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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 5 Recap – Detective Amenadiel


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 5 Recap - Detective Amenadiel

[00:00:50] Lucifer tries to fix things with Chloe. He brings her to the same spot where he burned his wings. A gift box is waiting for Chloe. Lucifer pours gasoline on the gift box and gives matches to Chloe. He wants Chloe to burn the gift the same way he burned his wings. Lucifer is running out of ideas as Chloe declines to burn the gift box. Lucifer tells Chloe she needs to tell him what she wants and how he could fix their relationship. Chloe says all she needs is time and space. Lucifer murmurs to himself that he doesn’t have time.

[00:02:00] Lucifer goes to Linda for advice. He needs to fix things with Chloe before he goes back to hell. Lucifer is in a hurry because he knows Linda wants Amenadiel back. Amenadiel returns from hell, to Lucifer’s surprise. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that God spoke to him and told him he could leave hell. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he spent millennia as the keeper of hell, and Amenadiel just went to sleep over, and God whispers to him. Lucifer tells Amenadiel what happened to Chloe. Amenadiel asks him if Chloe knows he is the one who delivered her. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Chloe doesn’t know about him.

[00:05:00] Maze visits Linda’s office to tell her about Lilith. Linda tries to talk some sense into Maze. She adds that Lilith may have had difficulty accepting parenthood. Maze wants to know why Linda is defending Lilith. Linda finally tells Maze the truth. She had a baby girl when she was very young but abandoned the baby. Maze just gets up and leaves without allowing Linda to explain things. Amenadiel visits Chloe at the precinct to offer assistance. Chloe declines Amenadiel’s offer. She just wants to focus on work and avoid anything that’s God-related. Ironically, her next case involved God even further.

[00:08;00] The victim is Sister Victoria. Chloe tries to ask the other nuns about the case, but they are hiding something. Chloe calls in a favor. It seems she’s calling Lucifer, but it’s Amenadiel. He comes swooping in before Chloe can even finish her voicemail. Back at the precinct, Lucifer reaches out to Dan to help Chloe. He wants to help Chloe from behind the scenes. Lucifer doesn’t know that behind the scenes meant doing paperwork. He always thought Dan was out somewhere solving his own murder cases. Lucifer teases Dan for being a glorified librarian. Dan tells Lucifer that real police work included all the boring stuff. Chloe wants Amenadiel to help her by using his powers on the nuns, much like Lucifer. Amenadiel tells Chloe he doesn’t have that kind of power.

[00:13:00] Suddenly, all the nuns are drawn to Amenadiel like some magnet. It seems Amenadiel has powers he doesn’t know off. Maze returns to Linda’s office to hear her explanation. Linda tells Maze she got pregnant when she was 17. Linda spent the entire pregnancy in denial, and even while delivering the baby, she still thought everything was a mistake. She didn’t have the strength or courage to raise the baby nor face the truth of abandoning her. Linda just left the hospital when the nurses were away. Linda thought of her baby every single day. It was also why she knew she was bound for hell. She tried to look for her baby, but she couldn’t find her. Maze tells Linda that her daughter seems good.

[00:17:00] Back at the convent, Amenadiel and Chloe ask all of the nuns. They all have mixed emotions between Chloe and Amenadiel. Chloe decides Amenadiel should ask the nuns alone. All of the nuns are stunned by how gorgeous Amenadiel is. He uncovers a secret. Mother Angelica is the mother superior of the convent. She committed murder a few years back, and everyone hid her secret to keep her safe. Chloe wants to ask Dan to dig into Angelica’s background, but she comes with her willingly. Amenadiel and Chloe bring Mother Angelica to the precinct for questioning. Chloe thought Victoria had discovered Angelica’s dark past and threatened to report her. Angelica told Victoria the truth, and she was very understanding.

[00:22:00] Angelica tells Chloe she was leading the other nuns in prayer when Victoria was killed. Her alibi was useless because the other nuns had proven that they’re willing to cover up for her. Angelica placed everything in God’s hand. Chloe is amazed that she can easily surrender her free will. Angelica tells Chloe she has faith in God. Chloe doesn’t understand the concept of faith. She tells Angelica she hates the idea of not having control of her own life. Angelica tells Chloe she has more control than she can ever imagine. She points out that Chloe helps the helpless, which requires great strength. Angelica places her faith in Chloe to find the real criminal. Dan and Lucifer found a possible lead to the case. Someone kept calling Victoria for some reason. Lucifer recognizes the number belonging to Destiny Page.

