God tells her it‘s panda. Chloe shows her badge and arrests Jeremy. Meanwhile, Ella goes to Linda for her therapy session. She‘s trying to accept her own darkness ever since she encountered Pete. Ella explains she has always placed her darkness first.

[00:23:00] Ella loves the morbid stuff. She saw a man crossing the street, but instead of helping him, she thought of how the man would die. She tells Linda it’s been like such ever since, and she wants to change for the better. Linda suggests she takes time off work, but Ella wants to continue working because it gives her darkness some purpose. Back at the precinct, Chloe and Lucifer speak with Jeremy about Bruna. Jeremy tells them he has nothing to do with Bruna’s death. He admits to selling exotic meats, but Bruna is the one who approached him to sell some bluefin tuna. He didn’t know Bruna was a marine conservationist. Bruna came to Jeremy a few weeks back begging to sell him her rarest fish for $47,000. Jeremy no longer had any budget, so he declined Bruna’s offer.

[00:26:00] Lucifer gave God a phone, but he wasn’t answering. He goes out of the interrogation room to call him. Lucifer finds his father at the precinct’s hallway overlooking Ella’s lab. It seems God worries for Ella. Lucifer really wants to become God, so he’s rushing everything about God’s retirement. God tells Lucifer everything will happen in due time. He forbids him to mention anything about his retirement moving forward. Lucifer agrees and leaves. Amenadiel takes God to play golf. God keeps on winning because all of his shots are hole in ones. He knows golf is part of Lucifer’s plan to get him to speed up his retirement. He asks Amenadiel if he’s sure about Lucifer becoming his replacement. Amenadiel vouches for Lucifer and how he’s changed over the years. Amenadiel thanks his father for the time he’s spending with him.

[00:28:00] Amenadiel discovers that God only experienced losing his powers the more he talked with Michael. He tells Amenadiel he noticed losing control of his powers when Michael told him about it. The more Michael spoke about his powers, the more he felt like losing control. Amenadiel points out that angels self-actualize. His theory is that, maybe, God could also self-actualize. At the precinct, Chloe expresses her concerns about Lucifer becoming God. She worries he would end up like his father who no longer had time for the Goddess. Lucifer assures Chloe he will change that, but she still has doubts. Ella tells them Jeremy’s alibi checks out. She found that a mystery person had given Bruna the $47,000 she needed. Ella traced the account to an address familiar to Lucifer.

[00:30:00] Chloe and Lucifer go to the address where the $47,000 came from. Lucifer recognizes someone with Yakuza tattoos. They see a few people sparring. Lucifer challenged one of the fighters to gain their respect. Lucifer wins, and with his victory comes the spoils. The man tells them about his donation to Bruna of $47,000. He tells them that Bruna was selling a few fish to save the aquarium. An unknown woman called a few days ago asking about the donation, but he didn’t know who it was. Lucifer’s bet: the caller is the aquarium owner, Elizabeth. Chloe agrees with Lucifer, but they don’t have evidence to prove Elizabeth killed Bruna. Maze meets Lucifer at his penthouse to return Lilith’s ring. She doesn’t want to keep it because it‘s useless unless Eve accepts it.

[00:34:00] Maze also requests that Lucifer makes her Queen of Hell once he becomes God. Lucifer wants to know if she really wants it. Maze tells Lucifer she wants to decide who does the torturing. Lucifer tells Maze he won’t entrust hell to anyone else. He hands Maze a drink and drinks to Mazikeen, Queen of Hell. Meanwhile, God visits Ella at the precinct. She knows him as Lucifer’s father, but since Lucifer is the devil, she tells him he would be God. God agrees with Ella’s analogy. He comes to her because he wants to help with the things bothering her. Ella tells God about her darkness. He assures her she only needs to accept her darkness. God tells her that the darker the darkness, the brighter the light.

