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My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – In Each of our Hearts

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

My Hero Academia Season 1 Episode 13 Recap - In Each of our Hearts

Closing out

All Might defeat Nomu, but now he’s thoroughly weakened. He challenges the now frustrated Shigaraki to step forward. The students lower their guard, but Midoriya sees that the hero is about to deflate. All Might can’t move and is left bluffing against the villains.

Elsewhere, an electric-quirk villain manages to get a hold of Kaminari and uses him as a hostage. Jirou tries for a trick, but the enemy sees through her act. The villain threatens to end Kaminari’s life if they so much as move.

Kurigiri tries to calm Shigaraki, letting him know they’ve chipped away at All Might’s power, and they can win with their combined efforts. Shigaraki moves in to avenge the Nomu, with Kurogiri supporting from behind.

But before they can attack, Midoriya destroys his feet and launches for the portal villain’s armor. Shigaraki reaches into the portal towards the boy’s face as a counter. It almost connects, but a bullet fires into Shigaraki’s hand, and another shot go to Kaminari’s captor. Reinforcements have arrived, led by the principal and Iida. Along with them are several other pro heroes.


Present Mic yells at the thugs to subdue them while a clone-making hero moves in with copies of himself. Shigaraki declares the game over and calls for a retreat from Kurugi but the gun hero, Snipe, manages to shoot and subdue them. No.13 follows up by sucking Kurogiri into a black hole. Before escaping, Shigaraki gives All Might a violent look as the hero remains unmoving. After some effort, they disappear into the portal.

The pro heroes cleaned up the remaining villains and freed the still fighting students. The students of 1A are subjected to their first taste of pro-hero work, although this is much too soon and dangerous.

Midoriya thinks all his efforts are in vain as he looks at his ruined limbs, but All Might disagree. He was able to buy him some time until the reinforcements arrived. The old hero thanks Midoriya for saving him again, and the boy cries tears of joy.

The USJ stadium is left utterly destroyed, and the UA teachers regret being caught unaware. Kirishima runs towards Midoriya to help him and almost discovers a deflated All Might. Thankfully, the cement hero Cementoss blocks his path and tells him to go safely to the gates.


All Might and Midoriya breathe a sigh of relief. Cementoss comments that they’ve been too reckless, but All Might replies that he didn’t have a choice. That was how strong the villains were.

Kurogiri sends Shigaraki to their hideout, both angry and defeated. The villain leader sustained gunshot wounds in his chest and feet. Shigaraki yells at his master on the computer screen, complaining that he was fed the wrong information. The mystery voice denies it, saying they misjudged.

Shigaraki reports that there was a kid who was as strong and fast as All Might. The voice tells them the operation wasn’t a total loss. They’ll have to prepare Shigaraki as the new symbol for their movement.

The police come in and assess the situation at the Stadium. All of the students are accounted for and are allowed to go back to school. Aizawa sustained fractures on his limbs and eye but is currently at the hospital. No.13 is also being treated. Midoriya and All Might are sent to the infirmary.

Along with his heroic deed, All Might also credits the students for fighting independently. The villains did a foolish thing that day to launch an attack against these strong students.

Our Thoughts

I would have loved to see more of the student’s quirks, but all in all, this was a great season. 4/5.

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