[00:25:00] Chloe mentions Destiny to Mother Angelica. She knows Destiny because the famous pop star wanted to buy their convent. Amenadiel tells Chloe that Destiny has a newfound faith, and she wants to continue her new album about that faith. Chloe and Amenadiel were going to talk with Destiny. Meanwhile, Maze and Linda visit Adriana, Linda’s daughter. She is a realtor, so they see a house she is selling. Maze wants to tell Adriana head-on that Linda is her real mother, but Linda decides to just pose as a buyer first. They enter the house, and Maze does her best to get Linda to tell the truth. Linda pulls Maze outside to talk. Linda isn’t ready to tell Adriana. Maze calls Linda a coward. Linda retaliates and tells Maze she isn’t Lilith. She adds that Maze should tell her mother how she feels.

[00:29:00] Back at the precinct, Lucifer argues with Amenadiel. He ends up telling the truth out loud so Chloe hears it. She pulls Amenadiel and Lucifer into the interrogation room to talk. Amenadiel tells Chloe that he blessed her parents to conceive her. Chloe thinks Amenadiel is her father. She also thinks she has some powers or something but she doesn’t. Lucifer sees Chloe’s predicament as a gift, but she doesn’t see eye to eye with him. Chloe leaves to focus on her case. Chloe goes to Destiny to speak with her, but Destiny’s bodyguard won’t let her. Amenadiel arrives and tries to use his power on her, but it doesn’t affect her. Destiny wasn’t as pious as she led people to believe.

[00:34:00] Destiny sent Victoria to the convent to infiltrate it. The plan backfired on Destiny as Victoria fell in love with the life of a nun. She didn’t kill Victoria, but Destiny didn’t have a solid alibi. Chloe calls Dan to check Destiny’s alibi. Lucifer accompanies Dan to go through a pile of goat feces. Destiny got a one-month chip for being sober, but she tells Chloe she lost the chip at a goat yoga session. Dan checks each piece of feces while Lucifer talks to him. Dan tells Lucifer he can try to help speed things up. Lucifer gets an idea and leaves him. Dan sees Lucifer speaking with the members of the yoga class. He confirms that Destiny did attend yoga in a disguise. Dan also found the chip Destiny lost. Dan sees one of the members wearing her engagement ring as a necklace.

[00:38:00] Amenadiel praises Chloe for her perseverance and determination in solving the case. He wishes he was like her back when he was the right hand of God. Amenadiel points out that if he is like Chloe, he would have the answers she wants. Dan and Lucifer arrive to explain the lead they found. Chloe tells them they don’t know who the fiancé is. A nun from the convent comes to the precinct and asks to speak with Amenadiel. He accompanies Sister Francine inside the interrogation room to talk. Amenadiel thinks Francine will confess to murder, but she just kisses Amenadiel. Eventually, Amenadiel talks Francine through her feelings. Amenadiel tells Francine he’s reflecting her love for God back to her. Francine agrees to his deductions, leading to a lead. Francine tells them about the secret room Victoria found.

[00:44:00] Lucifer approaches Chloe at the precinct before they leave for the convent. Chloe wants to be with Lucifer, but she may never get over the fact that she was made for him. Lucifer tells Chloe there are no shortcuts in their relationship, so she can take all the time she needs. At the convent, Amenadiel accompanies Chloe to look for the secret room. They find the room. Hank also finds them. Hank is Destiny’s bodyguard and Victoria’s fiancé. He accidentally killed Victoria when they were fighting over the convent. Victoria broke up with Hank to enter the convent permanently. He couldn’t accept that Victoria had broken up with him, so he wanted to talk some sense into her. Amenadiel interferes so Chloe won’t get shot. Hank empties his pistol at Amenadiel, but it has no effect on him.

[00:47:00] Amenadiel tells Hank that everything Victoria believes in is real. He shows Hank his wings and blows him away. Chloe arrests Hank for killing Victoria. Amenadiel realizes he drew the nuns because he reflected their faith back at them. Lucifer drew people to him because he reflected their greatest desires at them. Chloe tells Amenadiel she doesn’t see Lucifer that way. He tells Chloe she’s the only mortal who sees Lucifer for what he truly is. Chloe realizes that her relationship with Lucifer is genuine and not a manipulation of God.

[00:50:00] Maze visits Linda to give her a database release form. It’s a form used to help adopted kids find their real parents. Maze tells Linda she needs to give Adriana the choice of finding her. Maze can’t say anything to Lilith because she died. Linda consoles Maze as her best friend. Chloe goes to Lucifer’s penthouse where he is playing the piano. She shares her conversation with Amenadiel. She tells Lucifer that the theory is that she doesn’t make him vulnerable; instead, Lucifer chooses to be vulnerable around her. Lucifer acknowledges that Amenadiel might be right. Chloe and Lucifer fix their relationship after their conversation.

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