[00:37:00] Ella hears her computer beep. It means that the results for her test just came in. God uses the opportunity to leave as Ella checks her computer. She‘s about to tell him that her hunch worked out about the evidence, but God was gone by the time she turned around. Chloe speaks to Dan about Lucifer becoming God. He isn’t surprised by the news and tells Chloe that Lucifer is a perfect fit. Chloe worries that Lucifer won’t balance their relationship while ruling the universe. Dan assures Chloe that they’re crazy about each other, so she just needs to trust Lucifer that they will get through whatever problems they may encounter. Ella comes in to tell them the good news. She found Bruna’s Fitbit. It‘s still at the aquarium inside one of the sharks.

[00:40:00] Dan is skeptical about Bruna’s arm and Fitbit. They didn’t get evidence on the first arm, so their chances on the second arm were slimmer. Chloe agrees but points out that the killer won’t know that information. Chloe uses the arm as bait. Elizabeth wanted to get rid of the shark as soon as she learned about Bruna’s arm. Chloe and Lucifer go to the aquarium and talk Elizabeth into a confession. She tells them she blacked out after arguing with Bruna about playing God. She didn’t know she stabbed and killed her until after she did it. Chloe arrests Elizabeth for the murder of Bruna. Lucifer realizes something about what Elizabeth told them. He excuses himself to meet with his father.

[00:42:00] Lucifer returns to his penthouse and calls out to Gabriel. She doesn’t appear on the first try, but Lucifer knows she’s always listening. Gabriel comes to Lucifer, and he asks her for a favor. Penelope arrives at Chloe’s doorstep. She hands Chloe a box of cake mix for Trixie. Penelope goes straight to the point about what Chloe said to her at dinner. She tells Chloe about the deal her father made with her: They would take turns to pursue their careers. Penelope went first and focused on being an actress while her father cared for her. John died before he could pursue his career being a detective. Chloe apologizes for what she said and invites Penelope to stay for dinner.

[00:46:00] Lucifer invites Amenadiel and God to Lux for a surprise. He asked Gabriel to deliver a message to their mother. The Goddess appeared to surprise Amenadiel and her husband. While God and the Goddess speak with each other, Amenadiel tells Lucifer about Michael and his schemes. Lucifer assures Amenadiel he won’t let Michael get away with his plans. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that since Michael was only gas lighting their father, there‘s no need for him to be God, and everything can go back to normal. God accompanies the Goddess to her universe. God tells Amenadiel it‘s his time to support the Goddess as she had supported him. Lucifer asks God to speak with him. Amenadiel caught up with the Goddess about not being able to say goodbye before.

[00:49:00] Lucifer wants his father to stay and annoy him some more. He tells Lucifer nothing lasts forever. God agrees he could’ve been a better father to him and apologizes. God tells Lucifer he loves him. Lucifer tells him that Amenadiel may also want to hear those magical words. He tells Lucifer they already had an emotional round of golf earlier. God and the Goddess are about to leave when Amenadiel asks God who would be his successor. He tells them it‘s up to them to make something happen. Before he leaves, God tells them everything is according to his plan. Lucifer wants to know how much he planned, but God doesn’t answer his question.

[00:53:00] Chloe arrives at Lucifer’s penthouse to accompany him. Chloe tells Lucifer she’ll leave the LAPD to support him in his endeavor of becoming God. She explains that Lucifer has been helping her with her job for the past five years, so it‘s her turn to support him. Remiel arrives to bring Lucifer some bad news. She wants to speak to him alone, but Lucifer tells Remy that she can also tell Chloe anything she must say. Remy tells Lucifer about Michael’s plan: to gather support from their brothers and sisters to become God. Lucifer realizes that Michael planned to become God all along. Remy hates Michael, so she pledges her allegiance to Lucifer. Remy tells Lucifer she will act as her spy.

[00:56:00] Michael meets Gabriel on Earth after she delivered her message to the Goddess. Michael asks her if she got what he requested. Gabriel hands Michael the blade of Azrael from the Goddess’ universe. The blade is incomplete as Amenadiel gave the third piece to Caleb.

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